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  1. Bewildered


    Ironically though if the locals used the pubs more in the first place they would still be viable businesses and therefore not sold to developers. Too little to late perhaps?
  2. If you are planning to have a boat built then it depends on how you design the interior layout. If you are planning to buy a used boat then you need to take a good look to decide if the layout works for you. We could probably live on a 57ft boat but I would miss the extra space our 70footer has, even for simple things like having room to stand the clothes horse on laundry days in wet weather
  3. Bewildered

    Batteries stolen near Atherstone

    Surely that would be a symptom of schizophrenia? Sorry didn't mean to call you Shirley and add to someone else's schizophrenia problems.
  4. Bewildered

    Batteries stolen near Atherstone

    You are not getting me 'cos I'm going to run away and hide
  5. Bewildered

    Frameless Solar Panels.

    Must write to CRT and suggest lights be fitted under bridges and in tunnels so my solar panels will work
  6. Bewildered

    Batteries stolen near Atherstone

    Now I'm really getting paranoid, people are talking about me talking about paranoia probably talking behind my back also
  7. Bewildered

    Frameless Solar Panels.

    I'm planning to upgrade my panels this year. My plan is simply to build a couple of low roof boxes out of decking boards to mount the panels on. The boxes will have a plywood lid hinged on one side and the panels will be mounted to the ply and hinged on the opposite side. Tilting in both directions with a lot less faffing about than the design in the video with the added bonus of more storage space for logs and coal. Ok so roof boxes make some bridges and tunnels impossible to pass but I can simple just not go to those places.
  8. Bewildered

    Batteries stolen near Atherstone

    You know about them too, it's not just my imagination, they really are out to get me;
  9. Bewildered

    Batteries stolen near Atherstone

    You also have the added concern that whoever nicked your batteries knows you will be replacing them with brand spanking new ones, and may well have clocked which direction you have moved the boat in. Or is that just my paranoia kicking in?
  10. Bewildered

    Docking need to get job done cheaply

    Last year I moored in the short pound above Bates boatyard and woke up on the bottom due to leaky lock gates. I think they may have fixed the leak now but I suppose you could moor in a short pound and accidentally leave a paddle up overnight
  11. Bewildered

    Check Waterways World Magazine before buying it

    Sounds like someone used the Gemino charm on that chapter, every time you touch it, it will multiplying but the copies are worthless. Just be thankful they didn't use the Flagrante charm as well
  12. Bewildered

    Mobile phone signal booster

    I didn't realise that phone signal boosters were illegal as they seem to be available for sale in the uk
  13. Bewildered

    Mobile phone signal booster

    I did try to use the search feature to find this topic but gave up as it seems to have been updated into a useless pile of crap. If I wanted to do a goggle search I would have used google. My phone is on EE my partners phone is on Vodaphone and while cruising we have usually had coverage on one or both phones, we have now taken a mooring in a weak signal area. Hanging the phones in a plastic bag by a window seems to be the only way to get a signal and a pretty poor signal at that. I tried downloading an app to find the best signal, thinking it would scan all service providers and I could then switch to the best one. But it only pointed me towards the nearest EE tower. So that was a waste of time. So does anyone have experience of phone signal boosters? Are they any good? Will they boost signals for more than one network at a time or do we need to both be on the same network? ( can we both use the one unit for Vodaphone and EE?) I suspect that during the set up they get locked to one service provider but I hope to be pleasantly surprised. i've seen some online that look like they run on 12v from a mains transformer as they sell a car kit that just has a cigarette socket adapter and mag mount antenna. What would be the power consumption for a unit like this that would be switched on 24/7? And finally, any recommendations of units that are proven to work well? Links would be appreciated.
  14. Bewildered

    Shop arround vast price difference

    As Mike quite rightly pointed out, if the price for exactly the same product varies wildly then it becomes a matter of whether or not the extra cost covers the customer service and support. Do you want to buy a high cost, potentially expensive item from a company that sells it and offers no support whatsoever after sale or do you want a company that will go to great lengths to help you out? of course you need to beware of companies that sell high and still offer no support, so perhaps some research into company reputation is called for, the extra sales cost may be well worth the higher price.
  15. Bewildered

    Stuck in Cheshire looking for ideas.

    When we broke down last year we called CRT and explained the situation saying how long we thought repairs would take and were told to give them a call if this changed, when the allotted time came and were were still broken down we just called to extend the estimated repair time. In total we were broken down for 2 months. As long as you keep CRT informed as to the situation they are very reasonable to deal with.