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  1. Graham Davis

    CRT licence payments problems

    Having looked back at the correspondence for one of them, you are correct. In that case it is obviously linked to the card number. Perhaps that is what CaRT actually set up and the OP has misunderstood?
  2. Graham Davis

    election before or after xmas

    I suspect you are right, but only because no-one else in her party will want their name on the problems that are to come.
  3. Graham Davis

    CRT licence payments problems

    I've had similar "problems" with other companies, such as Insurance companies, Paypal and Club membership, and my Bank told me that although the DD is linked to the account it is also linked to the date on the card, so has to be "renewed" when a new card is issued, by notifying the recipient of those details. I note that in most instances the recipient has notified me that the card has expired or is about to.
  4. Graham Davis

    Brexit 2017 - 2018

    A list provided by a friend with contacts in the City: Steris PLC, a company with $2.6 billion in annual revenue, is planning to redomicile from the UK to Ireland due to Brexit. ‏ Chubb (the world’s largest publicly traded property and casualty insurance company) is redomiciling from the UK to France. It has already received permission from the french regulator, and aims to complete its move on 1 January 2019. Columbia Threadneedle has switched £6.2 billion worth of assets from UK domiciled funds to Luxembourg domiciled funds. Liberty Specialty Markets is redomiciling its insurance company from the UK to Luxembourg. Admiral Group is planning to move some of its UK business from Admiral Insurance Company Limited to an entity in Spain. A ferry company has brought in 2 new ships, including a “Brexit Buster” ship, to bypass the UK and send freight directly from Ireland to Belgium and Spain. SwissQuote has cancelled its expansion plans in London after Brexit, and instead bought a bank in Luxembourg. STM Life moving part of its business from Gibraltar to Malta to guard against the effects of Brexit. JPMorgan and other leading US banks are getting ready to shift over 250 billion euro in assets from London to Frankfurt. XL Insurance Company SE (a company writing over £2 billion/year in insurance premiums) is moving from the UK to Ireland in January 2019 due to Brexit. Royal & Sun Alliance Insurance plc is moving approximately 6 per cent of its insurance and reinsurance business to a new legal entity in Luxembourg, with the intention that the move be effective 1 January 2019. AIG are restructuring their business because of Brexit, and moving all non-UK business to a Luxembourg entity. European Medical Agency (EMA), Europe’s medicines regulator, is moving from London to Amsterdam. France’s top banks are moving 500 jobs out of London due to Brexit. Tokio Marine Group is using a “Part VII transfer” to transfer business from two UK-based subsidiaries to a Luxembourg entity. QBE Limited is reorganising the affairs of several of its group companies, using the Part VII mechanism, in order to be ready for Brexit. XTX Markets is establishing a new office in Paris for post-Brexit trade. Credit Suisse is moving 250 jobs to Germany, Madrid and elsewhere in the EU27, including Luxembourg. Schaeffler, a car parts company, is closing two UK factories, in Llanelli, Wales, and Plymouth (affecting 570 jobs) because of Brexit. MS Amlin has received the green light to redomicile Amlin Insurance SE from the UK to Belgium. Hiscox are transferring some aspects of their business to Luxembourg, and expect the Part VII transfer to complete by 1 January 2019. Barclays is moving €250 billion of business to Dublin ahead of Brexit, making it Ireland’s largest bank. And this is just the start!
  5. Graham Davis

    Pre Sale Inspection Help Required

    Should have suggested a different forum to him. I can think of one that might have been suitable.
  6. Graham Davis

    Sunken hull at Knowle

    Do you mean at what I thought was the old dredgings wharf on the left, north of Copt Heath, just before the bend?
  7. Graham Davis

    What the Daily Mail classes as news!

    How utterly "Daily Mailish" of you.😉
  8. Graham Davis

    What the Daily Mail classes as news!

    I wonder how often she moves to keep in line with the mooring regulations? And I notice no mention of what they use for a loo!
  9. Graham Davis

    Brexit 2017 - 2018

    Actually there was a "need for all that", but then you wouldn't want to understand why some of us find you objectionable, unreasonable, rude and frankly a nasty vindictive member of this forum. Tigerr was correct and put it quite politely, I won't, you are a troll.
  10. Graham Davis

    Brexit 2017 - 2018

    Well said, Tigerr.
  11. Are they looking to set precedent in some way, Nigel?
  12. Graham Davis

    Brexit 2017 - 2018

    I suppose I shouldn't be surprised that you have to insult people instead of bringing forth a sensible response.
  13. Graham Davis

    Electric Motors?

    Common motor on the small fishing boats they use on the Clwywedog Reservoir, powered by a 12v battery. Wouldn't think they were suitable for long term cruising purposes.
  14. Graham Davis

    Introducing our new boat!

    Congratulations, she looks very neat. Black Prince boats always seem to be very well built. I'm sure the experts will be along soon to comment, but I don't think running the eengne for just 45 minutes at a time will be doing the batteries much good. I suspect you might need to do it longer than that.
  15. Graham Davis

    Brexit 2017 - 2018

    The cost of the publication was a GOVERNMENT expense, and was not included in the £7million budget given to either side. Why the hell should they be investigated? They produced a GOVERNMENT and impartial leaflet that was issued to every home in the UK. They have done nothing wrong, other than in your twisted opinion.

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