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Graham Davis

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  1. Graham Davis

    Boat builder enquiry

    Can you post a photo of your boat? And is it V bottomed?
  2. Graham Davis

    Europe’s Most Important River Is Running Dry

    We were on the Danube at the end of September and had to swap between 2 ships. We were told that the Viking boats drew 2 metres but the problem section was down to 1.5 metres. Other companies were then already using their boats as static "hotels" and running their trips by coach. Can't complain as they have given us a further discount off our next cruise on the Duoro in 2020. And thanks Allan, I have read your blog of that trip.
  3. Graham Davis

    Elderly Drivers

    Quite possible, particularly if you were initially short sighted. It is well known that as you get older your sight focal length increases. I was very short sighted when I was a teenager, now my sight needs very little correction.
  4. Graham Davis

    Brexit 2019

    That is just a start on the lies in that quote.
  5. Graham Davis

    Elderly Drivers

    It was a Freelander, not a Range Rover. The biggest only produces 150bhp, which is not a lot.
  6. Graham Davis

    Elderly Drivers

    Pedant alert; it wasn't a Range Rover but a Freelander 2. And a new one was delivered from the Royal Mews garage this morning. I also understand that this wasn't the first incident at that junction and locals have been asking for the speed limit to reduced for a while.
  7. Graham Davis

    Beast from the East - possibly

    Well it is the middle of January and it is winter, so what the hell do we expect?? And shock, horror there were a few snowflakes on the patio this morning but none to be seen on the hills to the west, and now the sun is shining and I'm off to hang the washing on the line.
  8. Graham Davis

    Brexit 2019

    Keeps being said, but I note there has never been any conclusive proof that this is the case, here or elsewhere. Can you provide it?
  9. Graham Davis

    Brexit 2019

    Pump out or cassette?
  10. Graham Davis

    Bike on a cruiser deck?

    Looking at the photo, it looks like the other side may actually be 2 removeable pieces, as there seems to be shiny nuts/bolts in several places. In that case they would be much more managable.
  11. Graham Davis

    Bike on a cruiser deck?

    For a hoist like the red one shown above have a look at an car engine hoist, and consider how the mounting of it could be modified to do the job.
  12. Graham Davis

    Brexit 2019

    I seem to be able to "earn" the £50 roughly every 9 months.
  13. Graham Davis

    Brexit 2019

    I've been a "member" of YouGov and have NEVER recieved any spam mail caused by joining them.
  14. Graham Davis

    Brexit 2019

    If everything is so simple, why are HMRC are taking on extra Waterguard staff and forecasting delays?
  15. Graham Davis

    Brexit 2019

    So none suitable for the average working family, or as a small city car, or an inexpensive estate car, etc. And why are they onloy working a short week at the moment if they are so popular?

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