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  1. Nice time-lapse video of journey from Rotterdam to Amsterdam. Nicked from uk.rec.waterways (remember?!) Nice variety of swing/lift bridges.
  2. The boy stood on the burning deck Eating Jacob's Crackers A spark flew up his trouser leg And paralysed his *******
  3. We had nothing-- use to live in a tiny old, tumbled down house with great holes in' err roof. A house? You were lucky to have a house! We used to sleep in one room, 26 of us. And half the floor was missing. We were all huddled in one corner, for fear of falling. You were lucky to have a room. We used to live in corridors. Oh...We used to dream 'a livin' in a corridor. Woulda' been a palace for us. We used to live in an old watertank on top of a rubbish tip. Got Woked up every mornin by havin the lot of the rotten fish dumped all over us. House? Why woulda say house? It were
  4. If it was Nitrogen Dioxide, they would be in big trouble inhaling that! More likely to be Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas, anaesthetic) popular with the yoof, sold in little metal capsules.
  5. I was on the other boat locking out of Selby with you on that trip. I thought you were MJG/Happy Nomad because you were on The Doghouse. It was clear you were on a job - you disappeared at a great rate of knots! I keep seeing you on your own boat and mean to say hello again.
  6. Maybe the water is taking the path of least resistance, through the cauliflower. Try closing the gate valve partially.
  7. The diesel tank is 180 litres - maybe that was what you read?
  8. Point of order m'lud -my Hallmark boat (1998) has the standard water tank - it's 680 litres/150 gallons.
  9. I had powerful magnets on the boat for a while; travelling North was fine, any other direction was a problem.
  10. Wot he said. My lovely neat long run of 22mm plastic pipe turned into some sort of wriggly reptile horror when I first fired up the Eberspacher. Swapped it out for copper. Counterintuitive for plastic to expand more than copper?
  11. I really dislike the offensive assumption that I am a "feet-up captain", while the "liitle woman" does the locks. If I could wave a magic wand and get SWMBO to steer the boat, I would, but she won't.
  12. One o’t crossbeams gone out o’skew on’t treadle?
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