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  1. We moored just opposite recently and went for a walk around the reservoir. There were 4 or 5 boats over there and we thought that next time we'd also go there. There weren't any 'no mooring' signs then. Stefe
  2. At least some part of the Wilts & Berks is in water, but I don't know if it's navigable. Steve
  3. I dont think you'd say that if your loved one was killed by a speeding motorist.
  4. We carry two jerry cans of diesel on board as our tank only holds 120 litres. I checked the regs before I did and, if I remember correctly, it's OK if you use containers "specifically designed for the purpose". I.e. use a proper can, not just some random container. I believe it also has to be metal, not plastic. Steve
  5. Does anyone know of a safe place to leave a car for a week near Kidsgrove? We'll be coming up the T&M from Middlewich and plan to pick up our daughter and family, then on along the Macc to Bugsworth. So they need to leave their car somewhere near the junction. Thanks Steve
  6. >>We are enjoying a leisurely trip into Liverpool - we go down the locks tomorrow Another tip. Dont go down to Liverpool Marina for a pumpout. Their machine wouldn't suck a fly off a biscuit. They could only empty about a third of our tank, but still charged us £20 Steve
  7. Probably yes, Canal Planner is your friend : https://canalplan.org.uk/place/jlii Steve
  8. I definitely feel a pull when outside pub ! I definitely feel a pull when outside pub ! I definitely feel a pull when outside pub !
  9. I think it was just over £200 for two cushions, each about 100 × 30 cms. They are shaped to fit our locker tops, we provided a template. We went to their showroom and chose the fabric to match our paintwork. Steve
  10. We used these people : https://www.cbscc.co.uk/caravan_and_boat/caravan_boat_furnishings_upholstery.html to make soft cushions for the locker tops on our semi-trad. Very pleased with the service and quality, but not cheap. steve
  11. We had ours done by these people : https://www.cbscc.co.uk/caravan_and_boat/boat_furnishings_upholstery.html very pleased with the result, though not cheap. Steve
  12. If you use blue with a macerator you will always get a smell as it kills tne 'good' bacteria. We have had our Tecma loo for over 10 years. The only stuff we put down is biological washing power occasionally. But to get to where you need to be you'll have to go through several tankfuls with no blue, which will unfortunately smell, until you have flushed out all tne blue. Steve
  13. No, I think it's just steps, didn't see a ramp.
  14. We went through Big Lock yesterday, there's now a temporary bridge made out of scaffolding. Steve
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