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  1. I first read that book maybe 50 years ago - and since wanted to make the same journey. The current proposals will connect the Bridgewater Canal with the Manchester Ship Canal; I don't think there is any current expectation of re-opening the Runcorn and Western Canal
  2. Much loved for running on paraffin when it was cheaper than petrol - with or without much modification
  3. Private Mooring would be my first choice
  4. Or, for the brave, https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Valor-oven-unusual-bygone-Turn-a-hob-in-to-an-Oven-with-Valor-111/203001608833?hash=item2f43d6ba81:g:Bg0AAOSwmBRey86C
  5. This type of oven was reasonably common at one time. Like this In my limited experience, they were used on top of a wickless, non-pressure paraffin burner and quite capable of cooking a respectable roast dinner or a milk pudding. I imagine that using one on a Primus type burner might be trickier as maintaining a low heat can be troublesome. A spirit burner might be OK
  6. Not tried it myself - but my daughter works with offenders and there is a particular (slimline) model of phone that is often excreted when the inmate is required to squat and cough. I've rather gone off waffles since she described the practice of waffle-stamping whilst in the shower. .
  7. The shaft of handcuff key that you are meant to have is shorter than the shaft of the handcuff key you are not meant to have (but can be very useful nonetheless).
  8. Wikipedia is very detailed. But it doesn't say why the first link between Limehouse Cut and Regent's Canal Dock was filled-in, when the river lock serving the Cut was reinstated. Surely it would have been useful to unload the coasters in the basin before taking timber up the Lee. I seem to recall being told the the short link leaked - but is that correct?
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  10. And planks as well as sheets as in the art of poling and waling (which has a nice ring to it) to support the sides of a trench. The poling planks are/were typically about the same section scaffold boards; they are placed vertically against the trench side with the foot buried a little. The horizontal waling at higher level is kept apart by timber or steel struts.
  11. Burscough is good
  12. I saw a couple of teenagers scale that chimney; it scared me
  13. On my visit-before-last, Well Creek was not navigable and our route across the Middle Level included Horseway and Welches Dam locks, the Old Bedford River and onto the Greater Ouse via the sluice adjacent to the Salters Lode Lock. I struggle to keep up with all the changes
  14. Closing all gates wasn't a general rule on the southern waterways in the early 1970s although dropping the paddles was. I recall my father saying that the practice differed around a particular point/line. But I can't remember where it was - and if I could, it would only to lead to arguments. It would make some sense as the southern GU, Thames, Lee, Medway, Kennet and Wey are rarely short of water. The southern Oxford might be an exception.
  15. Will you be going back to work in your holiday too? To catch up, of course.
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