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  1. Ok. It's not working again. It's behaving like it did when the relay had become unplugged, so opened up the relay. It's not operating. Its fully plugged in but the contacts dont close when I switch on so there will be no power to the glow plug hence it fails almost immediately. Is this likely to be the fault of the relay? Could it have been damaged when it was partially plugged in (it basically had come slightly adrift but after I fixed that the unit did fire up a few times). I thought about manually closing the contacts but decided against that in case it caused any damage. Any ideas?
  2. Ah that's an idea! I hadn't suspected the silencer could actually be making the noise. Talk about counter intuitive πŸ˜‚ I shall try it and report back. Thanks
  3. Well I wouldn't say quiet exactly but much quieter than the racket it makes at first. There's a tonn of vibration from the fan untill it hits full speed like it's on a bit of a wobble. Thought maybe it was contacting the body as it was so close.
  4. Good news! I've got it going 😁 turns out the main relay had come adrift πŸ€¦β€β™‚οΈ its in an awkward place so it wasn't obvious. Now its running sweet! Thanks for all your input though. An issue that mine still has is a noise fan at slow speeds. It makes an awful racket as it spools up but once it reaches full blast it goes quiet (fortunately). When i had it in bits yesterday I thought I'd found the problem. The fan impeller had only about 0.5mm clearance between it and the body. I managed to increase this to about 1.5mm by sliding it up the motor shaft a bit, but it hasn't made any difference. Is this a known problem? Is it just how they are?
  5. Yes mine came with the drippy silencer. I bought a decent stainless steel sealed one so no indoor fumes for me 😁
  6. Now that could be a useful bit of kit. I only have a knackered old laptop that runs Linux (just about) but its basically scrap. I'd be dubious whether I could use it. It says compatible with all Windows OS. Let us know how it is when you recieve it. It might be worth me getting it and borrowing a laptop. My Webasto is a recon unit bought from eBay so i have a feeling it was originally fitted in a vehicle but πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈIt was sold as being suitable for marine installation. Maybe the reconfigured its brain? Ah ok. That makes sense πŸ‘πŸΌ
  7. Thanks Tracy I will do that this AM. What s the minimum voltage I should be seeing during start up?
  8. Thanks Alan. I dont think theres any problem with voltage. My batteries were fully charged at the time of trying to fire up. My batteries are in good condition and kept topped up by solar. I will try it with the engine going though just in case it makes a difference.
  9. Hi guys! My Webasto has been working well since I installed it in Jan 2019. Been doing heating in winter and water in summer. It's occasionally played up but a reset by removing the fuse has always set it right up untill today. The last few times I've fired it up it has either failed to complete the Ignition process or has died several minutes into a seemingly successful start-up. Today I was thinking about giving it its first decoke but thought I'd give it a go first as I wanted some hot water. It got part way through the start up with the fuel pump ticking and the fan speed slowly building and then failed. Did it 2 more times and then lockout. So i did a fuse reset and from then on it would try to start but fail akmost immediately, even before the fuel pump starts ticking. Tried it several times and then decided to remove the unit and dismantle for a decoke. So, I did the decoke and there was quite a lot of crud in there. Anyway, once it was all cleaned out and back together and reinstated I was feeling optimisistic. However it is still as it was prior to the decoke. The fan comes on and then stops, the water pump starts and then the whole thing just stops dead. No fuel pump tick and no more fan. After 3 tries it locks out and after a reset it just does the same again until another rest is required. What's going on? Anybody know? Any useful pointers would be wonderful. Thanks in advance. Matt
  10. Does this need to be a separate pipe to the one connecting the header tank to the system, or will steam just escape into the header tank provided its connected at a high point near the hot outlet from the stove? I was thinking of connecting the header tank at the end of the rise before it goes into the radiator.
  11. It's a most valid concern. It concerns me hence why Im trying to iron out all the pitfall first. I'm hoping somewhere very close to full output. The exact stove has not been decided upon yet but I could fit a 600 Γ— 1200 double rad in that location if necessary.
  12. Hi guys sorry for the delay in replying. Been a busy few weeks! To clarify, my existing system is a Webasto in the engine bay feeding a calorifier, 3 double rads down the length if the boat and a towel rad. What I hoped to do was to replace my stove for a boiler stove and integrate it into the system. My stove is at the front on the opposite side to the radiator circuit, hence the need for a pump. All my pipe runs for existing rads are at floor level, plus being on the other side to the rad, gravity isn't going to work any way as my bow doors are in the way, and the pipe work has to do 180 degrees on the flat. However I understand the need for a heat leak rad that is gravity fed so I was planning on having a rad on same said as fire about 8 feet away with feed pipe rising gently from stove to just under gunwhale where it would enter the radiator top port. This radiator is at 90 deg to the pipe run however as radiator will have to hang on the back of my kitchen bulkhead (is this ok and is it on to have a lockshield on both ends of rad?) I was thinking of getting a stove with 4 tappings so that the heat leak rad could gravity feed from one set and the other existing run could be pumped from the other. My webasto set up is currenlty a sealed system but I would change this to vented. Does it matter where I put the header tank? Do I need any kind of over vent into the header tank from the hot feed pipe? Does my system feasible? Im sure the pumped side will.work fine I'm mainly concearned about getting the gravity part working adequatly.
  13. Hello all, I would like to plumb a backboiler into my existing radiator circuit. It will need to be pumped and I'm trying to find the best pump for the job. Can anyone recommend a good one that is quiet and efficient without costing a fortune? Thanks
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