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  1. It seems anglers and golfers can now pursue their hobby. Can I drive to, and fish off the back of my boat (100 miles away)?
  2. Video taken today 13 March 2020.
  3. pig

    Scout boat

    I have uploaded the video I took in 2008 of the shenannigans at Broad Cut. nb Pipistrelle refloated (just):
  4. pig

    Tunnel lights

    Don't think so ; https://leapfroglighting.com/lighting_and_uv_radiation/ But I agree they are often too bright as tunnel lights.
  5. I used to moor at Broad Cut. The other boaters were/are a friendly bunch. I only moved because of the brown trouser moments when the Calder went into flood. Also got bored and wanted a change of scene.
  6. Yesterday's episode of Father Brown (BBC1 2.15pm) featured historic narrowboat pair, Nuneaton and Brighton. The story involved a murder, and one of the crew of the boats was prime suspect. The programme is on iPlayer if anyone's interested: https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000dcgm/father-brown-series-8-7-the-river-corrupted I was trying to place where the filming was done: anyone?
  7. Ah, OK, I must have a shallow camber on my roof
  8. Just out of interest, why did you fit the mounting brackets on the fore/aft edges of the panels? If they were on the other sides, your ropes wouldn't get caught under the panels?
  9. Ah apologies folks, I rarely look in that section of the forum. I will now!
  10. Not sure the link works, try a search in iPlayer for Nairn Across Britain
  11. Nairn Across Britain, 2. Trans-Pennine Canal: www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/p01rwfkm came across this on iPlayer - a trip along the canal in 1972 with architect/social historian Ian Nairn. Interesting in that pretty much all the redevelopment he proposes has taken place.
  12. Thankyou. In my case the float switch is mounted on the same perspex strip as well.
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