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    Guitar, irish folk music, most other music actually, hurdy gurdies, beer, electronics, boats.

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  1. Gibbo

    Galvanic isolator test

    Yes, but I qualified it with "probably". The ABYC says the hull should be bonded. The RCD says the hull should be bonded. The BMEA says the hull should be bonded. The relevant ISOs say it should be bonded. If you don't bond it, it could kill someone. It's highly likely that the owner could be prosecuted for man slaughter. There's no defence of "But I didn't know" because all the regs/guidelines/standards say it should be bonded. Exactly how that relates to "illegal" I don't know because I'm just an engineer not a lawyer. Hence the "probably".
  2. Gibbo

    Galvanic isolator test

    So it's a floating electrocution machine. Probably illegal as well as dangerous.
  3. Gibbo


    My apologies to anyone I offended tonight. I'm not usually this rude or offensive. I drank too much. We all (well some of us) do it now and then. Unless it was you ',fluffybunnykins', in which case I don't give a 'fragrant rosebud'. You're an 'apple of tastiness', you can 'skipalong merrily' you are specifically excluded from my apology. Good night darlings. x
  4. Gibbo

    Will it or won't it?

    Ah you're right, but too smart for me. I meant round here
  5. Gibbo

    Will it or won't it?

    Will it snow on Christmas day? If it does, it's proof of global warming. If it doesn't, it's proof of global warming. Someone is talking shit.
  6. I'd carry on if I had a worthy opponent
  7. Who actually talked a bit of sense. ETA If you want need to keep fox numbers down (which I think it's fair to assume we do), shoot them. Kill them almost instantly. Don't torture them by letting a team of maniacal, controlled, dogs rip them to pieces. It's just not what yoomans do. It's what would happen under mother nature (without the control and organision), but aren't we supposed to be better than that?
  8. Gibbo

    End of the World stoppage

    On the basis that everyone keeps telling us that the money from the banks doesn't actually exist, how about borrowing a few million then killing yourself? ETA: That's not aimed at any one person! PS. You have to set fire to the lot in the BBQ before you go.
  9. Gibbo

    Cartridge or pump-action?

    That was the only reason I joined in: To tell Martin he was wrong when he removed his pump out
  10. That's actually a sensible post and argument. It makes me re-think what I previously said. Well done. But I still have serious reservations about their true motives or chances of success.
  11. Gibbo

    Cartridge or pump-action?

    It depends whether you call part of a finger a friend
  12. A family friend is a vet and she has stopped all contact with them (apart from the odd occasion when they bring an inured animal to her surgery) and stopped all donations to them. She says they're only interested if they can gain financially from it or get some major publicity. She reckons that actual cruelty to animals doesn't really seem to concern them. Edit to correct broken finger typing.
  13. Gibbo

    Cartridge or pump-action?

    Although I do remember finding some as a kid, putting one in a copper pipe in a vice and hitting the percussion cap with a centre punch and hammer. After that didn't quite go to plan we put the rest on the railway line and waited. That was even more spectacular. It's what kids do.
  14. I was brought up in a country village that was a bit more (shall we say) advanced than most country places. I remember a massive street protest by a bunch of outsiders against the "********* drag hunt" (the clue is in the name). The RSPCA sent a whole team of representatives to the protest march. On the other hand my Mrs reported a a mistreated dog down the street and they weren't interested.

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