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  1. 20230205_141507.jpg Hope this works. Sorry it took a while. Not a good photo, but it's not easy to fit a boat of that size into a small phone!
  2. Has anyone experienced problems getting a boat through these locks recently? I saw a post on Facebook a couple of days ago, which appeared to show a converted Town class boat being towed backwards out of one of the locks. Unfortunately the captions didn't make the situation clear.
  3. Try Alvecote Marina. Speak to Lawrence. He may be able to help.
  4. I've heard a rumour that there may be problems on the horizon for Cavalcade this year. I heard that the London Waterbus Company is refusing to give up its moorings on the south side of the pool for the duration of the festival, as they have done for each of the 20-odd years that I've been going. If this is true, it will cause all sorts of problems trying to accommodate all of the 120 or so boats due to turn up. Has anyone else heard this?
  5. It should have a gasket.---if you can get one! Be VERY careful removing the side door and you may not damage it. I bought a roll of gasket paper and make all my own.
  6. I converted mine from dry to wet sump, as I didn't have an oil tank. I just poured the oil through the opening created when I took the side door off until it was at an appropriate level. I had already made a dipstick, so I marked it at 1, 2 and 3 gallon levels for checking purposes. Initially I put in 3 gallons, but as I put a squirt of oil on the valve gear every day, I now fill to 2/12 gallons and the daily squirt from the oil can gradually tops up the sump. What oil are you using? I used to use Morris's, but I now have a paper oil filter in the sump so that I can use cheap ( well, not really, perhaps cheap-er) Halfords 20-50.
  7. I have a wet sump JP2. I put about 12 litres in.Make sure you don't put too much in so that the crank touches the oil.
  8. The large plate on the starboard side of the engine. It sometimes has the decompressors in it. 8 brass domed nuts. The cam cover is the smaller one to the rear of it. You don't need to remove that one.
  9. I believe it's at Rothen's as well. From what I remember, it needs a lot of work on it,
  10. I run it on Halfords 20-50, as I have converted it to wet sump and have an oil filter fitted.When the engine is really hot the pressure is probably around 10lb
  11. My JP's oil pressure gauge reads 18lbs when warm and underway. I've got the water pump off at the moment, so access to my oil pump is easy. Is it worth turning the adjusting screw a bit to get the pressure up to 20lb? If so, do I screw it in or out, and by how much.? I should mention that the big end shells were replaced 3 years ago, and the main bearings 2 years before that.
  12. On my JP2 the throttle rod used to rub on the brass guide fastened to the crankcase door, and this had the effect of making the tickover very erratic. I changed the rod for a short length of chromed chain from B&Q, and hey presto! ...... nice steady idle.
  13. I've managed to remove broken taps in the past by sliding a couple of nails down the flutes and twisting them back and forth with a pair of pliers so as to unscrew the tap. Take your time over it and you'll get there. Good luck.
  14. I've been with "Nautical Insurance" of Leigh on Sea for at least 15 years. I'd highly recommend them. They paid up within a couple of days when I bent my prop and needed a couple of drydockings to sort it.
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