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  1. Maybe the water is taking the path of least resistance, through the cauliflower. Try closing the gate valve partially.
  2. The diesel tank is 180 litres - maybe that was what you read?
  3. Point of order m'lud -my Hallmark boat (1998) has the standard water tank - it's 680 litres/150 gallons.
  4. I had powerful magnets on the boat for a while; travelling North was fine, any other direction was a problem.
  5. Wot he said. My lovely neat long run of 22mm plastic pipe turned into some sort of wriggly reptile horror when I first fired up the Eberspacher. Swapped it out for copper. Counterintuitive for plastic to expand more than copper?
  6. I really dislike the offensive assumption that I am a "feet-up captain", while the "liitle woman" does the locks. If I could wave a magic wand and get SWMBO to steer the boat, I would, but she won't.
  7. One o’t crossbeams gone out o’skew on’t treadle?
  8. A week or so ago we were heading south from Aynho Wharf, having filled up with diesel. After the bridge, there’s a long line of long term moorers, one of whom jumped out of his boat and shouted “that’s not tick over, you’ve rocked our boat”. Rather than ignore him, I said “it often helps if you tighten your ropes more”. To my great surprise he didn’t shout abuse, but went back and tightened his ropes!! So I think maybe a lot of boaters don’t realise their 6 foot of slack rope fore and aft isn’t the best arrangement!
  9. “Pas d'elle yeux Rhone que nous”
  10. We were there about 1130, he was on the phone, maybe a follow up call? Didn’t see you, were you going up or down? We stopped above the lock at Swinford, saw a tug from the boatyard pass us on the way to the scene presumably and return about an hour later.
  11. Correct answer, except the boat is well and truly aground, having steamed out of the lock, went the wrong side of the buoys. A boat has tried to pull him off, without success, the skipper was phoning RCR as we passed him.
  12. Taken today from Eynsham lock.
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