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  1. Items 20-24 were what Lister would supply on a marine engine.
  2. Originally an Alpha marine engine would have had a bolt on bracket/arm that would bolt on to the stop control. It would hang down below the level of the stop control and have a hole in the lower end to take the fitting that has been previously mentioned.
  3. Normally a Lister dipstick would only have two marks, maximum and minimum. To me the very top mark on yours looks as if its home made. Another problem is that Lister used various dipsticks on the same model of engine, dependant on where they were located on the engine. They were normally identified by a number stamped on the brass top but that doesn't help unless you know what should be fitted. If itvwere me I would recommend you drain the engine down and then fill with the recommended amount of oil and see where it comes on your dipstick.
  4. As you say these pumps were supplied by Lister Marine. But not as standard. They would have been an optional extra.
  5. Which is what the op seemed to be suggesting when he said if he got the speed just right then there was an improvement. Although this is now irrelevant as it appears the mounts were at fault.
  6. Maybe the engine idle speed has dropped off a little and the engine just needs speeding up a bit. This can happen over a period of time as things like the pump and governor speeder springs can stretch. Once the idle speed has dropped of just a little it can introduce vibration and rough running.
  7. Yes it will. You will need to replace with a metal one, which should be readily available for not to much money.
  8. You could use the CAV head as already suggested which is a filter and water trap. Or you could speak to Beta and buy one of there Wasp filters which has a course washable gauze filter and is also a water trap.
  9. Unfortunately that's a different filter. I think that is the one fitted to the Mitsubishi range.
  10. Looking at that now with a few more photos I will withdraw what I said earlier. I dont think it is a Racor filter. Also the quality does not look that good. I think I would go along with previous posters and remove and fit something more suitable with readily available parts. Call me cynical but Vetus do seem to sell various things that you cant cross reference, just to remove as much money as possible from the customer.
  11. Yes it is quite normal to fit an agglomeration in line. In fact if you don't have one on a Beta engine and you have any fuel equipment issues you will not be covered by the warranty.
  12. That looks like a Racor filter. Very good filters. Try ASAP supplies as they sell a lot of Racor elements. They may be able to match it up for you.
  13. I am pretty certain that the timing marks are on the flywheel. Unfortunately on the majority of these engines there is no inspection hole in the gearbox adaptor so you would need to find an alternative way of determining the firing point. It may well be worth a phone call to Beta and see what they advise. Personally I would not try to time this pump using the spill method as this involves removing the delivery valve. I would use the bubble test method where a tool is fitted to the pump and you can see the fuel rise in the tube as the pump operates.
  14. The other place could be the cap on the injector loose, or as I had on a boat the other day was the rubber plug that a lot of the injector caps had fitted. This should be a taper rubber plug but with age they harden off and leak.
  15. You mention in the original post that diesel appears to be delivered 10 after TDC. For the engine to start and run correctly the fuel should be injecting before TDC.
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