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  1. It does need reporting, if a deep stretch of canal and with high banks it could be difficult to get out if you are on your own and potentially life threatening. This behaviour is incredibly dangerous, what if they plunge someone with a heart condition into freezing cold water, the shock alone could be enough to kill them.
  2. You must have the same Taylor as me
  3. Over ten mins of video with many shots of CRT workers doing vital jobs but not a single shot of a CRT work boat in its natural habitat, abandoned on a lock landing stage.
  4. I want to do more of these but the problem I have is finding logs big enough to carve. Not only do they need to be big, they need to be in a fairly prominent location (otherwise why bother?) they should preferably be of a hardy wood that will last (did one in willow, doubt it will survive more that a year or two) and they need to either be in the middle of nowhere or with enough space around that I can carve with a safe area for pedestrians to pass by whilst I’m working. That, unfortunately, is a lot of asks; especially as I need to get to it before a bunch of dodgy boaters turn up to cut for firewood 😁
  5. It’s easy to have imagination when you steal other people’s ideas. That particular piece is based on the work of Ryan Cook professional chainsaw carver. I’ve no doubt Ryan got the idea of the woodspirit climbing out out the log from other carvers. Most chainsaw carvings are variations on a theme, original ideas are hard to come by.
  6. The pair only took about an hour each to cut, detail and finish. The only difficulty in making these was securing them to the work bench in order to use a chainsaw on them.
  7. Carved from a 2ft by 10in log using a chainsaw to shape, blowtorch and nylon sanding wheel to highlight
  8. And I bet they thought you were all being belligerent by refusing orders.
  9. This one if I remember correctly Just to let you know the oil leak has stopped as far as I can tell. I did an oil change a couple of weeks ago and removed the puppy pads that were left down there. I put some clean pads down to see if there were any leaks and what they pick up is very minimal and to be expected of an old engine. So thanks again for the excellent work and service.
  10. I used a Sthil MS170 with its standard 12 inch bar to block it out. I then used a die grinder and a Dremel with Kutzal extreme burrs to do the detailing. Anyone who can use a chainsaw can do these, there are plenty of online tutorials. This is only my 4th large scale chainsaw carving, most of the stuff I carve is Dremel only. Check out Carving Fusion on You Tube, his videos are fun and informative . I must get a carving bar at some point but the standard one will do for now. Only if the doors to the room are wide enough to get the mini through
  11. A couple of years ago we were moored on a visitors moorings, the opposite bank being permit holders moorings. We’d been out most of the day, returning early evening, perhaps 5 O’clock. Decided to run the genny on the bank as it is quieter than the engine. After around 15 mins I heard some shouting, I went out to see what the commotion was about to find a very abusive man on the permit holders moorings shouting at me to turn my genny off as it was interfering with his TV reception. I happily complied with his request (even though it was quite obnoxiously put) I packed the genny away and started my engine which had at the time a slight exhaust blow. I went back in the boat and noticed the man fuming on his back deck looking daggers in the direction of my boat. I ran the engine until the batteries were fully charged and I had plenty of hot water. I switched off at 5 to 8. Had the man originally asked in a more civilised manor I would probably have cruised off and charged elsewhere. In life you get what you give. And small victories make it interesting (even if they are a little petty)
  12. Getting an elephant out of a log shouldn’t be that difficult, let’s face it, you can get four of them in a mini
  13. Wasn’t a stoppage but I was bored yesterday 😁
  14. Found this Wizard climbing out of a log at Leighton lock
  15. I recently carved this out of an Ash log for a Halloween challenge carving competition, he’s 16 inches tall, all from a single piece except the axe
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