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  1. philjw

    TX Controls 700 SO replacement parts

    I second Andrew's suggestion of running a hacksaw down one of the sides of the handle which are clamped together. Removing some metal here will allow the handle to grip on the splined spindle when the screw is tightened without the two edges meeting. I have done this with success on a similar control.
  2. philjw

    Its never where you expect

    Did they take just the pin or the tiller bar as well? A nice brass tiller would be more attractive as scrap to the average scrote than the pin which is really only of interest to another boater. If it was just the pin then you would still be able to steer the boat.
  3. philjw

    Solar Capacity

    Charge the batteries from a charger working off the shore line. The batteries will the run the fridge/freezer as normal, either directly (unlikely) or via its own inverter. It could be that the main inverter is a combi type that also has a battery charger built in.
  4. philjw

    Bets BD3 Strange fuel issue

    I'm speculating (and it is just speculation) that the weight of a full tank of fuel is enough to feed the engine with sufficient fuel even though no assistance is coming from the lift pump due to a split diaphragm. When the tank is less than full there is too much resistance from filters etc. to feed the engine's needs. Do check the breather as Stilllearning has said and answer the point re the filterbowl - I would have expected this to be completly full. Getting to the fuel take off is probably all but impossible but you could try back flushing the pipework in an attempt to clear any detritis from around the pick up.
  5. philjw

    Bets BD3 Strange fuel issue

    I was suggesting a split in the diaphragm which is internal to the pump not a leak from its connections. A split would mean that no fuel would be delivered by the pump.
  6. philjw

    Bets BD3 Strange fuel issue

    I would say that the diaphragm on that pump would be between the two halves (top & bottom) and will be visible when the screws are removed. I wouldn't do that without having a repair kit on hand though and, of course shutting off the diesel supply. The filter I mentioned will be under the domed part, accesed by removing the bolt at the top. Is there a priming lever? I can't see one in that photo. If there is then I would guess that if there is a problem with the diaphragm, working the lever would not pump any fuel through so there would be very little resistance felt. I stand to be corrected by those (Tony B?) who know more about such things though.
  7. philjw

    Bets BD3 Strange fuel issue

    Now you know where it is, a photo of the lift pump would be helpful. A common type has a rubber diaphragm which can fail. There is a coarse filter too which can block but I doubt the gravity feed would work if that was blocked.
  8. philjw

    Bets BD3 Strange fuel issue

    What is the lift pump arrangement on this engine? It could be faulty. I'm thinking that the engine is being gravity fed by the contents of the full tank but at some point the weight of fuel in the tank is not enough.
  9. philjw

    FMC tunnel hook

    Thanks Pete
  10. philjw

    FMC tunnel hook

    So when would the T stud be used then? Just for tying up? Would it have the strap used to slow the boat at a lock? Phil
  11. Is there a coupling between the gearbox and propshaft? Some of these depend on a cone arrangement to grab the shaft. Can you turn the propshaft without the gearbox output shaft turning too? Tightening the coupling bolts might do the trick. Pictures and details of engine & gearbox as staed above would be a great help.
  12. philjw

    Batteries stolen near Atherstone

    If the magnets you linked to are electromagnets, wouldn't they continuously use power? I don't imagine it would be much but it would be 24/7
  13. philjw

    Blueprint for my old Harborough

    There will be a bulkhead in front of the engine i.e. where the cabin ends. Can you see if there is a gap between the hull side and the bulkhead on both sides of the boat. If there is then water should not be trapped under the cabin.
  14. philjw

    how much to replate a narrowboat...?

    Narrowboats are not normally re-plated as that term suggests that the old plates are removed and new ones fitted in their place. The normal repair is over plating where new steel is welded over the top of the old. This is a much simpler method of repair but needs to be done properly. Has the boat been looked at out of the water by a surveyor to assess the state of the hull? There can be problems with boats that have been on shore lines without galvanic isolators fitted but you may be lucky. I apppreciate that you are looking at options at this point.
  15. philjw

    Blueprint for my old Harborough

    I had an Arcrite Fernie built as a sailaway in 1983. These were very similar in design to the Harborough hulls. As has been said earlier this had floor bearers constructed from thinish steel folded in right angles. The baseplate was fitted with angle with its thin edge down to take paving slab ballast. It had a wet bilge. What makes you think that you have standing water in the bilge?

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