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  1. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-wiltshire-45644814 boat supposedly sunk by stag party going past to fast?
  2. That doesn't surprise me from Rosemary, she has now left the company. She wasn't here that long after I started working here but I found her to be a bit abrupt almost to the point of being rude. The first time I filled up with diesel I told her I wanted it at 0% she told me I couldn't as it went into a boat and the best split they could do was 90-10 I explained that I was now living on site and as it is a self declaration I was declaring that I had no intention of going anywhere. This fell on deaf ears; an argument ensued until she finally agreed to do it at 0% but told me that I was wrong. A few days later after she had obviously complained to the general manager the Genral manager mentioned to me in passing that all boats must pay duty unless they are registered as mooring on site, therefore confirming that I was in fact correct. After that Rosemary only ever spoke to me when she had too, I don't think she liked being proven wrong.
  3. That is easier said than done. The weekend boats go out on a Friday afternoon and are due back on a Monday morning, most of the stag and hen parties opt to come back on the Sunday afternoon (always a few in each group need to work on the Monday) complaints about noise late at night tend to come in the next day. If a boat is being rowdy on a Friday we get the call Saturday and call the hirers to tell them to behave more responsibly. If they then do the same on the Saturday we won't know about it until Sunday. There would be no point in kicking them off the boat on the day they are bringing it back as we would then have to provide staff to bring back a boat that was on its way back anyway. Complaints are taken seriously, however we can't just kick people off a boat after one noise complaint, let's face it their are people out there who would complain if someone on the next boat farted to loudly at night. each complaint is or should be taken on its own merit
  4. I do sympathise with you Nick, unfortunately Oxfordshire Narrowboats still cater for stag and hen parties. I wish they wouldn't because they can sometimes be a real pain in the arse, unfortunately the boss loves them as they are a good source of revenue. On occasion groups causing to much trouble have been turfed off the boat, problem is we usually don't get to hear about it until the next day by which time it's too late as the boat is on its way back to us as it was only hired out for the weekend.
  5. Oxfordshire Narrowboats are particularly well situated between locks, about a mile one way and a mile and a quarter the other way. Whoever does the first show out north, goes to the lock to do lock demos for all the northbound boats and whoever does the first show out south does the same for boats in that direction. They rest of the show outs are given steering tuition to the first bridge and then sent on their merry way to the lock, the guy doing the show out then walks back to base to do another show out. all customers are sent by email a copy of our hand book and a link to the CRT boating video. On check in they are asked if they have read and understood the hand book and sign in to say that they have, or asked to read it then sign. they are then shown through how every thing on the boat works, given a demos on how to tie up etc and boat handling tuition whilst underway. whilst 70-80% of customers do what is told to them the rest seem to think they know better. Many boats come back to Heyford for their last night, as they are due back at 8:30-9:00am; when I walk the dog of an evening it is quite unbelievable how many of them are using bow, stern and centre lines to moor up; with ropes at 90% to the boat instead of the 45% they were instructed to do and with ropes tied to the mooring pins instead of going around the pin and tying to the boat, again as instructed. Often this is done next to Armco railing with the nappy pins left in the lockers. So whilst some may say certain hire boat companies don't do enough training you also need to realise that some people don't or won't listen and a vast proportion of people are so terminally thick that is a miracle we ever managed to climb out of the Stone Age
  6. So when you buy diesel what split (if any) do you declare? Can of worms opened!
  7. I don't quite understand why the mooring is listed as 41' 12", why not just put up 42 foot?
  8. Bewildered


  9. Receptionist wanted with good administration, computer and customer service skills for busy boatyard and shop. Temporary part time position until the end of the season at the end of October. Two days per week and every other weekend. Training will be given. Pay according to experience. Please apply to Phil Holman, Oxfordshire Narrowboats, 01869 340348 or by email to [email protected]
  10. Gave up on the sunburst, couldn’t get the finish I wanted so went blue instead Set it up and played it today for the first time in two years. Getting the right weather to paint whilst living on a boat does take time
  11. To be fair Allen's lock has a rather tight bridge hole set at a stupid angle to the main channel with a fast flowing by wash cleverly placed a few yards in front of the bridge hole. Even experienced boaters can have trouble with this bridge. What worries me is when chunks are missing from bridges that are plenty wide enough and not on bends, how the hell people still manage to hit them is a complete mystery.
  12. Ironically though if the locals used the pubs more in the first place they would still be viable businesses and therefore not sold to developers. Too little to late perhaps?
  13. If you are planning to have a boat built then it depends on how you design the interior layout. If you are planning to buy a used boat then you need to take a good look to decide if the layout works for you. We could probably live on a 57ft boat but I would miss the extra space our 70footer has, even for simple things like having room to stand the clothes horse on laundry days in wet weather
  14. Surely that would be a symptom of schizophrenia? Sorry didn't mean to call you Shirley and add to someone else's schizophrenia problems.
  15. You are not getting me 'cos I'm going to run away and hide
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