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  1. No. If you require hearing aids then you are classified as disabled. It is as simple as that.
  2. No. I'm classed as Disabled because I have impaired hearing. It is nothing to do with mobility.
  3. Working link: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-gloucestershire-48192906 Excellent news!
  4. Can you get onto the canal from the river? I thought the lock was no longer in use, so you'd need a crane to lift you over it.
  5. I wouldn't worry about Boater Sam, as soon as someone disagrees with him he puts them in his Ignore list.
  6. Welcome. I'm afraid that Glastonbury is NOT on a canal. The nearest canal would be the Kennet & Avon, around Bath.
  7. I wasn't being sarcastic! You have started or contributed to several threads doing nothing but complain about how CaRT aren't doing something that YOU think should be done or done in a particular way, and do not seem to accept that they obviously know better than you, since they have the experts to deal with these things. I would suggest that the ugliness is more in your negativity.
  8. It must be wonderful to be absolutely perfect and live in your perfect world. I presume that as a fully qualified surveyor and mechanical engineer you have volunteered your obvious extensive knowledge to CaRT to overcome all the problems that you seem so happy to mention.
  9. And soon to probably be a by-election in the Brecon & Radnor constituency where the Tory incumbent has been found guilty of fraud. Current estimates are a big win by Plaid!
  10. What ever suits you, I think is the best answer.
  11. We were there recently and I'm not sure that children would be that interested.
  12. He did not take "himself to be a spokesperson for the EU". He wrote as the President of France, which is his official position, but something it seems you cannot accept. Plus he did not write to everyone in the EU, he wrote as the President of France to each Government.
  13. The amount it rained up here up to Saturday I suspect it will be soon. I doubt they would find a Pilot to take them! Plus there is all the fresh coming down from here
  14. Careful Ian, you're introducing facts. I expect one of the usual suspects will be along in a minute saying how wrong this all is, followed by a personal insult.
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