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  1. My kids must have beaten the system then. None of them took any A levels, but one of them has an MA, another 2 HND's and the eldest a BScN. Utter rubbish! I suggest you get out there and talk to teachers.
  2. That's right, carry on throwing the insults around. You really do not have a clue about me. I've heard more adult arguments from 6th formers.
  3. As I said, totally dependable. As soon as someone disagrees with you, you have to make it personal. You haven't a clue what I do outside of Mid Wales, what I am involved with or how much I see outside Mid Wales.
  4. Oh you are so dependable! Having had 3 children go through the education system I have seen no dumbing down. Things that I was being taught at A level they were being taught much earlier, and they were expected to do much more research than I ever was expected to do and in greater detail. And yes I am a "socialist"; note the small s at the beginning. Funny how you seem to think that is such a derogatory term and that you think it so wrong that I agree with education for all, a free health service and that people are important. I'm in doubt that if I used the name fascist (with a small f) you'd get very upset. Perhaps it's about time you removed your blinkers and got out and looked at the real world! Oh course he hasn't but he still likes to spout his warped ideas about them.
  5. But there are certain members of this forum who seem to like laying blame for everything on Socialists, and I doubt they actually know what the name really means.
  6. Complete and utter rubbish!! We do not have a "no fail" education system and comments like that show just how out of touch you are. The biggest problem in education is the distinct lack of finance provided by central government.
  7. Yeah, just as I thought,, lots of words with no facts behind them, and a subtle insult as well. Shame you can't discuss things like an adult.
  8. That suggests you rarely, if ever, attend club rugby matches, especially in South Wales, but are quite willing to pontificate and take "the moral high ground" without any research. It seems to be a recurring attitude from you.
  9. The best example of that was over the weekend of the England Wales rugby match, if you consider a Manager to be an official. At the rugby one of the English players lost his temper and to stop any further aggravation was substituted by their manager; no argument form him, he just left the pitch. The next day a football player was told he was being substituted by his manager and REFUSED to leave the field! And then of course in rugby referees we have Nigel Evans! Even The All Blacks don't argue with him! Funny how the Police, the player's union and the Clubs are saying that they are seeing an increase in violence and anti-social behaviour from so-called "supporters".
  10. And there you go again, throwing insults around. Seems to confirm that you have lost the plot if the only answer you can give is insulting. When will you realise that your insults do nothing to strengthen your argument and actually belittle it (and you).
  11. Oh dear, all Smelly can do is throw insults. Or has he finally lost the plot completely?
  12. The "Away" team get the choice. Certainly England have played with it closed
  13. And isn't it great to see red and green shirts mixed together in the stands and hugging each other and shaking hands at the end.
  14. Except it was the Irish who insisted on it being open. And what a great game!! Well done to Ireland for getting points in injury time.
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