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  1. Our Isuzu 38 is self priming. I ran out of fuel soon after buying the boat. All I did was put a jerry can full in the tank, turn ignition on, listen to the pump - the note changes when it's full. Turned the key and it started straight away. Steve
  2. Increase the vent as others have said, but you'll never completely get rid of the smell with a dump through. It may be expensive, but you're best bet is to fit a macerator. Steve
  3. Just Heaven

    Just Heaven

  4. No, no, no, no. We never watch anything live on commercial channels. We always record it so we can skip the ads.
  5. Mark Our Liverpool boat, built in 2004 has had Epimastic MT ( Spencer Coatings) from new. Unfortunately this is no longer available. Of course yours may not be the same, as I believe the original owner of our boat specified the two pack. Steve
  6. Venitian marina on the Middlewich branch have a dry dock. I dont know if it's available for DIY hire. Steve
  7. David James are agricultural valuers and agents in Gloucestershire. They deal with all sorts of strange properties. Their website : http://www.djandp.co.uk Steve
  8. The one on the Avon causes no problem. If you get too close then there is a draw, but no worse than many weirs. Steve
  9. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-stoke-staffordshire-46878234
  10. Is it an ex Black Prince hire boat? They usually have a separate battery for the eber charged via a split diode. Steve
  11. An old farmer friend used to sweep the farmhouse chimney thus : climb up onto the roof drop a rope down the chimney get someone to tie a large branch off of a holly tree on the bottom of the rope Pull the rope back up the chimney The holly branch cleans out all the soot etc. So perhaps you could use a smaller holly branch in tne squirrel Steve
  12. Another vote for Screwfix pop-ups. We have several which are still working after a few years Steve
  13. Halls Electrical ( http://www.hallselectrical.com/our-services/vehicle-heating/ ) have a good reputation. I heve not used them myself. Steve
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