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  1. My boat engine is a Sole diesel. I got sick of paying the manufacturer price for air filters, almost as big a markup as Vetus. For the past 15 years or so, I have used a stainless-steel pan scourer stuffed into the air filter holder. Making sure it's the type that doesn't shred, and none of it can get past the inlet hole. Engine now done 6000 hrs, no ill effects. I change the filter/scourer as per service schedule, dam sight cheaper than OEM.
  2. “Hurree Jamset Ram Singh” was the character’s name, and he would say “ the xxxxxfulness is terrific”. hth
  3. If you’re going to replace the switch, you might as well try squirting some contact cleaner (Servisol) down the keyhole.
  4. Twice my license has been emailed whilst out cruising. Each time I called in the nearest boatyard and they happily printed them out for me. One charged me a pound, the other did it for nowt.
  5. You Alien fiend! What have you done with the real LadyG??!!
  6. Not as stupid as my idea to use the Paloma for central heating 😬
  7. Opposite opinion: we visited the secret bunker a few years back - all four of us agreed it was very good. Don't know if it's been altered since then, but we plan to go again next time we chug that way.
  8. My boat has a dump-through toilet and a (plastic) holding tank as per the OP. We've found that Odorlos, which used to be very effective, is now useless. I suspect the formulation was changed a few years back. We now use bio washing liquid, or nothing. After a thorough clean (jet-washer down the hole, with old towel to prevent splashback 🤢), we've had no issues with smells. Don't listen to the cassette brigade, your toilet is simple and easy to deal with.
  9. Hi robtheplod I bought 4x135Ah Probat batteries from a different eBay seller in February 2019. They are still giving good service, with no noticeable degradation. I don't mollycoddle the batteries, apart from not letting them go below 50% SOC (according to my SmartGauge). They are charged from 500w solar, and a single 70amp alternator. They run a 240v full size fridge via a 1500W inverter, and an Eberspacher; they are the main loads. I fully expected them to need replacing by now, but so far so good.
  10. pig

    Solar output

    My domestic solar panels were installed in Feb 2012. The output over their lifetime to date is 35952 KWh, so thats about 3720 KWh per annum. (West Yorkshire, grid tied 3.6 KW inverter, 4.0 KW of panels) HTH
  11. Spotted today by bridge 36 on the Ashby. Why would anybody do this?
  12. £45 from AliExpress: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4001163309572.html?spm=a2g0s.12269583.0.0.1f5f4c11hdnu7R Version 3 is the one you want (Band 20 coverage)
  13. I've tried various 4G router/antenna combinations, and have found on our recent trip (North Kilworth to Nantwich) that this device: https://www.amazon.co.uk/KuWFi-300Mbps-Waterproof-Outdoor-Coverage/dp/B08BHWX3H2/ref=sr_1_13?dchild=1&keywords=kuwfi&qid=1623920357&sr=8-13 works very well. It is a weatherproof external router (with built-in antenna) about the same size as the popular Poynting antennae. I have it on top of the boat on a short magnetic base/pole. Using a "3" simcard, we never experienced complete lack of internet signal, and 95% of the time it was fast enough for TV streaming. I thought I would need a wifi repeater/access point, but the router's wifi signal reaches all of the (45') boat through the (steel) roof. The router can be powered with POE from the included 240v adapter, or from 12v direct. I didn't get my router from Amazon, it came direct from China, but with Amazon you could return it if it didn't suit.
  14. Brilliant. Thankyou so much. I had come up with the idea of a large flat washer at the front of the mounting bolt (now threaded rod), and the idea of tightening everything up just shy of locked, before tensioning the belt is a good 'un. Cheers.
  15. Update: should have gone to Specsavers? I travelled to the boat clutching my shiny new steel rule, as recommended by Mr Tony B. The alignment was poor - I moved the alternator back (towards the gearbox) by about 6-7 mm to get it in-line. There was no screech when I started up, but the batteries had been charged by the solar, so not a real test. I also noticed that it was slightly skewed - the mounting was indeed, as suggested by Mr Eeyore, a twin bolt alternator mounted on a single (wide) lug - allowing a little skew. So I will deal with this as well. I have some anti-squeal spray coming too, but hopefully I won't need it. Thanks for the advice, and I will report back when we go off in a few days time.
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