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  1. carlt

    "Northwich Trader"

    They say the camera never lies but yours looks much nicer than the one in Alan's post. Now tell me it's the same boat...
  2. carlt

    When Things Change For The Better

    David Mellor?
  3. carlt

    "Northwich Trader"

    In my opinion false rivets are very much like false knockers...They're okay from a distance but look wrong under close scrutiny.
  4. carlt

    When Things Change For The Better

    Rees Mogg and his crazy beliefs makes Thatcherism look positively moderate.
  5. carlt

    What’s one of these then?

    Bought! Thanks for bringing it to my attention.
  6. carlt

    "Northwich Trader"

    Blasphemer! You will surely burn for all eternity in the fiery pits of hell for your heresy!
  7. carlt

    Can a 60 foot narrowboat get to Ripon?

    Despite disagreeing with both peterboat and mrsmelly on a multitude of subjects I would never take anything they say with a pinch of salt and could never question their years of boating experience or their honesty. Most importantly though... What possible reason would mrsmelly have to lie? Though, being on a Hudson, I expect it was the butler actually doing the steering.
  8. carlt

    What’s one of these then?

    It is a Cook weaver's knotter. Put two bits of yarn in... Clack it and it knots them neatly together. Is it for sale?
  9. carlt

    Brexit 2017

    That is not true. Europe wants a good deal for them and us just as we should want a good deal for us and them. Idiots like Gove, Rees Mogg and Davis insisting on playing hard ball show their complete inability to negotiate. Sitting down and discussing a mutually beneficial solution is far more productive than saying "If you don't give us what we want we are not playing at all."
  10. carlt

    Brexit 2017

    Perhaps it is time for the Tory Remainers to unite with the Tory soft Brexiters and finally flex their muscles. There are actually very few Brextremists like Rees Mogg who want a hard Brexit regardless of the fact that it will run the country into the ground.
  11. carlt

    Brexit 2017

    Jacob Rees mogg is saying he will vote against the Chequers agreement. Does this mean that the Brextremists are back in favour of the sovereignty of Parliament now? They'll be calling for amendments in the House of Lords next. Perhaps even a second referendum...
  12. carlt

    Brexit 2017

    She won't lose a vote of no confidence though. The Brextremists are a small minority of her parliamentary colleagues and the rest of the pro-Brexit MPs will back a softer exit. If a leadership challenge got as far as the membership vote though things could be quite different for her and she could go the same way as the Blairites in the Labour movement.
  13. carlt

    Brexit 2017

    Which economy is that though? In 1979 when the last Labour government (in Corbyn's image) left power the country was less than £100 billion in debt (56% of GDP) and today it is over £2 trillion (90% of GDP). That is how I would describe an economy down the tubes. The gig economy, spiraling homelessness, food banks and the growing poverty gap are evidence of a bankrupt economy that did not exist before neo-liberalism and free marketeering. There is no economy to go down the tubes...It has already gone there.
  14. carlt


    Perhaps because with his tariffs policies and total protectionist philosophy Trump is the one who is dividing the US from everybody. The only special relationship Trump has is with himself. The Trump anomaly won't last beyond his administration and his successor will reverse his protectionist policies immediately so the best thing the UK can do is distance itself from the current fool and concentrate efforts on the relationship with its biggest trading partner for the next 4 or 8 years rather than someone who doesn't want to trade with anyone.
  15. carlt

    Brexit 2017

    State subsidy of British industry? Welcome home comrade!

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