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  1. Redshaw's converted my JP to electric start. Might be worth contacting them. I can also highly recommend Johnno at Union Canal Carriers. You'll pass both companies on your trip north.
  2. Thanks. That's useful to know.
  3. Out of interest, where did you get the moulding you needed from, please?
  4. Josher motor and Josher butty. The owner would like to sell the pair. He is not a Canalworld member. The motor is unconverted, with Lister JP2. The butty has an undercloth conversion. I have no more details, but if you PM me, I will pass your details to the owner. Jack
  5. Probat on Ebay. I bought my current ones, 5 yers ago, on Ebay also for £59 each delivered. Can't remember where though. Someone told me that most batteries these days are made in China and they're virtually all the same. The retailers just stick their own labels on them. Don't know how much truth there is in that suggestion.
  6. That's what I wondered too! Posts crossed with Cuthound.
  7. I built this engine 30 years ago, when it was only hand start. As the years have caught up with me, I thought it sensible to have an electric start fitted. Without a dedicated starter battery, I was warned that my leisure batteries might suffer, but I've managed to get 5 years out of each pair so far. On a 24volt system, fitting two extra starter batteries and all the extra paraphernalia required is not too easy nor convenient.
  8. I wasn't sure whether the extra capacity is worth the extra money, but I figured that bigger SHOULD be better. I thought I'd canvas opinion, as there are some very knowledgeable people on here. I did wonder that, as the two types of battery are the same external size, perhaps the plates may have to be thinner to create that extra 20ah capacity. Thinner plates, more prone to distortion perhaps?
  9. I have two 110ah batteries which run everything on my boat, including starting the engine. They are 5 years old and must by now be nearing the end of their effective lives. When I consider replacements, do I go for similar 110ah at £67 each, or is it worth changing to 130ah at £83 each from the same company? Both batteries are the same physical size.
  10. Sounds like someone has discovered that battery powered angle grinders exist.
  11. Would it possibly have been originally paired with "Cleopatra", I wonder?
  12. Thank you everyone who replied to my question. I suspected that I already knew the answer, but I wanted to check with people more knowledgeable than myself. Off to the boat now to apply some undercoat!
  13. When I was a kid, quite a few houses had their outside woodwork "grained", mine included. Fishing boat decorators skills.
  14. I hope this question is appropriate to this section. I am about to scumble the inside of the side doors of my boat, but when I opened my tin of "Ratcliffes Chrome Buff undercoat" the paint was solid and unusable. However, I have some "Craftmaster" cream undercoat. This seems to be a shade darker than the chrome buff but only marginally. My question is, can I use the Craftmaster undercoat as a base for Ratcliffe's light oak scumble? Any thoughts gratefully received.
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