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  1. Being pedantic, a CLEUD may not impose a condition but it can record the boundaries/scope of the certificate to avoid authorising development outside the existing use. I have had CLUED that make it clear that the lawful use is seasonal which is to much the same practical effect as a condition.
  2. Are not all planning permissions subject to a condition relating to time for implementation? S91 or s92 imposes one in the absence of an express condition.
  3. Mystery canal infilling

    The buildings to the east (left side of photo) are much nearer the lockside than in 1913.
  4. Blowers Green

    With few exceptions, when a Charity wishes to make a freehold disposal of property, it has to obtain a written report from a Chartered Surveyor. The report has to comply with "The Charities (Qualified Surveyor's Report) Regulations" and therefore must cover numerous matters including: "Advice as to the manner of disposing of the relevant land so that the terms on which it is disposed of are the best that can reasonably be obtained for the charity" and "unless the surveyor’s advice is that it would not be in the best interests of the charity to advertise the proposed disposition, the period for which and the manner in which the proposed disposition should be advertised" which rather reduces the potential for under-selling, intentional or otherwise. However, this notice is not a form of advertising the property for sale - it relates to s121 of The Charities Act 20111 which applies "Additional restrictions where land held for stipulated purposes" and is more concerned with the principle of disposal rather than the detail.
  5. 240v on a cruiser ?

    If an inverter is added at a later stage, simply supplying a separate circuit/socket may upset the BSS people. "Only one power source may be connected to the alternating current distribution system at any one time. NOTE – the requirement for one power source to be connected does not apply to synchronised multiple power sources. "
  6. Etiquette!

    By the time of the Robin, Reliant had developed its own, all-alloy OHV engine. The Austin 7 engine was probably better though.
  7. Leaky stem gland

    That's right - on one side, and off the other. The ferry always came alongside facing into the flow - and therefore took a S shaped course across the river. Until the tide turned when the vehicles had to disembark the same side. Since packing the cars and lorries in was a real art at the best of times, turning the vehicles on the deck was entertaining. A small space was kept vacant for turning the first car, which was carefully selected both by type and the perceived capabilities of its driver. The crew would act as banksmen, and were very skilled at "driving" all the various vehicles by the circling and waving of arms until the deck was clear. And the coal lorry came aboard too - travelling back-and-forth whilst the coal man tipped the sacks down a chute. As a youngster, my Dad was put on Woolwich side by his mum and aunty-someone was to meet him on North Woolwich side - but aunty wasn't there! Having reflected on the issue - he began to appreciate the side he was now on, looked very similar to side A - and perhaps he had spent rather too long being mesmerised by the engine. In the 1980s I bought him the photo above.
  8. Let them eat cake!

    At the firm's (a longstanding, professional services company), Christmas party the usual free drink was flowing generously. A younger lad then upset a waitress by touching; presumably he did so - he had no recollection the next day. He was then led away and somehow ended up thumping a senior member of staff and spending a night in the cells. Needless to say, he was invited to resign the next day. He was a nice chap and accepted responsibility for his own actions. But to my mind, the combination of free booze and no escape from the venue, being a Thames Cruise, was likely to lead to someone doing something stupid.
  9. Leaky stem gland

    Don't get me started. The proper Woolwich Ferries have two coal-fired V twin steam engines - one driving each paddle. The John Benn was the best.
  10. Best speed and course on a river

    That may well be about right. But the figures are the key, of course. Assuming your river is a constant width and profile round the bend and down the straights (straits?), the numbers you adopt have the start of an implication that less water is flowing round the bend than on the straights, which would be interesting. My feeling, based on no figures at all, is that the faster flow is worth more than the short cut. The faster flow accelerates the boat and the momentum will last a bit beyond the curve. Or is that not logical?
  11. Smell The Car Interiors

    My Dad had a similar story, but in his the boy-racer mistook the TR2 for a Frogeye Sprite.-
  12. Smell The Car Interiors

    The "Rebel" preceded the "Kitten" There is a Triumph TR3a amongst others. My father had a TR2 that had a distinctive sound such that if you put the kettle on as soon as you heard it, the kettle would boil as the car arrived. And no, it wasn't that slow.
  13. Batteries and being off grid

    The foot-pound was in reasonably common use at one time - but there was confusion with pound-feet.
  14. Best speed and course on a river

    Thanks, I see now. I accept the formula shows an exponential rather than a linear relationship and apologise for any confusion.