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  1. Burning out alternators

    Actually, I have just thought of a good example of using second hand parts. Last week a valeo 60A unit arrived on my bench. The first part of my test /inspection routine is to test the complete unit and it was making a maximum around 20A. Having stripped it visual inspection showed heat blistering of the insulation in every third slot of the stator winding, clearly one phase. A replacement stator would be available only from valeo, take ages to obtain and be expensive. However, you learn a thing or two in 40 years so I removed a stator from a 70A A127 off the scrap pile, cleaned and revarnished it and built the unit with that in. Yes it fits exactly, the customer gets an uprated output which experience tells me the rectifier will be happy with and everyone's a winner. The rest of the unit got the usual marine coatings, plated fastenings, bearings and regulator and went out literally better than new.
  2. Burning out alternators

    Theoretically it should make no difference but in practice I found some alternators really didn't like it. Hitachi machines for instance would desolder the rectifier. Not the stator to rectifier connections put there by yours truly but the individual diode connections put there by the manufacturer.
  3. Burning out alternators

    To be fair, some parts are fine second hand so long as they have been selected, tested and refurbed by a bloke who knows what he's doing. If your alternator needs a brush set would you really want to pay for regulator, rectifier, rotor and stator to replace servicable parts because you have been using them? I replace brushes and bearings as a matter of course and anything else that fails test.
  4. Burning out alternators

    Very difficult to give a reliable opinion without knowing precisely what went wrong inside the alternator each time. Bizzard is quite correct in saying that not all reconditions are what they claim to be. If you can find numbers on the alternator or even a picture I can hazard a guess. The most likely cause of repeated failure is under cooling due to insufficient speed or poor ventilation.
  5. Brexit 2017

    I do wonder what the street value of a blank British passport would be in Calais.
  6. Brexit 2017

    I doubt very many give a toss one way or another but if you want to characterise it as an issue of mass concern then go ahead. It's just another layer on the straw man.
  7. Brexit 2017

    So why propagate the opinions of these cheap rags, even using their own terms for goodness sake, (you couldn't make it up). Let it pass, it's really not worth getting worked up about.
  8. Brexit 2017

    Why do you have a problem with this? Do you have experience of this company to suggest that their work is sub standard or something?
  9. In this case the easiest answer is perhaps asking boaters to leave the lock full and top gates open.
  10. Nerve agent attack in Salisbury

    You have repeated my point. "you can chose one that matches YOUR beliefs". Not match your beliefs to party policy. Policies change and one can not be expected to change personal principle to suit. In public the party member should support agreed policy but that doesn't prohibit them from seeking to change policy from within, nor from voting their conscience in the privacy of the polling booth.
  11. Nerve agent attack in Salisbury

    I can't agree with this. Support for a political party should be because they agree with you, not because you agree with them. For the members to shape the party will always involve a lag between changes in grass roots opinion and policy. Signing up to a top down doctrine isn't politics, it's religion.
  12. The Ring

    Yes I get that now.
  13. The Ring

    Arts program? Surely a canal is civil engineering not art?
  14. Nerve agent attack in Salisbury

    My country right or wrong? At some point there has to be room for principle. Oskar Shindler the lowest of the low?
  15. Mooring in Bristol Area

    My favourite lock though. Grab a pint to drink whilst working through.