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    Interesting things, like the taste of good ale, the smell of a beehive, the sound of a Rolls Royce Merlin, and the sight of a working pair of ploughing engines.
    Being slightly drunk, slightly stoned and gently warmed by a friendly sun.
    Friends, held in gentle company where nothing need be spoken.

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  1. My investigation suggests that the secondary alternator is a mahle (iskra) 100A unit but it doesn't have a B1 terminal, only B+. Given one wrong connection is it possible the warning light wire has been connected to W?
  2. Gives us something to laugh at in these trying times though.
  3. Tinfoil hat time. Someone at work today got a message that it's being broadcast from 5g masts.
  4. Garage next door does ambulance service patient transport vehicles. Just seen one of the mechanics with the bonnet up and the driver positively jostling him to watch him work.
  5. Well if it's a standard nine diode alternator then the stator voltage will have been unable to rise above the diode volt drop so the D+ will have been buggerall volts hence the beeping. Output current would have been very low. Suggest comparing voltage at B+ and D+ as usual.
  6. Interestingly, "trolling" in the internet sense comes directly from trolling as a fishing method so could be both.
  7. That's the only sensible thing to do. All the uninformed conjecture, the efforts to BE informed (mostly passing on others conjecture) is becoming counter productive.
  8. Hasn't everyone (apart from the victims of antivax parents) had the BCG?
  9. Six months down the line, covid 19 all gone. Just like China 🙄
  10. Alternatively, use a hook and describe it as a very, very small anchor.
  11. The obvious thing to do is that form of fishing known as "trolling". Stick a rod in the cockpit with a line in the water with nothing on the end but a weight. Indistinguishable from fishing but with the advantage that it will infuriate watchers without breaking the prohibition. It will of course advance the spread of the virus just as much as actually fishing, ie zero.
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