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  1. philjw

    Partially incontinent Shurflo 403-444

    You are right. This has been discussed many times and replacement is the usual answer, perhaps with repair the old one and keep it as a spare. Leaks are usually from the joins in the body. Most people do not suceed in curing the incontinence. Jabsco pumps are frequently used as replacements. If you are living aboard then 6 years use seems pretty good.
  2. philjw

    Charging problems

    Still looking like the supposed 24V alternator is goosed. As we have already said it is imperitive that the new batteries get some charge shoved into them ASAP, probably off the boat. I would be taking th alternator to be tested. This occured to me as a possible explanantion but I wasn't sure it would work.
  3. philjw

    Charging problems

    Quite so. I am intrigued to know how the split charge relay, possibly 2 relays, would be wired to charge both 24 and 12V batteries. If the starter were to be 24V and is separate from the domestic I would expect two engine batteries. The OP talks about "the engine battery". Perhaps the split charge relays are something else?
  4. philjw

    Charging problems

    How would this work then if the domestics are 24V and the engine 12V? Would this not mean that when the relay is energised the full voltage of the 24V alternator would be applied to the engine battery?
  5. philjw

    Scary Much!!!!

    I met a grass snake in the water on the other side of Braunston on the South Oxford a couple of years ago. It was swimming really well. I think this one is also a grass snake not a Burmese Python.
  6. philjw

    Engine mounts

    Not with the weight of the engine sitting on them. Loose would mean that there is a gap between the engine bracket and the top nut. If there is a washer below the top nut and you can spin the washer then it is loose.
  7. Which bolts did the yard tighten? There are two sets, one which is nuts on studs at the gearbox output flange end and bolts at the prop end. The prop end ones need to be really tight and done up in the right order. I would have another go at getting these ones done up properly. Don't overtighten the ones at the gearbox end though - these are steel studs threaded into alloy so will strip easily.
  8. philjw

    Battery issues.

    You should be able to feed charge to both batteries from the charger by connecting the charger positive to the same battery terminal that the alternator is connected to. Negative to the common negative. Check that the negatives from both batteries are connected together. Don't rely on crocodile clips, use crimped on ring terminals. If the alternator feeds the domestic battery then if this is position 2 on the switch just the domestic battery will be charged on position 2 but both batteries at the both position. It's possible that the fuse in the charger lead has blown - check with your multimeter.
  9. philjw

    Diesels to make a short-term comeback?

    Yep. My Dad had one, white front lens, red rear. Plugged into a home wired socket on the dash. Some folks udes oil lamps.
  10. philjw

    Stubbornly oily bilge

    Has anyone tried cat litter for this job? Sounds like it should be absorbant like sawdust.
  11. philjw

    Possible Paypal scam

    No need for Elsans or pump outs in space https://uk.video.search.yahoo.com/search/video?fr=mcafee&p=the+intergalactic+laxative+will+get+you+from+here+to+mars#id=3&vid=856c48c36ab86b5bf00fb145b087fb21&action=view
  12. philjw

    washing machine on board

    Run the nearest hot tap to the machine until you get hot water through to ensure that you miss the cold water that has been laying in the hot pipework.
  13. philjw

    Canal lateral a loire + a general book question

    Have a look if you can at Hugh McKnight's "Cruising French Waterways". I've just been reading about the very region that you are interested in in that book. It is not a full on history but does cover some.
  14. philjw

    washing machine on board

    You will probably need to lower the temperature of the hot water to, say, 40 C to be able to use the lower temperature programmes. It's likely that an engine heated calorifier will be at a much higher temperature. Some calorifiers e.g. Surecal have built in thermostatic mixers to reduce the delivered water to a safe temperature but if yours does not you may need to fit one.
  15. philjw

    washing machine on board

    Modern washers with electronic controls don't like anything other than pure sine wave inverters. If yours is a modified sine wave then you will need to look for a machine with mechanical / clockwork controls. Ours is fed with water at around 40 degrees from a thermostatic mixer valve for wash and rinse. The inverter is 2.2 and copes well. It could also handle the heater before I added the thermostatic valve but took a lot longer for a wash.

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