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  1. That’s Steve behind the bar. Unfortunately he’s badly affected at the moment with Covid despite being double jabbed. Roger
  2. As a Skipton resident and Beer Engine regular I also agree either the Beer Engine recommendations above. Roger
  3. Excellent news and I’m glad you’re pleased with the conversion. Roger
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  6. Stanforth's is the tourist attraction pork pie shop but, in reality, the locals recommend Farmhouse Fare (roughly opposite the Church and The Castle Pub at the top of the High Street). The Beer Engine micropub is indeed excellent and the new owners (Steve and Adam) have made it even better than it was before (and that was a difficult ask because it was always excellent under its previous owners). The tape on the floor around each table to enforce social distancing (in your picture) has now gone, but it is still table service only......no standing at the bar. Roger (local Beer Engine regular)
  7. My narrow boat was a Norton Canes, relatively deep drafted. It swung a large prop (may even have been 22 in but I can’t remember for sure). It had two universal joints on its fairly long prop shaft but I had it built with a large Ford Granada Guibo joint (flexible ring shaped joint in the drive shaft of the car, because I was familiar with them as I was running my own garage business) because I wanted to accommodate any drive shaft shock and the gear teeth still made a shocking noise before the soft shift was added. I also specified the highest ratio box of the two choices and therefore minimised the prop pitch so that prop walk, in reverse, was minimised (spinning faster but with a minimised pitch). Therefore the start up load with that pitch was also minimised. Roger
  8. As ditchcrawler has said I had this problem on my nb with a Gardner 4LK engine and the 500 gearbox. It nearly took my teeth out when I changed gear, never mind the teeth on the gears. It was very audible to passers by on the towpath and was embarrassing. This was way back nearly 20 years ago. As an engineer I tried various home built solutions to try and soften the rate of oil pressure rise in the box including experimenting with a length of pressure hose to allow the enclosed air to be compressed as the oil pressure rose, then adding a pressure accumulator and pressure gauge (just to monitor pressures) but nothing really worked well. Then, having read about the control system that existed for soft slip purposes I thought that a similar system to ease the very sharp oil pressure increase could work and wrote to PRM about it suggesting my idea. I got a very helpful reply from the Technical Director who agreed that my idea was a good one but saying that a Dutch dealer had just developed just such a system with a twin accumulator and modified valve block to fix the problem and offering me that conversion kit to fit myself FOC. I fitted it and it completely solved the problem. It is a known problem but fitting the modified valve block with its two accumulators will fix it. In fact, at one time, I thought that I had heard that the boxes were only supplied with that mod already fitted but I may be wrong in that thought. Roger PS. I still have my unsuccessful accumulator/pressure gauge modded pipe in my garage now.
  9. Dean S was a nice guy, anyone know what happened to him after he left the forum quite a while ago? Roger
  10. That was The Aagrah Indian restaurant IIRC, right on the L&L and about 100 yds from The Narrow Boat. Roger
  11. It's terrible how your memory has faded in old age, old chap. Must be very worrying for you. 🤣 Remember the pints afterwards in The Narrow Boat pub? Roger
  12. That link is interesting because it seems to confirm my suspicion that switching a calliper off only blanks the display and that the device is still live and still using the battery to a lesser extent. Edited to add: Just checked my callipers and the better quality one does say use an SR44 but the cheaper one says LR44 so your info is spot on by the look of it. Roger
  13. Generally the batteries do last a long time in both my vernier callipers BUT the latest one is a type that switches itself on when the vernier is opened by only a fraction of a mm. I have also just experimented with it, to compare with the much older version which dos not switch itself on when the vernier is opened, and I found that the slightest vibration that might occur putting the calliper back in the box or even a slight shake as you put the box away switched it back on. Perhaps that is the cause which can be eliminated by tightening the calliper locking screw before putting it away. One other thought, but I have no knowledge of this, but with the type that switches itself on by opening the calliper could the system be slightly live at all times to detect calliper movement in order to switch the display on, hence the shorter battery life (bit like keyless car fob system)? Roger
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
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