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  1. The length stated will be the actual length of the boat.
  2. Not at all. In fact the ones I met last week were very friendly, helpful and well informed. Perhaps it is your attitude to them.
  3. Considering that there were 2 trained First Aiders AND a Paramedic with him, he was being well attended. I am sure that if the Paramedic had been concerned then he would have increased the "risk response" to something higher.
  4. So what? And it's eight o'clock matty.
  5. Anchorage points for wheel chairs are not suitable for and not designed for stretchers. Which is quite normal for a non-life threatening incident, due to an over-stretched, under-funded situation most Ambulance trusts are now in.
  6. Having been involved with voluntary organisations that used their own equipment, such as stretchers, I have never known a piece of equipment that hasn't been returned promptly by either the hospital or the Ambulance service.
  7. I wouldn't bother Racheal, he's only stirring.
  8. They are perfectly suited to the relevant BRITISH canals.
  9. Ac? Dim byd newydd yma.
  10. Well I'm going to go against the perceived forum "wisdom" here and say that I agree with their bosses. As far as can be read from a known sensationalist paper the "casualty" did not have a life threatening injury and therefore a 2 hour wait for an overstretch Ambulance service vehicle is not uncommon. Plus neither of these people would have been insured if anything had gone wrong, both personally and for their vehicle. If they were that concerned they should have contacted the Ambulance Service again and stated EXACTLY why there were further concerns and should have waited with the casualty until help did arrive.
  11. Typical you, you aren't even brave enough to name me.
  12. So you don't accept that you need to pay for their expertise, training, qualifications, insurance, overheads, etc? £60 a hour is NOT expensive!
  13. Because it is an event in London, for Londoners!
  14. Wrong. Liverpool has only ever been known as the capital of North Wales/Gogledd Cymru. It certainly isn't recognised around here.
  15. Or we are fed up with the inane drivel and personal insults that certain Brexit supporters throw about. And I see Uncle Boris has antagonised the Welsh Tories, and others, by suggesting that the english should flood a few more Welsh valleys to cure the water supply problem in the South East.
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