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  1. It was a lot easier before the scrub grew up. Just a 5 bar gate to climb over and a fast road to cross.
  2. philjw

    Maths for Dummie

    But of course you wouldn't want to use 100% of the battery capacity which you have calculated if you want to keep the batteries in good health. I make 20% of 220 amp hours 44. Where does the 33 come from?
  3. philjw

    Boating in Brittany

    I always find that too. I think it is because the signs show kilometres but my brain thinks miles.
  4. philjw

    Opening times for fuel at Wheaton Aston?

    The price at Norbury is usually the same as near as damnit.
  5. philjw

    Boat fire at Clifton wharf

    Hopefully the insurers would have paid out for any damage caused to other boats or property.
  6. philjw

    Blacking or epoxy coating?

    VLC played it OK for me
  7. philjw

    Cleaning narrowboat

    I seem to remember reading some advice not to use window cleaning products containing vinegar on aluminium framed windows.
  8. philjw

    Shurflo water pump

    I fitted one of these last time, not because I don't like Shurflow but because the nearest chandlery didn't have one when the last Shurflow failed in the same way as yours. It is a bit noisier and takes longer to shut off but is an easy replacement. It's done 2 years in leisure use and is fine so far. https://www.gaelforcemarine.co.uk/en/Jabsco-Par-Max-19-Pressure-Controlled-Pump-12v-DC/m-1851.aspx?PartnerID=108&utm_source=bing&utm_medium=cpc&utm_campaign=Shopping - UK - Brand - New&utm_term=4578022832539387&utm_content=Ad Group %231
  9. philjw

    Shurflo water pump

    They do this after a while. People consider them as a consumable item so it is probably time for a replacement. Many people try to repair Shurflow pumps but without much success. I would first check that the filter fitted before the pump is clear and if you have one check the pressure in the accumulator. This will not be related but now would be a good time to do it. You might want to consider a change in the make of pump as a replacement.
  10. Take something like a lamp to plug in as a test. If it works then the flashing lights are probably some kind of self test and can be ignored - until something goes wrong 😣
  11. Have you tried plugging something in to see if it works?
  12. philjw

    Calorifier woes

    Great. Let us know if the new mixer does the trick.
  13. philjw

    Calorifier woes

    Here's a link to Surecal's fitting instructions: http://www.surejust.co.uk/surecal-horizontal-calorifier-connection-instructions Ooops. It has already been posted above re non-return valve by System 4-50. It does show how to connect up the system
  14. philjw

    Calorifier woes

    This is the way it needs to be. The expansion tank is Teed off the hot take off. Turning the black knob allows more or less cold to flow through the braided conection to adjust the water temperature. The spigot from the PRV with the red knob is to deal with any water passing out of the PRV when it operates. Take it to a suitable drain point.
  15. philjw

    Calorifier woes

    This is a twin coil surecal horizontal calorifier. The hot take off is the spur that comes off the mixer with the black knob. The black knob adjusts the temperature of the water at the taps. I you now have this as your take off it is correct. The bit at the bottom with the red knob is the Pressure Relief Valve (PRV). The cold feed is to the left. the remaining tails are the two coils.

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