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  1. This^^^^. The domestic bank will also be much larger and less likely to be flattened by a long run of the pump.
  2. This^^. The only downside is that rinses are also done in the 40 degree water. Others simply add hot water manually at the start of the wash programme. I have read that some machines don't work if you disconnect the heater.
  3. Available here apparently https://www.abcwebchandler.com/products/heating-systems-stoves/alde-spares/alde-thermocouple
  4. Just a thought, what happens if you remove the SIM card? ( I have only had Android phones)
  5. I use a wooden metre rule as a dip stick. You can read off the levels in centimeteres .
  6. Close inspection of the photo shows you are correct - it is a Beta.
  7. The OP doesn't say (and may not know as it is not his boat) if there is anything other than the shower that is connected to the sump box. If, for example, there is a washbasin which also drains via the sump then fitting a gulper may not be the complete answer.
  8. Have you thought about and rejected using an upside down top Desmo fitting like you would fit to the table at the bottom of the leg? Just some screw holes that way round. I appreciate that it would be quite a lump compared with the sunken socket.
  9. I took the NRV off the calorifier and re-fitted with a T piece in between. Drain cock in the other leg of the T piece. One like this https://www.screwfix.com/p/hep2o-push-fit-brass-drain-cock-15mm/8167f
  10. If you do go with the surecal and decide to fit a drain tap (you should) ensure that you fit it on the calorifier side of the non return valve which is standard on surecals. You can then use it to drain the calorifier not the main water supply. I keep my spare water pump attached to the drain tap so it's easy to empty the calorifier when winter comes.
  11. Agreed. That's why I suggested breaking a joint in the pipework to allow the accumulator to twist at the tap connector towards the vertical to allow easy access to the valve.
  12. https://www.eurocarparts.com/p/schrader-valve-repair-tool-black-539770371?type=shopping This is a typical tool. You use the part that has a couple of lugs to remove the core. From the photos it looks like you would have to break a joint in the pipe that runs parallel to the accumulator then swivel the accumulator to gain access. Turn off the pump first though.
  13. Is the valve core loose? I think if it is not then I would change the core for a new one. They and the tools you need are available from car spares shops. Just a case of unscrewing the old one and screwing in the new one.
  14. If you look at the manual here https://www.manualslib.com/manual/24229/Candy-Aquamatic-Aqua-1000-T.html# and search on "Cold" one result says on page 8 "example, an intense cotton cycle can be 40 washed in cold water simply by moving the dial to the tap symbol" So it looks like the answer is yes, you can do a cold wash just as you thought. You could also think about putting a thermostatic valve into the supply so that the machine receives already warmed water from the boats hot supply (calorifier) and does not then use much electricity to heat the water with t
  15. Why not ask at the marina if they already have an approved plumber who could do your job.
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