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  1. London gets tough

    You're welcome. I'm guessing that you have no evidence to dispute the rest of my quote that you omitted either... How dare you introduce common sense into a discussion.
  2. London gets tough

    I have no evidence but I am willing to accept that anyone with the practical skills and nous to design and build the shelter would also have the common sense not to moor where the door opens directly onto railings necessitating climbing over them every time you wanted to get off the boat.
  3. London gets tough

    Indeed and this reality is that someone who tried to improve his lot has lost his shelter and has scorn poured on him for his efforts. Hopefully the publicity will demonstrate his ingenuity when facing adversity and someone will give him a job. The least he could be doing is fancy log cabins in posh gardens. You are indeed entitled to your opinion but don't worry my buttons have not been "pushed". I am perfectly happy and calm discussing this subject whilst avoiding the blinkered condemnation of someone just trying to keep warm this winter.
  4. London gets tough

    Stop digging Alan. It is quite clear that your prejudice makes you determined not to acknowledge that the photo is taken at the craning out site, not the mooring. There are those who choose to think the best of people and those who think the worst. I am happy to be the former.
  5. London gets tough

    If that was their mooring then the door wouldn't have opened due to the railings.
  6. London gets tough

    and yet you still can't see that this is where CRT chose to crane out the boat, not where they chose to moor it... Never let the facts get in the way of an opportunity to sneer at the less fortunate. or that wasn't their mooring spot. Ignorance breeds contempt.
  7. London gets tough

    In fact, looking at the railings, this was the craning out site.
  8. London gets tough

    No gunwales and door facing out onto the water (or opening onto railings). If that is their actual choice of mooring site then their lack of knowledge of waterways legislation could be the least of their intellectual failings. More likely it was a convenient spot for the press photo on its way to the craning out site.
  9. London gets tough

    Does the fear that building a shelter on land risks it being bulldozed by the council make them dumb idiots? The homeless tend to know more about the law regarding illegal encampments than the laws on boat registration and illegal mooring. Let's face it we have spent years debating the finer points of waterways legislation on here without drawing any conclusions. Wanting to live somewhere other than a cardboard box in a shop doorway does not make you an idiot or dumb.
  10. London gets tough

    Send them back to the shop doorway they came from.
  11. Willow Wren Original Hire Boats

    The Brownsover Arm and Rugby Arm are two different arms. The one on the right (next to the Harvester pub) is the Brownsover Arm which leads to Cosford and the one on the far left (opposite "Technoset" on the map) is the Rugby Arm which leads to the Willow Wren yard.
  12. Carbon Monoxide Alarm Petition

    It's probably the best known brand (or at least the only brand I've heard of) I could have been less subtle I suppose.
  13. Are the Canals going to Last?

    Yes I understand now...(See my edit). I missed the 70s but started boating in the early days of the revival.
  14. Are the Canals going to Last?

    I don't quite understand this post. Could you elaborate? Edited to add: I've skimmed the early part of the thread and see what you mean now. Yes I am the same person and will happily return to the canals when this current boom is over.
  15. Nice to see LadyMuck's name pop up again after a year's absence though.