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  1. Yes we would definitely as a minimum get a hull survey done. It's a 1991 boat.
  2. We would be looking at a figure around £13-15 (perhaps a bit ambitious) subject to survey, though the asking price is a bit more than this. The 2014 survey identified a price of £13500 (but some work has been done since).
  3. So, after a day of viewings, there was one boat we really liked. It is out of the water currently. There was a survey done from 2014 and it's clear it's had a fair bit of work since this survey and certainly things identified at the 2014 all seem to be resolved now with a repaint last year and recent blacking (not sure on anodes). Pitting was visible below the water mark and I'm concerned it had been stretched and where it had been extended the hull was only 8mm rather than 10mm. I took photos of the 2014 survey and if anyone could interpret this and highlight any concerns that would be incredibly helpful. If we make an offer it would be subject to survey. I'm also concerned re the plastised bag - water tank.
  4. Of course not, not going to buy something just for the sake of it. I probably worded my statement wrong on reflection. I just meant if we find any boat we actually want, we need to get it back before Hurleston closes not that we just want any boat and will rush in just to get anything!
  5. I was thinking a hull survey as a minimum really but yes the narrowboat is out of the water already as it was taken out when blacked (confirmed with them).
  6. No I'm not rushing in to it but just conscious that it will cut down our options after November as we won't be able to get any narrowboat to us until likely beginning of April unless it's already in the area or paying mooring fees but I'd rather do that than make a bad decision!
  7. I'd read about looking at the hull, engine etc. The interior fit is not brilliant, dodgy decor inside each to their own but I've been advised no overplating (obv willl need a survey) and recently painted and blacked. Helpful comments re things you can't see. Taking my Uncle who is an electrician and my dad who is a retired mechanic and knows a fair bit about lister engines. I'll definitely report back how it goes.
  8. That's what we are hoping. Our only issue is we need to get any boat - if we find one to our EoG mooring (just had acceptance letter today) on the Llangollen and Hurleston lock is shut from 4 November until 27 March next year so if we don't find one before then the likelihood is we will then be stuck until next April when priced pick up, unless we find one which doesn't need to go through Hurleston which doesn't exactly seem promising and narrows down our options significantly.
  9. Thanks that's really helpful. Silly question but if we are happy with what we see, do we offer a price subject to a survey (and do they expect a deposit at this stage) or just get a survey done and then make an offer... I don't know if it's in the water currently or not as the pictures were of it out of the water and it's just been blacked.
  10. So, we are going to view a narrowboat which is for sale at a marina. I know information from the advert such as when it was last blacked, painted, serviced and how long the BSC is valid from and to. I have rung up (they were pretty useless and didn't know if it had any overplating and had to ring the owner and get back to me (it apparently hasn't) and they wouldn't give me any survey details over the phone or by email but we can look at the survey in person. Although I have some questions to ask when we go to view, can anyone give me some advice on things I should be looking out for/asking? We are taking some friends with us that are ex-narrowboat owners that lived on one for 2 years so they can also give us some advice as well. The last survey was done in 2014 so I don't know how helpful that will be to look at.
  11. Hi Now we have our EoG mooring (it only took 10 weeks for a decision!) we are looking for a narrowboat. We have decided against GRPs so are looking at a narrowboat. I've seen one built by Cheshire Steelcraft but can't seem to find any info on them. Anyone heard of them and have any views on quality of build etc?
  12. That was the message I had from the owner. I haven't measured her or viewed her yet, we were going to but then they sent me this!
  13. We were successful in mooring and are looking at possible GRP options. One query I have is about one boat. Concerning the width I've had this response, 'I believe it was built to be 6' 10". However the owner of this one has pointed out that she seems to have spread in the centre. We measured her yesterday and she is 7' across the middle'. Has anyone every heard of this happening and good/bad/issues? If we wanted to use it on the Llangollen I'm sure some points are narrower than this....
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