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  1. https://www.oxfordshire-narrowboats.co.uk/holidays-and-short-breaks/long-term-boat-hire.html
  2. Anyone know how much a travel power system supplied and fitted would cost these days? The internet is ominously devoid of such useful info
  3. Don't need on fitted, already got one its just buggered at the moment. Do you have contact details for Ed? Still stuck on the Oxford. We have been traveling between Cropredy and Banbury water points. One week go to Cropredy to empty cassettes etc, and the next week Banbury for same and a fortnights shopping. The rest of the time moored in isolation to avoid all the dirty Girties. Even when they lift the travel ban we have decided to give the K&A a miss this year, don't want to get stuck on a canal famous for crap moorings if a second wave of Covid hits us.
  4. Not sure I fancy playing around with it but it sounds like someone should start getting hold of some 48v alternators and build some cost effective travel power systems for the boating community. At £385 for the inverter add a couple of hundred for the alternator, should be able to sell for a grand or so and still turn a tidy profit.
  5. Thanks Tony, just had a look at their website they say the can refurbish just about any DC motor or alternator so it is defiantly worth a shot. I'm not sure what is actually wrong but suspect the alternator as it it the moving part, could be anything though as I think the whole set up is about 16 years old. The handy thing about this company is that once the Covid restrictions are lifted I can get there by boat.
  6. These units are basically the same thing as the Sterling system, auxiliary alternator that runs through an dedicated inverter. cant really afford a new on hence wanting the one I've got fixed. Although I say I can't afford one, I can't actually find any sites online that give prices, this leads me to suspect the are bloody expensive.
  7. I have a sterling engine powered 240v generator which has recently died on me.The control box seems to start and the cooling fans run when the start button is pressed but usually a relay kicks in after holding the start button down for a few seconds. Now when the start button is released the unit just shuts down. I suspect a fault with the alternator that drives it, but I can't be sure. As far as I can tell this model is obsolete, I can't even find any archive info online for it. So my question is does anyone know someone who can repair such a unit, preferably someone who does call out work. We are presently on the Oxford canal but would be happy to move the boat once the Covid restrictions are lifted. If this unit should prove not to be worth repairing or can't be repaired we will need to start looking at other options. During the summer our solar provides most of our power needs, we have 3x230amphour batteries but our main engine alternator isn't really up to the job of charging them in anything resembling a reasonable time. We tend to switch on the Sterling 230v unit and the 40amp charger. The only things we really need the 230 for are the battery charger, the microwave (occasionally) and the washing machine. Unfortunately our boat only has a 1000watt inverter which won't run these units. I was thinking even if we get the sterling unit fixed I should really get the alternator upgraded to a high output unit and fit a bigger inverter. So a couple more questions Does anyone know any decent mobile mechanics or reliable marinas who would fit a high powered alternator without the requirement of providing them with an arm and a leg? And what size inverter would be a sensible choice to run a washing machine? I was thinking 2k As always your responses would be much appreciated
  8. Now that the 14 day rule has been suspended, how long will it be before all the visitor moorings, in towns with supermarkets, are permanently hogged by selfish boaters? I'm happily moored out in the wilds but at some point will need to cruise into town to use the services and stock up on shopping. This seems to me to be the sensible way to isolate; I just wonder if I will find a mooring in town when I need one?
  9. Sounds like we all need to start practicing our semaphore
  10. One would have thought that most of the London boaters work in London and if they left they would have to travel back in, therefore making the chances of contracting corona virus higher.
  11. If the government are now saying not to travel unnecessarily will CRT be suspending the 14 day mooring rule? or will CRT staff be out in force to disinfect balance beams and paddle gear? just wondering aloud, as a live aboard shopping occasionally is necessary but continually cruising is arguably not.
  12. According to QI Stephen Fry said the best thing to wipe your arse on is a swans neck, this does not mean the one on the back of your boat
  13. I think they may have stopped doing it now but a few years back the banks always used to ask, what I considered to be nosey questions, if you withdrew sizeable amounts of cash, two or three thousand say. They would ask what the money was for. My standard answer to this question was that the money was for drugs and prostitutes. Then would follow an awkward silence until the cashier worked out that this was my way of telling them that it was none of their damn business. i can understand that money laundering questions would be asked if you were to deposit cash, I just can't get my head around why they were asking when I withdrew it.
  14. You can't make brass plaques out of china they will crack when you screw them to the wall
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