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  1. OK Dave, I know you would, but the general man in the street may not. Fabulous panel by the way. Jack
  2. I used Craftmaster cream undercoat. It's not a million miles away from Chrome Buff in colour. Once it's grained you won't notice the difference.
  3. Probably best to speak to the surveyor directly. It may be a technical expression, or it may be a bit of local vernacular.
  4. Who, in their right mind, would call their both that--perhaps twice?
  5. A few years ago I shared a lock on the lower Thames with a boat called "Snurger". I asked the owner if he had named his boat--"no"--so I asked him if he knew what the name meant---again "no". By now he was interested and wanted to know the meaning. I wasn't prepared to shout across the lock, so I had to walk around and quietly speak to him. After his initial shock, and then hilarity, we boarded our boats and left the lock. Imagine my surprise to see "Snurger 11" moored up below the lock.
  6. There's a wide boat which hangs around the East End of London also called "Wuff Bark Donkey". I chuckle when I see it, but I can't work it out.
  7. Would that have been the "Last Chance" cruise, before Limehouse lock was closed, prior to reducing its capacity? I had it my head as being in 1984. That was my first trip on the tideway in my friends 40ft Springer.
  8. Does antifreeze have a shelf life? I have a 5 litre bottle of neat blue antifreeze which must be at least 10 years old. Will it still have all the necessary properties, such as rust inhibitors, to make it ok to use? Thank you.
  9. I believe Hartlepool Marine Supplies sells Refleks stoves. May be worth giving them a call.
  10. It used to be owned by Francis Beechey, who was a lovely man. I bought a lot of JP spares from him about 30 years ago. He sadly passed away some time ago.
  11. Many thanks. From my (limited) computer experience, that looks pretty close. Thanks again.
  12. I wonder if anyone is able to give the above information. I'd specifically like the postcode (if there is one) for lock 10, the second from bottom lock. Thanks in anticipation.
  13. The first part is an instruction. Nothing wrong, but could perhaps have been worded better. It's the "loose", "effects" and missing full stops which I find irritating. If your proficiency in the use of grammar is not good, you shouldn't be the person producing these notices --or at least get them checked before they are printed off.
  14. I'm sure that we've all seen a few "howlers" on CRT notices around the system, and here is another, which I found affixed to a balance beam at Denham lock. It makes one wonder just how old are the people who produce these notices, and does no one ever check them before they leave the office? I'm sure some schoolkids could do better than this.
  15. I recently hit an underwater object so hard that it bent one of my propellor blades. This caused a lot of vibration in the tiller at anything above medium engine speeds. I had to have the boat dry docked and removed the prop to have it straightened. While it was off we tested the prop shaft with a dial test indicator, but it was OK. This would be what you would need to do if you thinks your shaft is bent. You wouldn't be able to tell if its a few thou out by any other way.
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