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  1. The green area, top right, just down from what looks like a lighthouse, is pretty close to where "Woolwich" narrowboats were built.
  2. Thanks, Dave. I knew you'd be able to come up with something. I'd have contacted you personally but for some reason I appear to have lost your number. Regards, Jack
  3. Thanks for the photo. Comparing the two cans, there seems to be little similarity between the two. However, each item of "canal art" is individual, and people's styles change and develop as time goes by. My can is much older than yours, and Phil's work from, say, 20 years ago would be different to that of today. I have no idea how old my can is, but there is something about the brush strokes on the roses that reminded me of Phil's work. Perhaps Chris Ramsey based her style on that of Phil, and then, over time, developed it into her own?
  4. Would that be Martin Kedian? He built a steel ellum for a friends boat and it was a work of art. You could also try Roger Farrington at Braunston bottom lock. Another artist in steelwork.
  5. I've recently acquired this water can. On the bottom is a little sticker which says "Hand painted by Chris Ramsey" and has a defunct telephone number. This is a name I'm not familiar with. I don't know if Chris Ramsey is male or female. The roses have, to my eye, a slight touch of Phil Speight's influence. I'm certain that there are people on here who can give me more information about the can and its painter. I'd be grateful for anything you could give me.
  6. That looks to be a good idea, especially if there's more than one of you. I just checked "Trainline" and tickets from Heathrow to Reading are over £47 per person. And that's only part of the way. Then you have to get from Reading to Napton
  7. I can think of another boat moored on the Regent's Canal, which has been in the same prime spot for at least 3 years. No licence displayed, no sign of anyone having been aboard for some time. Of course, I know nothing about the situation, nor of the owner. I wonder, perhaps, if this is another one which has slipped through CaRT's net?
  8. I've only just found this post, so a bit late in commenting. From the outset when I saw the boat I felt it to be familiar. Then it came to me. It was moored on the towpath outside "The Constitution" pub in Camden for quite a few years. Every time I passed by I was surprised it was still afloat.
  9. Pump off, not sure if the taps were open. I left it a couple of days. I assume you are saying that with the taps closed, any leakage would be held in the system.
  10. A friend wishes to rent out her narrowboat to another friend. The amount of rent to be charged is small, just enough to cover the general costs of the boat while she is not using it. The boat has passed the stricter Boat Safety scheme test, but my friend is struggling to find a company which will insure her boat for the duration of the rental period, which will be one year. I know there must be many rental boats around, especially in London. What do other owners do about insurance? If anyone can recommend an insurance company which deals with this sort of thing, I'd be grateful, and I can pas
  11. I don't need to replace the pressure vessel after all. It seems to have lost most of its air for some reason. I repressurised it and after a few days, it seems to holding its pressure. Problem sorted! Thank you everyone for your help. Now I just need to empty the champers bottle, so that I have a spare just in case.
  12. I like that plan as far as drinking the champagne. After that , I don't think I'd really care about doing the rest!
  13. Wow, that was quick! I felt sure that there would be a reason something like that. Thanks!
  14. I need to replace the pressure vessel in my water system. I have a red expansion vessel and a white accumulator which appears to have failed. Do I have to replace like for like, or can I replace my white one with a red, which seem cheaper. I know the white ones are for potable water, but does it really make any difference?
  15. That's great. I'll get some of that Mapei stuff. Thanks to everyone who helped.
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