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    Interesting things, like the taste of good ale, the smell of a beehive, the sound of a Rolls Royce Merlin, and the sight of a working pair of ploughing engines.
    Being slightly drunk, slightly stoned and gently warmed by a friendly sun.
    Friends, held in gentle company where nothing need be spoken.

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    Technical instructor.

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  1. Sir Nibble

    Is this what they mean by wellbeing by water

    Crap weedy little plants too.
  2. Sir Nibble

    Kennet & Avon Drained - who did it? Own up!

    Some years ago a bunch of teenage lads asked me what would happen if the gates were opened at both ends of the lock. I gave them permission to try it and see, so it could be my fault.
  3. Sir Nibble

    Brexit 2017

    Is that the best you can come up with?
  4. Sir Nibble

    Brexit 2017

    What's to believe? Let's all go to mars today. There you go, if we aren't all on mars by tonight, that was a lie.
  5. Sir Nibble

    Another New Sign

    Don't they all get knocked over on a daily basis? I thought 1.5 metres between a vehicle and objects to the side was required to avoid a collision.
  6. Sir Nibble

    Another New Sign

    And doubtless will say it again at next years rebranding too. Has someone high up in CaRT got offspring who've just graduated from a graphic design course or something?
  7. Sir Nibble

    Alternator voltage

    This is one of those damned awkward problems where before you decide what's wrong, you have to define "wrong". I have met many regulators working below the voltage written on the box but you seem to have eliminated that. First thought is to take a voltage reading at the alternator D+ terminal in order to determine what the regulator is actually seeing.
  8. Sir Nibble

    Alternator wiring

    On the warning light subject. Warning lights were something we were used to from dynamos. In fact, early alternator systems had a separate unit purely to operate one. The next generation of alternators required a small initial current to get them going and it made sense to double task a lamp filament as a ballast resistor for that initial current. The thing is that this left the whole system vulnerable to complete failure because a lamp filament had burned out. This is the original reason for shunt resistors, CAV actually made a lamp holder incorporating one specifically for charge lights. The wheel long ago came full circle and many newer European and Japanese and nearly all American alternators no longer need that small current and go back to simulating the warning light but now with a transistor circuit which goes pop when people try to improve cutting in speed by adding shunt resistors. I did write a "how your alternator works" thing. I must see if I can find it.
  9. There is no need to "satisfy the board" if you have mooring, BSC and insurance you get a licence.
  10. Sir Nibble

    Brexit 2017

    You are missing the point. It's that remain option that's the goal and ensuring it's delivered.
  11. Sir Nibble

    Brexit 2017

    We have had a vote on leave or remain. Another vote on how to leave, the hard or soft business, is not unreasonable but adding the third remain option reveals the true agenda. Second time around though the leave vote is nicely split into two options to be sure not to get the wrong result again. Had to happen.
  12. Sir Nibble

    Alternator ( am I expecting to much)

    I think you have an alternator problem, diode most likely.
  13. Sir Nibble

    Government Plans For Increasing Cycling & Walking

    I think the problem is that BMW came across as pro bike anti car that caused so many comments to the contrary. I'm not anti bike, I'm anti those that want to put their safety on my shoulders to leave them free to just make mileage at any risk. Like the van driver who came around a blind bend on the wrong side of the road because he couldn't wait until it was safe to overtake a cycle.
  14. Sir Nibble

    Government Plans For Increasing Cycling & Walking

    Ultimately the main priority should be safety, not "how do I get past the hold up". To that end we have the road traffic act as a set of rules we must all buy into. One person deciding to. adapt those rules for their convenience is simply an accident looking for somewhere to happen. Each of us can only drive one vehicle at a time and only be responsible for their own driving. When I recently upset a couple of cyclists by braking hard when they were so close behind me as to be unable to stop in time it was their bad driving, not mine that nearly caused an accident. When a cyclist stopped in the middle of the road just beyond a blind bend he stayed alive because I left enough space to stop.
  15. Sir Nibble

    Government Plans For Increasing Cycling & Walking

    It's not bigotry, but I will put my hand up to the obscenity.

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