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  1. Just Heaven

    Hydro Electric Plant at Newark Town Lock

    The one on the Avon causes no problem. If you get too close then there is a draw, but no worse than many weirs. Steve
  2. Just Heaven

    UXB found at Bratch

  3. Just Heaven

    Getting our radiators working

    Is it an ex Black Prince hire boat? They usually have a separate battery for the eber charged via a split diode. Steve
  4. Just Heaven

    Squirrel scraper

    An old farmer friend used to sweep the farmhouse chimney thus : climb up onto the roof drop a rope down the chimney get someone to tie a large branch off of a holly tree on the bottom of the rope Pull the rope back up the chimney The holly branch cleans out all the soot etc. So perhaps you could use a smaller holly branch in tne squirrel Steve
  5. Just Heaven

    Choices For Wash Basin Wastes?

    Another vote for Screwfix pop-ups. We have several which are still working after a few years Steve
  6. Just Heaven

    Eberspacher advice

    Halls Electrical ( http://www.hallselectrical.com/our-services/vehicle-heating/ ) have a good reputation. I heve not used them myself. Steve
  7. Just Heaven

    BSS Examiner Cheshire area

    Thanks Mike
  8. Just Heaven

    BSS Examiner Cheshire area

    Can anyone recommend a BSS examiner covering the Cheshire area? We currently moor in Cropredy but will be moving to Oakwood marina near Northwich in early October. Our BSC expires mid November so I'll need to get it done soon after we arrive. Thanks Steve
  9. Just Heaven

    Weight of holding tank ?

    Surprisingly ours went at the top. It was fairly thin in several places, but the only actual hole was along one edge on the top. It's difficult to know how thick it was originally but I'd guess about 4mm. It was 14 years old. Steve
  10. Just Heaven

    Weight of holding tank ?

    No, we have a porta potty type cassette loo on board for emergencies.
  11. Just Heaven

    Weight of holding tank ?

    The job has now been done, see here http://www.justheaven.org.uk/2018/08/new-holding-tank/ Many thanks to Onewheeler Martin for suggesting the reciprocating saw. Steve
  12. Just Heaven

    What's this button for?

    It's the fuse for the bilge pump. The pump is wired direct to the battery so needs a fuse. Steve
  13. Just Heaven

    Weight of holding tank ?

    No, it's definitely a completely separate, self contained tank. Steve
  14. Just Heaven

    Weight of holding tank ?

    Yes, it will be a bit awkward but it should fit out through the rear doors and slide. Hi Martin That's not what I wanted to hear! At 3mm that makes ours about 60 kilo. We wont be able to lift that out. So I may have to think about cutting it up. Was yours a particularly messy job ? Steve
  15. Our mild steel holding tank has sprung a leak, so we need to get it out. I have been trying to calculate how heavy it would be if empty, but I dont know how thick the steel is. Does anyone know what gauge steel these were usually made of? I guessed at 2mm which gives me a weight of about 40 kilos. I was hoping it would be lighter as lifting that out is going to be a problem ! Thanks Steve

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