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  1. Is there a coupling between the gearbox and propshaft? Some of these depend on a cone arrangement to grab the shaft. Can you turn the propshaft without the gearbox output shaft turning too? Tightening the coupling bolts might do the trick. Pictures and details of engine & gearbox as staed above would be a great help.
  2. philjw

    Batteries stolen near Atherstone

    If the magnets you linked to are electromagnets, wouldn't they continuously use power? I don't imagine it would be much but it would be 24/7
  3. philjw

    Blueprint for my old Harborough

    There will be a bulkhead in front of the engine i.e. where the cabin ends. Can you see if there is a gap between the hull side and the bulkhead on both sides of the boat. If there is then water should not be trapped under the cabin.
  4. philjw

    how much to replate a narrowboat...?

    Narrowboats are not normally re-plated as that term suggests that the old plates are removed and new ones fitted in their place. The normal repair is over plating where new steel is welded over the top of the old. This is a much simpler method of repair but needs to be done properly. Has the boat been looked at out of the water by a surveyor to assess the state of the hull? There can be problems with boats that have been on shore lines without galvanic isolators fitted but you may be lucky. I apppreciate that you are looking at options at this point.
  5. philjw

    Blueprint for my old Harborough

    I had an Arcrite Fernie built as a sailaway in 1983. These were very similar in design to the Harborough hulls. As has been said earlier this had floor bearers constructed from thinish steel folded in right angles. The baseplate was fitted with angle with its thin edge down to take paving slab ballast. It had a wet bilge. What makes you think that you have standing water in the bilge?
  6. philjw

    Expensive diesel is on the Wey

    I wondered that. At 60ppl it would have to be red and my local supermarket doesn't sell it. Just white at around 120ppl today
  7. philjw

    Interesting smell.....

    Thanks Carl. That doesn't surprise me. I couldn't have taken one of the long term moorings there because of the smell.
  8. philjw

    Interesting smell.....

    What was it? Always smelt like burning chicken feathers to me.
  9. philjw

    Shower issues

    Take the shower head off the pipe and try the water without the head. These can get blocked with limescale. If still no water then you will know it is the shower pipe as Mike & Wotever have said.
  10. philjw

    Metric stupidity

    So half one way, half the other. Nil net effect?
  11. philjw

    Metric stupidity

    But won't the boats be pointing in different directions?
  12. philjw

    Calorifier leaking.

    So I'm assuming this is the small elbow that is connected to the calorifier not the straight connector on the larger pipe sitting over the immersion heater. You will have a pair of pipes which are the flow and return for each of the heat sources so likely one pair from/to the engine and one pair to/from a gas or diesel boiler then a cold feed ans a hot take off. I would try to work out which of these pipes is the one that is leaking by first starting the engine from cold and feeling if the pipe gets hot then try the boiler in the same way. If neither of these get hot then it could be the hot take off. The cold feed is likely to come in at the bottom. In any case turning off the pump should stop large amounts of water leaking if it is the cold feed or hot take off. If you can work out that it is from either of the heat sources then look for stop valves in those circuits. There will be a finite amount of water. If it is from a boiler then emptying the header tank will reduce this. Then I think it is a question of catching / mopping up what leaks. Heating circuits will have some form of antifreeze which may be coloured and smell. Be sure there is no power on the immersion. Refilling will probably mean bleeding out some air.
  13. philjw

    Crossing the Cherwell at Aynho

    Should I mention the Cape of Good Hope now?
  14. philjw

    Crossing the Cherwell at Aynho

    Well you can stop at this one. The Rock of Gibralter is a pub at Enslow.
  15. philjw

    Crossing the Cherwell at Aynho

    Don't get confused when you get to The Rock of Gibralter on your trip then Dr Bob