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  1. You could try Neil's car on 07884587476. He has driven me from Calcutt to Buckby in the past
  2. IWA have commissioned a structural survey: https://waterways.org.uk/campaigns/listing/aberdulais-aqueduct https://waterways.org.uk/about-us/news/a-plan-to-save-aberdulais-aqueduct
  3. Maybe this? https://www.amazon.co.uk/Kontrol-KONTROL-Drip-Strip/dp/B006ZKGQ1G
  4. There are also 2 amp plugs available with smaller round pins set closer together.
  5. Mine is canvas backed and after about 9 years it has shrunk so much it doesn't come anywhere near fitting. I'll go for straight PVC.
  6. Yes indeed. I had to turn my stat up to the max to get the pump to run during the recent spell of hot weather. And of course there is the switch on the standard alde room stat that needs to be slid to on.
  7. This is not typical. You might want to see if there is air in the calorifier coil fed from the alde. You should get piping hot water, if you have the boiler set above minimum. I would advise some decent battery monitoring kit to ensure that you are not depleting the batteries by relying on the solar implicitly.
  8. Have you tried turning off the radiators and firing up the alde? They are usually pretty good at heating the calorifier and would not use gas to the same extent as the radiators. That would be dependent on how the sstem is plumbed. Many people use the alde as the back up water heater. I don't know how much solar you are getting or your power needs but I don't think you will get away with not running the engine at all if you are going to keep healthy batteries.
  9. I think the signature says C. Drake. There is a modern artist of that name but the styles are not similar.
  10. There are lots of companies who specialise in supplying replacement doors for existing cabinets. Try googling replacement kitchen doors. I had some made to order a few years ago for the house. They were wrapped MDF but you ought to find something in wood.
  11. Mine has half thickness nuts as locknuts. Probably 4 or 5 mm thick. I doubt that they would allow an extra ring to be used though.
  12. philjw

    Ripon Canal

    The paddle at Marston Doles has been fixed now.
  13. I believe that some cookers need 230v to run a fan which cools down the fascia when the oven or grill is used but If you are just changing the hob this won't apply. You could think about fitting a small inverter if you want the ignition to work.
  14. philjw

    BBC 4

  15. Maybe something like this then? https://www.google.com/url?sa=i&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.amazon.co.uk%2FBrass-Sliding-Cabinet-Cupboard-Dovetail%2Fdp%2FB00LY3BOZM&psig=AOvVaw1ApesvwPImXsotCAfvFvhQ&ust=1617703171867000&source=images&cd=vfe&ved=0CAIQjRxqFwoTCPCKkY7s5u8CFQAAAAAdAAAAABAD You would probably need to alter the hole in the frame to suit
  16. Try Wesley Marine Windows on 01636 704363. Their website doesn't show them but the catches look like the ones which Wesley use and they do sell spares
  17. I wonder if that hasn't been homemade by adapting a fuse holder. If that is the case then you won't get a like for like replacement.
  18. It is. Not cheap at £39.99 https://www.amazon.co.uk/Golden-Age-Canals-DVD/dp/B00H87DZFA
  19. https://www.togethertv.com/boatyards-thames Just a few minutes left
  20. This^^^^. The domestic bank will also be much larger and less likely to be flattened by a long run of the pump.
  21. This^^. The only downside is that rinses are also done in the 40 degree water. Others simply add hot water manually at the start of the wash programme. I have read that some machines don't work if you disconnect the heater.
  22. Available here apparently https://www.abcwebchandler.com/products/heating-systems-stoves/alde-spares/alde-thermocouple
  23. Just a thought, what happens if you remove the SIM card? ( I have only had Android phones)
  24. I use a wooden metre rule as a dip stick. You can read off the levels in centimeteres .
  25. Close inspection of the photo shows you are correct - it is a Beta.
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