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    Solar output

    My domestic solar panels were installed in Feb 2012. The output over their lifetime to date is 35952 KWh, so thats about 3720 KWh per annum. (West Yorkshire, grid tied 3.6 KW inverter, 4.0 KW of panels) HTH
  2. Spotted today by bridge 36 on the Ashby. Why would anybody do this?
  3. £45 from AliExpress: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4001163309572.html?spm=a2g0s.12269583.0.0.1f5f4c11hdnu7R Version 3 is the one you want (Band 20 coverage)
  4. I've tried various 4G router/antenna combinations, and have found on our recent trip (North Kilworth to Nantwich) that this device: https://www.amazon.co.uk/KuWFi-300Mbps-Waterproof-Outdoor-Coverage/dp/B08BHWX3H2/ref=sr_1_13?dchild=1&keywords=kuwfi&qid=1623920357&sr=8-13 works very well. It is a weatherproof external router (with built-in antenna) about the same size as the popular Poynting antennae. I have it on top of the boat on a short magnetic base/pole. Using a "3" simcard, we never experienced complete lack of internet signal, and 95% of the time it was fast enough for TV streaming. I thought I would need a wifi repeater/access point, but the router's wifi signal reaches all of the (45') boat through the (steel) roof. The router can be powered with POE from the included 240v adapter, or from 12v direct. I didn't get my router from Amazon, it came direct from China, but with Amazon you could return it if it didn't suit.
  5. Brilliant. Thankyou so much. I had come up with the idea of a large flat washer at the front of the mounting bolt (now threaded rod), and the idea of tightening everything up just shy of locked, before tensioning the belt is a good 'un. Cheers.
  6. Update: should have gone to Specsavers? I travelled to the boat clutching my shiny new steel rule, as recommended by Mr Tony B. The alignment was poor - I moved the alternator back (towards the gearbox) by about 6-7 mm to get it in-line. There was no screech when I started up, but the batteries had been charged by the solar, so not a real test. I also noticed that it was slightly skewed - the mounting was indeed, as suggested by Mr Eeyore, a twin bolt alternator mounted on a single (wide) lug - allowing a little skew. So I will deal with this as well. I have some anti-squeal spray coming too, but hopefully I won't need it. Thanks for the advice, and I will report back when we go off in a few days time.
  7. Many thanks for the replies: Biz - it's a notched v-belt (Gates 6217MC) TB - I will check the belt profile next time I'm on the boat and report back JIW - ditto with the pulleys Eeyore - the alternator is mounted on the two lugs provided for the original alternator - they are too close together for the Lucas, so I mounted it on a length of 8mm studding through the lugs, shimmed to give the proper pulley alignment. I can only check the alignment by eye - is there a more accurate simple check? I will also check the alternator pulley as you suggest -there is an alternator rebuild/service bloke near me so I'll see if he has a better, machined pulley to suit. I'll report back with any progress.
  8. Good morning Since I upgraded the leisure battery bank to 4x 135Ah batteries, I've found that on starting up, the belt slips and screeches. If I keep the revs low it eventually stops and its fine. I am getting through fan belts at an alarming rate (every 50 engine hours) probably due to me overtightening the belt to counteract it slipping. If the boat has been sitting unused, the solar (2x 250w panels) charges the batteries, and the fan belt doesn't slip on starting the engine. I presume the higher load on the alternator when initially charging a bank of partially discharged batteries is what causes the slipping? For information the engine is a 3 cylinder 1litre Sole 26, and I changed the weedy original alternator for a Lucas A127 70 Amp jobby. I am thinking that if the alternator had a larger pulley, the load would be less, and the squealing/slipping would stop? I appreciate that the output would be reduced, and the tachometer would not read correctly, but I'm prepared to put up with that. So - is this a sensible and practical solution, and if so -how easy is it to source different size pulleys for the A127? Thanks for any thoughts
  9. There are significant differences in the rules for drones of less than 250gms. The drone code quoted above states: Small drones and model aircraft: below 250g, C0 or C1 class The rule on minimum distances to people is different when flying small drones and model aircraft that are below 250g, or in C0 or C1 class. If you’re flying a drone or model aircraft that’s lighter than 250g or is C0 class, you can fly closer to people than 50m and you can fly over them.
  10. I ran a B525 from the 12v circuit. I didn't use a regulator. It worked for a short time.☹️ I now have a B535 and use it with it's 240v PSU.
  11. Just a reminder - new episode with Giles Brandreth and Sheila Hancock, on the T & M and Caldon canals, on More 4 tonight (Monday) at 9pm. Seems to have been demoted from Channel 4....
  12. Nice time-lapse video of journey from Rotterdam to Amsterdam. Nicked from uk.rec.waterways (remember?!) Nice variety of swing/lift bridges.
  13. The boy stood on the burning deck Eating Jacob's Crackers A spark flew up his trouser leg And paralysed his *******
  14. We had nothing-- use to live in a tiny old, tumbled down house with great holes in' err roof. A house? You were lucky to have a house! We used to sleep in one room, 26 of us. And half the floor was missing. We were all huddled in one corner, for fear of falling. You were lucky to have a room. We used to live in corridors. Oh...We used to dream 'a livin' in a corridor. Woulda' been a palace for us. We used to live in an old watertank on top of a rubbish tip. Got Woked up every mornin by havin the lot of the rotten fish dumped all over us. House? Why woulda say house? It were only a hole in the ground, covered by a couple foot o torn canvas. But they were house to us! We were evicted from our hole in the ground. We had to go live in lake.
  15. If it was Nitrogen Dioxide, they would be in big trouble inhaling that! More likely to be Nitrous Oxide (laughing gas, anaesthetic) popular with the yoof, sold in little metal capsules.
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