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  1. Canal du Midi

    We are considering a weeks family holiday on the Canal du Midi in April. There will be six or seven of us. I'm looking for recommendations of Hire companies, start points, best way to get there, and any do's and dont's. My wife and I have visited Carcassonne before, and we'd like to take the rest of the family this time. Thanks , in advance, for any information.
  2. Pump out filler cap

    Lee San will probably sort you out.
  3. Painting old galvanised steel

    I would use etching primer on the galvanised part and rust killer on the rest. Then give it a coat of Bonda primer before applying your undercoat and finish coats.Paint doesn't like to stick to galvanised coating. I you take a chance and omit the etching primer, you will quite possibly find that you have to go back to square one in a couple of months.
  4. I have Fernox Alphi 11 in my boat central heating system as an antifreeze, which, as I don't live aboard seems a sensible idea. When I phoned Fernox to find out the lifespan of their product, I was told its life is indefinite. Does anyone else use the stuff? Would it be a good idea to change it once in a while? It's not exactly expensive at £33, but I could do without the hassle of changing it at this time of the year if it's not necessary. Any thoughts?
  5. Belmont butty

    Roger Farrington?
  6. LED Headlight too bright

    Don't tilt it down, because the reflection off the water is also dazzling. Tilt it upwards to illuminate the tunnel "roof".
  7. Moored in the wrong place.

    Why would they close a gate if you were on the lock landing waiting to go in?
  8. I think one of these may be moored below Cowley Lock. The stern looks familiar. Do you have any pics of the bows, please? Just remembered as I typed this--I think the one at Cowley is "Waterways Dolly", or something like that.
  9. Water filter

    Does anyone have one of these filters on their boat? Are they any good? I've got a Jabsco Aqua filta, but these seem much more cost effective.(From Screwfix, by the way) BWT HIGH CAPACITY WATER FILTER KIT (16747) View reviews (43) View all Q&A Whole house protection. Carbon filter can be installed on supply to single drinking tap. Removes sediment down to 10 microns and reduces bad taste and odours. More Info
  10. Symphony Paints

    Does anyone have any experience of using Symphony paint? I have recently been recommended it. I normally use Craftmaster paints which are excellent, but find them a bit quick drying for my brush wielding talents. I need to buy some more paint, so before I do I'd be grateful to hear other people's opinions.
  11. We have a leak!

    I'm sure Rose narrowboats would sort you out.
  12. Modern "old" engines

    Also, if it's a V12, why does it have 12 exhaust pipes coming out of the R.H. cylinder head? Two exhaust ports per cylinder? Or is it really a V24? Just had a look on Youtube. It is a V24.
  13. Modern "old" engines

    It may possibly be due to retarding the ignition, allowing unburned fuel into the exhaust. Many years ago, after rebuilding the engine on a Mustang which I owned, I managed to fire it up for the first time with the ignition retarded by quite a large amount. This caused my tubular exhaust "headers" to glow red hot. Setting the timing to the correct position cured it. I seem to recall that a lot of cars of the vintage shown in the film have manual ignition timing adjusters on the steering wheel. I suspect that this might be the drivers "party trick"
  14. Modern "old" engines

    I heard a story about a guy with a BMC 1.5 in his boat. With a bit of clever steelwork he channelled the exhaust from 3 cylinders through the bottom of the boat and the remaining one cylinder upwards through a vertical exhaust stack on the top of the boat. Problem solved. 4 cylinder power, single cylinder exhaust sound. If you're clever enough, this could be done with any modern engine, I'm sure.
  15. Is it time for a new National Waterways Festival

    Quite a few years ago when I was an IWA menber, I booked into the IWA "National" when it was held at Beale Park on the Thames. Unfortunately our family was unable to attend by boat as my daughter was rushed into hospital a week or so before the event. However, as it transpired she was now out of danger, my wife suggested that I could attend by car for a day away from hospital visiting. As my boat had been allocated a pretty central mooring spot at the festival, I made a beeline for the IWA tent to inform them that my boat would not be attending and explained the reason why, which would perhaps help the organisers move another boat into its place. One of the very nice ladies working in the tent suggested that at least I could take my boaters pack, which I hadn't considered at the time. As she was about to hand it over a rather officious gentleman, who must have overheard the conversation, strode over and announced that I wasn't entitled to my boater's pack as my boat was not there. Now to be honest, I wasn't really bothered either way about receiving the pack, but this guy's attitude annoyed me, so I argued that as I had paid my entry fee (which he wasn't prepared to refund) and had signed in I was entitled to my pack, presence of boat or not. He thought about it for a moment, then put his hand in the bag and removed the rally plaque, said "Well you're not having this then" turned and stormed off. Sadly, I was so shocked and surprised that I didn't find out his name. Very annoyed at his attitude, I left. I have met and know some lovely people in the IWA ranks, and think the WRG do a sterling job. However, after this incident, unsurprisingly, I felt no desire to renew my IWA membership, and have not done so since.