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  1. No good unfortunately, as they're even more expensive 😲
  2. Put two in the basket, it comes to £18.82 Grand Total with VAT and posting.☹️ Yes, I'm tight.
  3. I know they are not the best, nor the nicest looking, but two of my windows are missing them, just I can't find where to buy them
  4. Thank you, Tracy, I'll take a look 🙂
  5. Hi all, can anyone tell me where I can purchase these? Thank you
  6. No need to lower yourself to insults. Yes I did run a business, very successfully. I also have a Master's degree, so I do have some intelligence to work this out. I am making comments because I am aware there are many many people living on boats struggling to make ends meet and pay for their licence.
  7. Which goes to show they can afford a reduction.
  8. Well, they don't do too bad for themselve!
  9. Yes, you're right. Sadly for many people, wages and pensions struggle to compete with inflation Thank you for your wise advice.🙂
  10. Using the words Tenfold was a poor choice and not accurate. When I purchased the boat, my licence was £724 yearly, and now I'm paying £1150 I believe it would be a positive move for boat owners in marinas if C&RT offered a discount while lockdown is in place.
  11. No, not a duplicate account as new to here. Your reply to my post was - Tough! Get over it and pay what you signed up for. And not all car insurance companies have been offering money back. Really intelligent answer Mr.Davis. I'm pretty amazed you can actually think!
  12. A crane won't lift it. It's wing span isn't big enough.
  13. Get over what? Are you taking medication?
  14. 😄I've already explained, I can't lift it. I have a bad back.
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