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  1. The first part is an instruction. Nothing wrong, but could perhaps have been worded better. It's the "loose", "effects" and missing full stops which I find irritating. If your proficiency in the use of grammar is not good, you shouldn't be the person producing these notices --or at least get them checked before they are printed off.
  2. I'm sure that we've all seen a few "howlers" on CRT notices around the system, and here is another, which I found affixed to a balance beam at Denham lock. It makes one wonder just how old are the people who produce these notices, and does no one ever check them before they leave the office? I'm sure some schoolkids could do better than this.
  3. I recently hit an underwater object so hard that it bent one of my propellor blades. This caused a lot of vibration in the tiller at anything above medium engine speeds. I had to have the boat dry docked and removed the prop to have it straightened. While it was off we tested the prop shaft with a dial test indicator, but it was OK. This would be what you would need to do if you thinks your shaft is bent. You wouldn't be able to tell if its a few thou out by any other way.
  4. Which would you rather have----closed for weeks until a permanent repair could be fashioned, or what they did in a day? The CaRT website says the lock is open to traffic again. I reckon they did a brilliant job.
  5. Its for my heating next winter.
  6. No and no. He talked about it. I obviously couldn't ask him to prove his statement, and I'm now 20 miles on so can't just nip back for it. I see your point however, and now I'd be interested to see it myself!
  7. I bought some diesel from a fuel boat yesterday, and the guy told me he had just received paperwork from the government forbiddding the use of red in pleasure craft. I thought that this was still being discussed pending consultation. Has anyone else got any information please?
  8. Come and have a chat at Alvecote. I'm on "Cleveland" Jack
  9. Redshaw's converted my JP to electric start. Might be worth contacting them. I can also highly recommend Johnno at Union Canal Carriers. You'll pass both companies on your trip north.
  10. Thanks. That's useful to know.
  11. Out of interest, where did you get the moulding you needed from, please?
  12. Josher motor and Josher butty. The owner would like to sell the pair. He is not a Canalworld member. The motor is unconverted, with Lister JP2. The butty has an undercloth conversion. I have no more details, but if you PM me, I will pass your details to the owner. Jack
  13. Probat on Ebay. I bought my current ones, 5 yers ago, on Ebay also for £59 each delivered. Can't remember where though. Someone told me that most batteries these days are made in China and they're virtually all the same. The retailers just stick their own labels on them. Don't know how much truth there is in that suggestion.
  14. That's what I wondered too! Posts crossed with Cuthound.
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