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  1. You can get 19mm hose froom most aquatic ( i.e. pond) supplies section in garden centres. Steve
  2. Owner of keys located via CRTcontactus on Twitter.
  3. Ok, thanks. We're currently coming down the T&M on our way to Droitwich so we'll pass through Gailey. Steve
  4. I had considered DIY but my creaky old bones would make it difficult in situ, and if I take it home then I wont have any way to test it. Steve
  5. I emailed Ed, but he said that doesn't do Ebers any more. Steve
  6. Julian We only have the mini timer, so no fault display. Steve
  7. A boater left their keys in Ivy House lift bridge on the Caldon. A concerned local gave them to us as they didn't want the local yoofs to mess with the bridge. We put a notice on there with our mobile number, but no one has called us. It's a bunch of keys, not just "watermate". If you have heard of anyone losing their keys please PM me. Thanks Steve
  8. Our Eber, which has performed flawlessly for 12+ years, has got the hump and become temperamental. Can anyone recommend someone in tne Midlands area who would come and service it? Thanks Steve
  9. The previous reply suggested that the OP moor on the river
  10. Dont forget that to do that you'll need to buy a Thames licence. We have often moored near bridge 239A, there's usually space. It's a little way into the centre, but we have foldup bikes and Oxford is very bike friendly. Steve
  11. We have a Desmo on the boat and a Sequoia in our camper. There's very little to chose between them regarding performance. The advantage of the Sequoia is that it doesn't need a recess under the floor. Steve
  12. You could try Oakwood Marina, we moor there and I think there should be space. Steve
  13. It's Mark Paris. He did our last cert, and is very helpful and friendly. Steve
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