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Simon Pooley

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    Melksham, nearest canal: Semington on the K&A
  1. I visited my local on Saturday, The Somerset Arms at Semington https://www.facebook.com/thesomersetarmssemington/ 300m South of Semington Road Bridge No 160 on the Kennet and Avon: https://canalplan.org.uk/place/pqen Visitors (no need to book in advance) are met at a lectern inside the main entrance and name/number taken. There's a one-way route around the bar/toilets to a large area at the rear, taking over the car park. There's a marquee at the back of the car park too, but I didn't look in there. We sat at our usual outdoor table out at the front of the pub...well spaced from other customers. Plenty of customers on a slightly murky Jul evening, but the tables are well-spaced and people were not getting in each other's way. I'll be going again.
  2. Very interesting to see that catalogue - thank you for scannng & posting. We had Windsor Castle from Peak Forest Cruisers at Macclesfield for a week in 1986 for a spin round the Cheshire Ring. I think that was the occasion when the original, smaller, boat we'd hired for the three of us broke down with an unknown engine fault just as we were leaving the yard. Rather than delay us for a repair, the boatyard transferred us to the - rather larger - Windsor Castle for our week. Over the years, we've also hired from several of the other boatyards mentioned: Swan Line, Shire, L&L, Andersen, Severn Valley...
  3. Thanks, Farey, for posting those aerial pics. It looks like the glamping has really increased this year. (I'll be in my nice canvas tent, as usual. Casting a envious eye at the narrow boats moored on the way into the village.)
  4. We came South through the "Wolverley Slippage" on a hireboat (Horned Lark from Alvechurch) a couple of weeks ago. No problem at all for us...just a narrow, shallow few meters of canal to pass slowly. This was midday-ish on a Sunday and no sign of any CRT folk in attendance.
  5. A friend has a Bukh in his 28' motor-sailer yacht. He couldn't find an alternative thermostat and had to bite the bullet for the official part, partly justified by the excellent advice from the experienced Bukh dealer in Poole. Sadly that dealership closed a couple of years on retirement of the engineer. If I remember our experiments correctly, running the engine without the thermostat was ok as cooling water still circulated through the engine block ... the DV10 is certainly sufficiently rugged to run for a few minutes to test that out! Simon.
  6. For maps, go to http://www.fairportconvention.com/ and follow the signpost to "The Festival", then "Festival Information" and finally "Festival Maps". If you're moored to the South, go up to the canal bridge connecting the Fields 7 to Field 1 (Cropredy Mill Bridge 154). Then leave the towpath (there's an open door in the wall just North of the bridge) and follow everyone across the bottom of field 1. The bottom corner of Field 2 is then the entrance to the main arena field, but first you'll have to go a bit further along to a marquee where you'll exchange your paper ticket for a wristband. If you're approaching by road, on your bike, perhaps, then come along the Williamscot road to the junction between Fields 9 and 11 (you won't miss it, everyone else will be going there!). I've usually seen half-a-dozen bikes chained to the fences out of the way at the top of field 9. (The towpath South of Cropredy Mill Bridge is not really suitable for cycling).
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