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Graham Davis

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  1. Graham Davis

    Saying hello,

    A Power Boat licence isn't very applicable to the canals. So no actual experience of canal boating then?
  2. Graham Davis

    Labour Women's Conference

    The Labour Party has had a woman's section for at least 50 years.
  3. Graham Davis

    Brexit 2017

    What an utterly stupid comment! And funnily enough those that voted remain that I know are not the rich or famous. I'm sure you love scaremongering.
  4. Bloody autocorrect!!!? Boatbuilder!!
  5. Exactly, but that doesn't seem to be what the OP wanted or was able to understand, and why I and others suggested he needed to actually talk to bodybuilders BEFORE he did anything.
  6. From those comments I'm guessing you haven't ever been on a canal boat! FFS, put down the keyboard, close down the computer, get off your arse and get out and LOOK AT SOME BOATS!!
  7. Graham Davis

    Sand Blasting And 2pack

    So why haven't you deleted this thread?
  8. Graham Davis

    Sand Blasting And 2pack

  9. So one person asks you, very politely, a few questions, and you answer with rudeness and insults. Do you really think that is the way to get an honest response from the informed members here? Now how about answering those questions in the manner they were asked?
  10. Insulting people now. Your not going to get very far taking that attitude. And here's a suggestion for you; go to the Morgan car factory in Malvern and see the rough and ready way they build some of their cars. I suspect you will be very shocked!
  11. And that shows you really don't have a clue! FFS!! Get out from behind your bloody computer and go and see some actual, real steel narrow boat builders so you see what the REAL world is like. I can assure you that they are craftsmen. It's just you can't or won't recognise that, even when the experts on this forum tell you.
  12. Corrected that for you, as you have NO experience of narrow boats or their design. (As you have been told numerous times)
  13. Really? Your reply really does show your ignorance, about boat builders in both wood and steel. To repeat, you turn up to all the good canal boat builders with the budget and attitude you have shown here and you will not get very far. I suspect you will be shown the door very quickly and possibly in very basic Anglo Saxon language! I suggest that you start listening to the numerous experts on here and act on what they say. I also you suggest that you get out from behind your computer screen and start actually visiting the real steel boat builders who know what they are doing and don't need computers and CAD to build fine and excellent boats. Go with a decent, respectful and open attitude and you might find that they will actually talk to you, discuss your requirements, correct them where you are quite obviously wrong or impractical and may even offer you a sensible and reasonable figure. The answer totally lies in your court, but you need to change your attitude.

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