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  1. Sorry, I don't have my puller anymore. A few years ago someone else requested the loan of a puller, so I searched my garage where I thought it should be to no avail. I must have loaned it out at some stage and not got it back. Sorry! I would have thought that if you contacted some boatyards or engineering workshops you'd find one, or something similar which could be adapted to do the job. Good luck!
  2. You may be lucky, but I doubt you will remove a liner with any pieces of wood involved. When I removed the liners from my JP, I had to use some pretty substantial pieces of steel to make up a puller, and to actually REMOVE the liner using 25mm threaded bar I had to use my longest breaker bar, extended with a trolley jack handle, which itself was extended with a piece of scaffolding tube. I've since decided that the secret is to put some tension (quite a bit) on the puller, then leave it for 24 hours, then add some more tension, leave again, and so on.
  3. This is on the Leeds and Liverpool canal at (I seem to remember) Hancock's swing bridge. I arrived there at 2.15pm to find the bridge not working. After 3 phone calls to CART and being shuffled from dept. to dept, someone eventually rang me back to inform me that the bridge is closed from 2pm until 6pm. "It's on the sign" Well, I'm afraid it isn't.
  4. I take your point, but this was lockside at Diglis. Hardly a wildlife rich area. It seemed pretty pointless to me at the time.
  5. Fradley Junction. Instructions on how to operate a swing bridge.......1 Open bridge. 2 Take boat through. 3 Close bridge. Glad they told me that otherwise I'd have been stuck. And another waste of space at Fradley junction. Meanwhile, the tap next to the sign was leaking badly.
  6. How about this one? I've seen a few of these around the system.
  7. What engine is it attached to, please? I suspect that there are many variations of a Blackstone 2:1 box.
  8. I watched the film this morning, although I had previously seen it years ago. A simple film, but heartwarming. Can anyone tell me the real names of the boats portrayed in the film, please? I am aware of the story of Sunny Valley/ Northolt, but I'd be interested to know about the others.
  9. And "Baltic" before those two, when I knew him.
  10. I had a lock at Atherstone ( lock 2)turned on me by a volocky as I was coming up the flight a couple of years back. When I remonstrated with him, he said it was so he could show a party of schoolchildren how a lock works. When I said to him that surely it would be better with a boat in the lock he didn't seem to understand.
  11. As a single hander, I've had assistance from the top lock down to lock 5 on more than one occasion.
  12. Thank you for all the helpful advice. My stay in Liverpool was excellent. The trip through the docks was spectacular, our mooring couldn't have been better, and Liverpool has a real buzz to it. Just strolling around, people watching and visiting the touristy sites put a permanent smile on my face. I don't think, in the previous posts, anyone mentioned Mathew St. That's a place no one should miss. We were there the weekend of the Euro final so perhaps the city was a bit livelier than normal. Queues waiting to get into bars at 5 o clock was quite common. Yes, Liverpool should be on everyone's "must visit" list. The only downside was the amount of weed we encountered getting there. From bridge 17 southwards the going was heavy and slow. The end result made it bearable however.
  13. Perhaps I was misinformed then.
  14. I wonder when it was last blacked? And how?
  15. Apparently the boat is now up for sale at Harefield Marina. That dream sadly didn't last long.
  16. I will be travelling to Liverpool Salthouse dock from Scarisbrick marina later this week. Are there any do's/dont's to be aware of? What are the highlights you would recommend visiting when in Liverpool? Thank you.
  17. I can recommend Redshaw's. They put an electric start on my JP a few years ago.
  18. I suggested Alvecote Marina ( Samuel Barlow) earlier.
  19. I've used Nautical insurance based in Leigh on Sea for many years. No claims, cost always the same give or take a couple of quid. Then I had a claim. I hit something underwater and bent a blade on my prop. Two dockings (prop on/ prop off) and the straightening cost £800 odd quid. Insurance paid up straight away with no quibbling. When the renewal notice came (which I was very apprehensive about, I must say) my premium had gone up a fiver. Excellent company, highly recommended.
  20. Thank you for all that info. I remember now that I had a square D on the first water pump I fitted on my boat 30 years ago. I can't remember the name, but it was a good pump, if noisy. The motor was vertically mounted on top of a built in pressure vessel. All round, a large and very heavy device. On the subject of pressure vessels, I have an pressure accumulator and an expansion vessel in my water system. Would this have any bearing on fitting the square D? And what advantages would I gain using a square D. Are the Jabsco built-in pressure switches the weak point?
  21. You can never tell with these things, can you? I suspect that you've done quite well with your pump, and it doesn't owe you anything. However, I'd prefer not to be in the situation again where my son and his girlfriend had no running water for over a week because he was unable to source a replacement pump of the suitable type. You know the situation, I'm sure. If I have a spare pump, I'll never need it. That's why I'm looking for a simple, cheap, preferably second hand, swap over should my pump give up the ghost.
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