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  1. We were put in the winding hole. That felt strange. I would recommend staying at Salitsford too.
  2. Will you put your rope through the top eye or round the new extension like it was a hammered in pin? Can you bend down enough to use the eye? I hope they do the trick for you. Or you could put the rope through they eye first. 🙄
  3. This company? https://www.biocleanjetting.co.uk/fuel-polishing/ These ones are Birmingham based.
  4. Whereabouts is the boat? There may be someone on here who could come and take a look with you.
  5. If you do end up buying new then make sure that the radius of the bottom curve matches what you have. There are other manufacturers if Channelglaze don't work for you.
  6. So is the belt that drives the smaller 12V alternator still in place and does this go around another pulley in addition to the alternator? This will be the water pump.
  7. Does it have two alternators or only one? If it has two then it could be the domestic (bigger) alternator which has lost its belt and the belt for the smaller (engine) alternator drives the waterpump.
  8. Agreed. There is a fix on the Alde Comfort boiler which involves tightening the nut holding the overheat thermostat so that it will stay alight. Doesn't explain the tea towel fix though.
  9. Have you tried one of the other burners? Is the result the same?
  10. Previous threads on this topic suggest that you could do the swap more easily at a petrol station as their staff don't know or care about the rules.
  11. Great result. When you get the chance you might like to think about removing the grub screw, cleaning it and the threaded hole up and replacing using Loctite in the hope that it never happens again.
  12. Lifting the weedhatch and checking where the prop is would tell us if the whole shaft and prop is more or less in the right place or if it has moved backwards. So that is not the keyway you can see?
  13. I don't know that coupling but in the absence of someone who does, I would be investigating what is inside the rearmost section by removing the locknuts and pulling it off. I would expect to find some sort of collet arrangement that squeezes the shaft to grip it. You may need to loosen the nuts that tighten the stern gland to get enough movement on the shaft to bring it closer to the gearbox when you know how it goes together. You will be able to push the prop better from inside the weedhatch. Hopefully someone with knowledge will be along soon.
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