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  1. Hello All, which fuel boats cover the above area, please? Contact details and price of diesel would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. Mike is still on Victoria--I saw him last Saturday--but he's not selling fuel at the moment.
  3. What a lovely post, and so well written. He obviously meant a lot to you, James. I didn't know Mr May, but I felt moved reading your words.
  4. Thanks for that. Makes interesting viewing.
  5. Do you have a link to the self steering boat please? I remember seeing the video some years ago. Wouldn't mind seeing it again.
  6. I only knew Norman for a few years. I knew OF him through being a visitor to the Braunston bash for many years, enjoying his commentaries and seemingly endless fund of information, epithets and references to "40 foot springers" When I later became involved in the Braunston parade team, I got to know him better. I quickly came to realise what a knowledgeable, friendly and witty man he was. He will be sadly missed and the cut will be a poorer place without him.
  7. That's the very first lock my boat went through, shortly after I collected the shell from Allen's of Oldbury in 1991
  8. Does anyone have any experience of the "Swytch" electric conversion for pedal cycles? My wife has seen the ads and fancies one. Any info or opinions gratefully received.
  9. I can't really recommend anyone, as I made mine myself. However, Martin Kedian usually gets good reviews.He made a beautiful ellum for a friends boat, but I doubt that you'd actually need someone of his undoubted abilities. I would have thought any reasonable metal fabricator would have the skills to do the job if you gave him or her the measurements. After all, it's only a lump of 12mm plate with a piece of tube running through the middle. Just make sure that when finished,your chimney will be vertical. I would suggest when (if) you get one fabricated, you have it only lightly tack welded first, so you can position it with the chimney in place to check. We've all seen chimneys sticking out at all sorts of angles before.
  10. You may find it easier to fabricate a collar out of mild steel. I did this on my boat when I fitted my Kabola. You can then make it any size you wish. Then the problem of fitting the chimney in the space you have may arise. You may have to get one custom made with a slightly smaller diameter. I can recommend someone if you wish. Glad to see that you got your stove in the end. Did you buy it from Sarah? Jack
  11. Instead of repositioning the collar, is it not possible to adjust the flue inside the cabin to fit?
  12. Pedant alert.....I suspect that it was Glascote top lock, not Atherstone.
  13. That price seems reasonable. I was quoted £57 in 1989! (Hence not buying)
  14. I was led to believe that the lowest bridge in those parts is the one by Packet Boat Marina. FOR NARROWBOATS, if you can get through there, you can go most places.
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