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    Interesting things, like the taste of good ale, the smell of a beehive, the sound of a Rolls Royce Merlin, and the sight of a working pair of ploughing engines.
    Being slightly drunk, slightly stoned and gently warmed by a friendly sun.
    Friends, held in gentle company where nothing need be spoken.

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  1. Common problem it may well be but you presented it as universal, hence the rebuttal.
  2. I could have written that word for word.👍
  3. There must have been some of our seriously pro remain interlocutors seeing this. Kudos to them for their discretion.
  4. The legal advice from the Advocate general? of the EU is that if article 50 were cancelled it would be as you were, same conditions. Still got things like the European army coming up though.
  5. I don't entirely understand what you are getting at. The whole sociopolitical landscape will be changed and the old truths will be up for review. Might as well have stuck with Charles I in 1642.
  6. I fear we may be heading for a mass disengagement with the whole democratic system, what this might do to electoral demographics I don't know. It's conceivable it may not happen of course but if brexit is to be stopped then it will be some alliance of the remain faction, whether a cross party alliance of principle or naked opposition opportunism or some alloy of the two and they really will be juggling with dynamite. It's thanks to Ivor the engine that I believed there were volcanoes in Wales! Draculus would make a good boat name.
  7. I'm a bit of a politics geek. I have always turned out at the polling station, on one occasion (the last GE) just to cast a spoiled ballot. I have worked elections, attended many counts as counting agent, agent and candidate (I won). But I am just too horrified at the potential ramifications to enjoy watching this. It's like being keen on surfing and being made to watch a shark attack.
  8. What less would you expect from a man who's signature quotes Noggin the Nog.
  9. Just gets worse doesn't it.
  10. I think we are seeing the end game now. There will be no Brexit. I have to say, I am not hugely fussed about it and nearly voted remain but I am horrified at the implications for democracy. We are about to be treated to the spectacle of votes being torn up. Remember the daft stuff about the vote being in pencil and the wild theories about erasers being used to change votes? Not so laughable now is it.
  11. Interesting to notice that it's been a very long time since we last had a new member sign up seeking help with CaRT telling them to move off the "home mooring" they had chosen, so it would seem that there are fewer getting the idea that there is a free for all
  12. It doesn't mean the no deal threat is irrelevant. Parliament can only vote upon what is put before it.
  13. Italy does not have a veto to threaten with.
  14. Everyone lies so it's alright seems to be the theme. As a statement made by the one person who could make it true or false Cameron's stands out for me as a copper bottomed lie. In fact, I may not have been watching closely enough but it is the only direct lie I recall. Plenty of possibilities raised but only Cameron said what he knew to be untrue. I can see why he felt he had to and it would have cost remain votes if he hadn't.
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