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  1. They should tight enough to make sure that the shaft and inner bearing dont move relative to each other. Steve
  2. No, there are guys down in Bristol docks who have the relevant LPG and boat qualifications. But I'm guessing that Rich2019's boat isn't in Warmley even if he is. Steve
  3. The swan neck is usually welded onto the rudder shaft on Liverpool boats. Hence the need to get the rudder off and pull the shaft up out of tne bearing. Stefe
  4. Apparently the current 4 week run of TV adverts is costing £500k. Is that a good use of their funds? Steve
  5. We replaced the bearing on our Liverpool boat a couple of years ago. The new bearing isn't expensive, but you do have to get the boat out of the water as it entails getting the rudder off. We did ours on the slipway above Broadmoor lock on the Oxford. It should only take a couple of hours. As matty says make sure you regularly tighten the grub screws. Steve
  6. I think you mean the Shroppie, not S&W Steve
  7. Having been caught out once at Gloucester when the lock wasn't ready even though I'd called ahead, I now have one of these on a short rope attached at the stern ready to drop over one of the ladders in the wall if I have to. Though having done it many times, the lockies are excellent, and 99% of the time the gates are open and waiting if you call ahead. Steve
  8. Gmail will often drop emails for no apparent reason. With gmail you get what you pay for 😕
  9. Our Isuzu 38 is self priming. I ran out of fuel soon after buying the boat. All I did was put a jerry can full in the tank, turn ignition on, listen to the pump - the note changes when it's full. Turned the key and it started straight away. Steve
  10. Increase the vent as others have said, but you'll never completely get rid of the smell with a dump through. It may be expensive, but you're best bet is to fit a macerator. Steve
  11. Just Heaven

    Just Heaven

  12. No, no, no, no. We never watch anything live on commercial channels. We always record it so we can skip the ads.
  13. Mark Our Liverpool boat, built in 2004 has had Epimastic MT ( Spencer Coatings) from new. Unfortunately this is no longer available. Of course yours may not be the same, as I believe the original owner of our boat specified the two pack. Steve
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