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    Interesting things, like the taste of good ale, the smell of a beehive, the sound of a Rolls Royce Merlin, and the sight of a working pair of ploughing engines.
    Being slightly drunk, slightly stoned and gently warmed by a friendly sun.
    Friends, held in gentle company where nothing need be spoken.

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    Technical instructor.

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  1. Sir Nibble

    Brexit 2017

  2. Sir Nibble

    Brexit 2017

    I suspect that a second referendum would deliver 100% remain on a 48% turnout.
  3. Sir Nibble

    Brexit 2017

    Would a no deal exit destroy jobs? Or leave us unable to get enough migrants to do all the jobs? I have heard both.
  4. Help! My dictionary has drifted out of adjustment and I cannot find definitions for some words. Maybe someone would be so good as to look them up for me? Now that "Amazing" means "Good", what is the current definition for Amazed? "Incredibly" now means "Very" and "Incredible" means the same as "Amazing" so can I get a definition for Credible?
  5. Sir Nibble

    Alternator info

    Did the light remain at full brilliance? Do you have a split charge relay fitted? The light is wired from ignition and gets a return through the alternator so a poor connection will prevent the light coming on rather than keep it on, unless it has an alternative path to negative like a split charge relay.
  6. Sir Nibble


    It's very simple. There is no neutral/earth bond at the generator. There is at the boat. Consequently where a "proper" supply has the neutral unable to rise above zero volts, on this both poles are cycling plus and minus 110V. consequently when one of the poles hits the neutral/earth bond on the boat it's earthed and current flows in that conductor which is not matched in the other and the RCD trips. If like WotEver says one pole is bonded to earth at the generator end it then becomes neutral and the RCD will be happy. OH! FOR GOD'S SAKE DON'T CONNECT THE FLOATING EARTH AT THE SAME TIME.
  7. Sir Nibble

    Unusual installations

    Bloody well ventilated gas locker tho'.
  8. Sir Nibble

    Bleeding calorifier

    Dunno, but I can't see the topic title with thinking "and fu**ing radiators!"
  9. Sir Nibble

    Brexit 2017

    I cannot give more details because I don't have them. I can only name my source which was the today programme on radio four, apparently it was in the govt report on the labour market post brexit. It's not difficult to find workplaces with 100% EU workforce in towns with 98% British populations which is a slight giveaway. In my experience eastern european workers are a mixed bunch neither better nor worse than the locals. However, they will work for less and not be late because of a sick child who is 800 miles away. The underlying point to my raising this is as another example of how we must challenge prejudice wherever we encounter it except against white British men where it is entirely acceptable. Could you respond to criticism on national radio with "At least I'm not a woman" and get away with it? I've heard "At least I'm not a man" with no reaction. Could you hold up a white man as the ideal elected councillor without being shouted down? I've heard it of black lesbians, again unchallenged. Let's have equality.
  10. Sir Nibble

    Brexit 2017

    I do. The word being spat into my face was "whitey". This forum has no problems with that. When an equally white member used the word to signal their own virtue and I complained I was basically told to grow a pair. So I liberally scattered the word in my posts with no reaction. One use of "darkie" and I get the expected reaction. The whole world is keen to hunt racists, sexists and anti Semites but racism or sexism to the white British male is ignored.
  11. Sir Nibble

    Brexit 2017

    Not at all. I have heard plenty of things said on radio four that would be considered racist or sexist if said about any other group. Imagine the bloke looking through applications to shortlist for interview and he rejects applicants who are British born. Then he admits it. Try saying that you won't employ Poles because they are in your experience dishonest, there would be an outcry. Denigrate the Anglo Saxon and no problems. Pakistanis, all child abusers. Acceptable statement? Of course not. British, inflexible and unmotivated. Acceptable statement? Oh yes, have we got proof that Catholics are all peodophiles because more than one"dickhead" has "proved" it?
  12. Sir Nibble

    Brexit 2017

    It's discrimination based upon an ethnic stereotype. Another example of how the white British male is the only group that can be denigrated for nothing more than membership of that group.
  13. Sir Nibble


    Not new. There have already been British and American versions of the same thing.
  14. Sir Nibble

    Brexit 2017

    I hear today that employers are concerned that they will have less access to EU labour because they are more motivated and flexible than the indigenous British. For me this raises two questions. First, righto boss, does that apply to you too? Second, at what point did descrimination along ethnic grounds based upon racial stereotypes become acceptable again?
  15. Sir Nibble

    A proper boat engine.

    Looks considerably smaller than the engines on an A class boat like Alliance at the submarine museum

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