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  1. philjw

    12 Volt TV

    So do we but on the odd occasion that the TV is on with the engine running the picture can go to a blank screen. Changing to AC and its power pack sorts it out. I often think of getting a stabiliser for it but it is rarely an issue.
  2. philjw

    Alternator not charging battery

    This is a sensible precaution. Where are you reading the battery voltage? Do you have a multimeter and know how to use it to trace the wiring? What's the answer to the question re the warning light? Without the connection to the light, and a good bulb, most alternators don't work.
  3. philjw

    Alternator not charging battery

    Does the warning light for the alternator come on and stay on, go out with reving or not come on at all? Does the rev counter work? If your voltage is showing 12.2 with solar connected then your batteries are probably at or less than 50% charged. Too much further taken from them will be bad for their long term health. I would turn off the fridge now. Is there any wire with an exposed ends that look like it has come out of the blue connector? There should be small wires going from the alternator D+ to the warning light and from the W terminal to the rev counter. Experts will be along soon or you could do a search. This issue comes up a lot.
  4. philjw

    Belt/holster for lock handle

    If you are thinking of double locks it could be the piece of iron that was used to hold back the butty in the lock while the motor goes out of the lock. I don't know what they are properly called. Still a few left on the Grand Junction.
  5. philjw

    Death By Dangerous Cycling - New Laws

    A cyclist dressed in Lycra?
  6. philjw

    Lockgate Refleks 2000 thermostat problem

    Maybe a daft suggestion as I have never seen such a stove close up but is there any way to put some insulation between the stat and the pipe? My back boiler has such a switch that turns on a circulation pump and it would be doable with that.
  7. philjw

    Bins and recycling

    This is not a problem with the black material per se but with the equipment that is used in the sorting process. It relies on light passing through the refuse. There may be different systems in use in your part of the world.
  8. philjw

    Anderton Boat Lift 'Isolated'

    Pleasing to see such an informative notice from CRT at the second try. Well done Ditchcrawler
  9. The South Oxford is a really nice trip with a good variety. The downside this year is that a lot of the locks are time restricted. You would work long days to get to Oxford and back under normal conditions but you don't have to go all the way.
  10. The North Oxford only takes about 10 hours from Braunston so you would need to add in another waterway. The Coventry will take you to the T&M where you could go either way.
  11. I reckon that's rivets not a river with two sections😊
  12. philjw

    Surveyor Recommendation

    True but as the OP says this is just to satisfy the insurance company he may be OK with that. It could be that just a hull survey is required. It depends on what the insurers have asked for.
  13. philjw

    Surveyor Recommendation

    I've used Tony Tucker a couple of times. He's based at Hemel Hempstead so quite local for Aylesbury. Tucker Designs Hemel Hempstead 01442 253775 tony@tucker-designs.com
  14. philjw

    triangular bucket

    If you need something triangular then Toolstation have these Plumbtubs They are too small to take a bilge pump though. I have one buried away somewhere if you need dimensions but from memory each side is six or seven inches.
  15. philjw

    Bridgewater Reciprocal agreement?

    Looks like you were the perfect visitor and you took the 7 days you were allowed.

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