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  1. carlt

    Brexit 2019

    Though some of us can see beyond little England and include the pro-remain SNP and recognise the swing towards staying in the EU.
  2. Bang bang, shoot shoot (blanks)
  3. The thousands of tents abandoned at festivals are often donated to the homeless. My Black's tent was £4 from the tip.
  4. Given the choice between a tent and a shop doorway many choose the tent.
  5. To some a reassuring bit of free security when leaving the car... For others freeloaders who should be burnt at the stake. I've certainly taken advantage of the facilities for my camper van though haven't spent the night at one yet.
  6. Water Point, elsan, toilets and boats to look at... Sounds like a holiday to me.
  7. This link should help... https://www.postoffice.co.uk/mail/poste-restante
  8. Since the "Surgeon's Photo" has been proven to be a hoax it can now be revealed that it was Nellie who jumped into the Leeds and Liverpool to evade the tracker hounds but eventually managed to climb out and resume her escape.
  9. During my failed attempt to switch from boat to campervan I found myself pitching up at sites within easy reach of harbours containing classic boats, spending lots of money on day boat hire and wistfully looking in brokerage windows. Cold turkey didn't last long though and the van is for sale after less than two years ownership...just after getting everything sorted on it.
  10. Camels also have much longer legs enabling them to climb out of the canal more easily than deer. This is no doubt why we do not see dead ones floating in the cut.
  11. carlt

    Brexit 2019

    The Daily Mash are not Remainers...Nobody is safe...
  12. The Channel Tunnel isn't that smelly.
  13. From "Project Fear" to rose tinted specs...make your mind up. Whether we leave the EU or not we will remain in the continent of Europe.
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