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  1. That's the worry. I heard they use Fram filters, which I don't rate
  2. Thank you, not sure if any of these have the none return valve. Would prefer a known make if possible
  3. Hi all, I have a Kubota D1105 generator which needs a service. I'm trying to find out the correct oil filter for this. It currently has a Crosland 2025, but not sure this is the correct one. Beta Marine supply their own, 211 60390 which is hard to cross reference as it's their own number. Can anyone please help? Many thanks,
  4. Cheers, I'll probably stick to Intertuff
  5. Hi all, Boat is coming out for blacking, and I have always used Intertuff 16. I recently heard of Balastic Black and wondered if there may be sights that have compared the two. Also, is it possible to put Balastic over the old Intertuff? Look forward to hearing from you 🙂
  6. No good unfortunately, as they're even more expensive 😲
  7. Put two in the basket, it comes to ÂŖ18.82 Grand Total with VAT and posting.☚ī¸ Yes, I'm tight.
  8. I know they are not the best, nor the nicest looking, but two of my windows are missing them, just I can't find where to buy them
  9. Thank you, Tracy, I'll take a look 🙂
  10. Hi all, can anyone tell me where I can purchase these? Thank you
  11. No need to lower yourself to insults. Yes I did run a business, very successfully. I also have a Master's degree, so I do have some intelligence to work this out. I am making comments because I am aware there are many many people living on boats struggling to make ends meet and pay for their licence.
  12. Which goes to show they can afford a reduction.
  13. Well, they don't do too bad for themselve!
  14. Yes, you're right. Sadly for many people, wages and pensions struggle to compete with inflation Thank you for your wise advice.🙂
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