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  1. We are heading to a caravan/motorhome breakers next week so we will see if we get any inspiration there
  2. Yes it works need to be something like this I think but then having taps like this with a folding sink won't work so we may just have to use the shower head as a tap. Someone posted this on here. Would we have enough pressure? https://www.toolstation.com/barra-wall-mounted-bath-shower-mixer-tap/p48009
  3. That looks pretty decent and certainly could work well. @Tony Brooks yes I was thinking the quality would be better than those plastic Whale ones. The pipes will be behind the wall as we have removed the majority of the cladding we just need to work what sort of pipework is needed and if plastic pipes can be used on something like @Tracy D'arth mentioned.
  4. 😂 Well everything to do with boat length is always in ft such as mooring charges, maintenance etc. But then I tend to work in mm elsewhere. Other half was confused when I said height of shower trays are generally 40-50 and she measured 40cm not mm 😳
  5. Ah ok one one description they said wall mounted. That's probably better for us but are there any implications for using household type taps rather than those Whale type ones.
  6. We are redoing our bathroom and fitting a shower tray to cover the whole area of the wetroom and fitting a gulper rather than the bilge pump where water has been going into our base plate. Due to space on our 26.5ft boat and only a whole bathroom area of 1000*700 we are replacing the sink with a folding one. We need some wall mounted taps that have an option to put the shower head on the wall like this: I'm just wondering if this is our only choice of suitable products. I can't seem to find any alternative.
  7. We never had one before as the shower head just comes from the sink tap so we just lifted it out and showered - no curtain and just wiped the floor after (obviously all our water was going through onto the sealed section of our baseplate). As the whole area will be inside the tray and your arm would be poking out of the curtain holding the tap/shower head it would be pointless having a curtain.
  8. Thanks for that it is helpful. Another question, we are taking off the cheap nasty cladding, which is needed so we can access pipework etc and we are thinking of fitting a folding sink such as this https://www.thecampervanshop.com/shop/cleo-tip-up-sink-basin/ as this will give us a bit more room and then different cladding. I guess the porta-potti can't be made more space saving. I've seen some motorhome layouts that have the same space that would work well but it would be expensive and not exactly what we need (can't have side cassette toilet) https://www.evomotiondesign.co.uk/product/shower-toilet-cubicle-a/ The only other question I have is the tray which will cover the whole floor. Should I be looking for a tray with deep sides, a standard stone resin one around 40mm deep or one that's more wet room style and flat. I know any wet room cladding will need to fit on top of the tray and everything sealed.
  9. Yes that's right. I guess we need to look for a try that has the waste opposite end to the toilet. Yes we could use duckboard or similar over the tray. We just have a couple of issues we need to consider. - Height - If we built a frame/floor to put the tray how to access underneath this in case of leaks
  10. Ok so I think we have decided to build a frame/floor and then put a shower tray on top of it, with space under it for the waste and fit gulper which we can house in the wardrobe. As our space is limited (1000*700) the tray would take up the whole space so in essence the floor is then the shower tray with the porta-potti in the tray. Will this be ok? Is there a particular tray we should look at?
  11. I double checked and it is definitely sealed. You can see it more clearly now as it is drying (we still need to get it all cleaned up properly).
  12. Yes, it's now dry thankfully so we need to clean it up and treat it. And that's pretty much what we have already. A stand on top of the baseplate but even if we treat it with some sort of rust converter/preventer we are still going to have water in this area as the bilge doesn't get rid of all of it.
  13. Yes it is sealed so thankfully the whole boat isn't a wetroom!
  14. When you say fibreglass or welded pvc - is that the material you'd suggest for the recess. Our current floor was a waterproof covering on a stand sloping to the corner (what you can see on the picture). The issue was it was draining straight onto the baseplate!
  15. Having just measured the whole space I think a 1000*700 tray would take up all the space but would you be able to stand in a tray (stone resin perhaps) everytime you needed the loo, effectively this would be the floor unless you then built something over the top of it and obviously need to look into how to accommodate bilge pump. Alternatively it seems some sort of fibreglass may be an option.
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