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  1. Graham Davis


    So not only does the paper lie, but the films of him saying those things are also "fake news"...................................unbelievable!
  2. Graham Davis


    Even I will agree with that! I hear from friends in America that in some areas what were Trump supporters are turning against him because his ideas are now starting to backfire, with small factories closing and some big companies starting to pull out and looking to move factories to Mexico or Asia.
  3. Nick, what do you expect them to do? They cannot control the weather and make it rain suddenly. At least they have given a decent amount of warning for the closure and not said "Tomorrow"!
  4. Graham Davis


    Merkel's ignoring of his "rant" appeared to show her contempt of him. And hopefully he will continue making a fool of himself. One does wonder what his "advisors" do? Does he completely ignore them?
  5. Graham Davis


    Now that is a different world!
  6. Graham Davis


    I think Parahandy is trying to better that!!
  7. Graham Davis


    Wrong again. All he says is that he hears lots of foreign languages in London, not that they are all from immigrants. Just think they could be TOURISTS! I think your bigotry has clouded your judgment and understanding.
  8. Graham Davis


    No, that does NOT say London is a different country. I'm beginning to wonder whether you actually read the articles. Wrong again.
  9. Graham Davis

    Lack of platforms at locks

    Why don't you stop argueing here, get on the phone to CaRT tomorrow and VOLUNTEER to take the course? Then and only then can you criticise it. But if you do decide to do that, please go with an open mind and be willing to listen and learn, instead of the closed attitude you appear to have here.
  10. Graham Davis

    Lack of platforms at locks

    As I said, your lack of knowledge of the system outside your local lock is clouding your judgement. You may love "your lock" and "your Avon" but you obviously have no experience of anywhere else. Kids swim in locks, lakes, quarries and rivers all over the country and rarely get into trouble, just as drunk boaters use locks throughout the system occasionally and don't get into trouble. As a mere member of the public you are in no place to tell people what to do, in fact doing so is likely to get you into trouble, especially from a group of stroppy teenagers. Even as an official CaRT volunteer I suspect your instructions would be to stand back and let them get on with it FOR YOUR OWN SAFETY. If you want to "care about the community" then go and do the job properly, but volunteering with CaRT and doing their training.
  11. Graham Davis


    I suggest you read your posting again. You never once mentioned immigrants, you said London was a foreign country. And even ignoring the tourists I still hear more English spoken that any other language when I am in London, and on talkiing to a friend earlier today who lives in East London he also fails to understand how anybody can have such a view. Mind you he also said that this was a common lie told by supporters of the National Front and their ilk. And now 2 questions for you; 1/ What exactly is Mayor Khan's Islamic Agenda? 2/ What relevance is the fact that I don't currently have a boat got to do with you and my membership of this forum? Well I can see at least 2 untruths in that posting!
  12. Graham Davis

    Lack of platforms at locks

    Probably nothing at all would have happened. I'm afraid that it is your lack of knowledge of the rest of the network outside your one lock that is totally clouding your judgement. As has been siad numerous times, join the official volunteers with CaRT, get their training done, and perhaps get out a bit and see some more of the system, other than your very limited bit.
  13. Graham Davis

    Rescue Hero Saman Gunan thank you

    Confirmed another 5 now out. One flown to hospital on a stretcher
  14. Graham Davis


    Quite Ian, but it appears that a certainly bigotted and probably racist member on here doesn't appreciate that.
  15. Graham Davis

    Long lost branch at Hockley Heath?

    This site is normally very accurate about historical railways, and it doesn't show anything in the immediate area: http://www.RailMapOnline.com/UKIEMap.php?lat=52.34640&lng=-1.77930&zoom=14 As an aside the site also now has an excellent canal mapping section!

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