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    Beeer, boats, bikes, berating of 'Noo Age' and 'Noo Medja' types, architecture, social drinking, debunking of nonsense in all its forms, long walks, good meals including, but not limited to rare beef, tree hugging, mood altering substances, foxtrotting, beer baiting, Founding member of The Mole Protection League, rastafarianism, Whig politricks, whale watching, climbing every mountain, loving The Hoff. etc....etc

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  1. Share ya' Music!

    J'ai repete' (sp, gramm?) x
  2. Share ya' Music!

    Sometimes there is nothing but Dolly. Dolly's Good People.... xx
  3. Pressure release valve

    I'm no expert but is it seating properly?
  4. Share ya' Music!

  5. Share ya' Music!

    Feel free to write this off as hippy dippy claptrap if you want, it's not to everyone's taste, but there's not one ounce of self-indulgence or 'tossing it off' about this musically. The sound of 'Proper' musicians having fun and nailing it down. x
  6. New addition

    Congratulations to all, well done Team Wanted... x
  7. Share ya' Music!

    If you have nothing better to do tomorrow evening and you're within striking distance you could do worse than this; http://www.the100club.co.uk/events/the-downliners/ See you there.
  8. Share ya' Music!

    RIP Gav Da Blitz...
  9. HS2 canal crossing points

  10. Share ya' Music!

    Let's hope not.
  11. Share ya' Music!

  12. Share ya' Music!

    Happy New Year to You and Yours..... Feel free to tap your foot.