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  1. carlt

    Brexit 2019

    As I said before... Remainiac "Project Fear" = Possible economic disaster affecting the poor and vulnerable. Brextremist "Project Fear" If we don't leave there will be the Far Right taking to the streets causing violent civil unrest. Your facts and figures don't take into account that Brexit hasn't actually happened yet.
  2. carlt

    Brexit 2019

    I remember when he was regarded as the leading Euroseptic nutter. Who could have predicted Rees Mogg?
  3. Brumunddal Triangle It makes people disappear Brumunddal Triangle Don't go too near But she Doesn't see my angle And she thinks I'm being dumb So Brumunddal Triangle Here we come!
  4. carlt

    Brexit 2019

    I'm seriously suggesting that there is only one option to Remain and several to Leave. "Leave" would still mean "Leave" but only the method of leaving would be established in the second count.
  5. carlt

    Brexit 2019

    So how do you suggest an unrigged referendum? Personally I would say that Remain would have to get over 50% of the vote and, if it fails, the Leave option with the most votes gets pushed through.
  6. carlt

    Brexit 2019

    They lifted it from that reputable News source Guido Fawkes.
  7. You obviously misunderstand the truly revolutionary Physics behind the Ecofan then... ...and perhaps the Axiom too. I would suggest being very wary of getting the stove too hot when combining the awesome power of the two though.
  8. carlt

    Brexit 2019

    There were open threats on her Facebook page related to the fake news story in the Mail about how she threatened to shoot May.
  9. It will go just as well in reverse as forward so providing a cooling effect in the summer.
  10. carlt

    Brexit 2019

    Funny how Remainiac "Project Fear" warns of an economic disaster causing hardship and suffering whereas the Brextremist "Project Fear" warns of a rise in the far right and subsequent hostile action. Not very nice. Greenie for that.
  11. I also had BXs and loved them. My lottery car is the SM, oh and a DS for a runabout.
  12. It does the job better than the Shogun (I'm not sure where that moment of madness came from) but if I didn't have two kids and two big dogs I would be driving something else. Mine is the diesel and so far it is doing okay. It's a lease car though so I don't care because I don't have to fix it. Gutless though, compared to my old Synergie.
  13. My car is 100% theft proof... It's a Citroën C4 Grand Picasso
  14. To be fair my key fob has more computing power than put Neil Armstrong on the moon.
  15. carlt

    Brexit 2019

    Perhaps she is just more of a patriot then. Personally I have no idea of her intentions but, as a UK citizen she has every right to engage in UK matters.
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