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  1. New Series is on Channel 5 this Friday 19th July at 9pm: TRAVEL: Celebrity 5 Go Barging On: Channel 5 (5) Date: Friday 19th July 2019 (starting in 4 days) Time: 21:00 to 22:00 (1 hour long) Journalist Michael Buerk, actors Shaun Williamson and Amanda Barrie, singer Anita Harris and politician John Prescott unite for the gentlest of jaunts along Britain's most beautiful waterways, heading for the heart of Shakespeare country. After meeting and moving into twin narrowboats, the quintet discovers that there is a lot to learn about life on Caldon Canal in Staffordshire. Not only must they adjust to life in cramped conditions, but they must also learn how to steer a 60-foot hunk of floating metal. Despite both having Navy experience, John and Shaun keep crashing the barges and getting stuck. (Subtitles, Premiere, Series 2, Episode 1) Starring: Michael Buerk, Shaun Williamson, Amanda Barrie, Anita Harris, John Prescott, Nicky Taylor ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Excerpt taken from DigiGuide - the world's best TV guide available from http://www.getdigiguide.tv/?p=1&r=5166 Copyright (c) GipsyMedia Limited.
  2. I bought four of the 130Ah ones back in October. They have noticeably lost capacity quite quickly. Not recommended.
  3. pig

    Starter motor

    Oops spoke too soon! Fault returned, so decided to get a pal to come out with the aforementioned ebay starter motor, and with his help had a go at swapping it over in Llangollen basin. Bit awkward to get to the bolts, but surprisingly easy job. New starter seems to be doing its job so fingers crossed. PS the cross referencing of Vetus/Sole/Mitsubishi starter motors took only a few minutes internetting, and saved a shedload of cash!
  4. King Priam had an unusual affliction/blessing. He was Priapic. I thought the OP was after a special condom.
  5. pig

    Starter motor

    Update- after the problem got worse, to the point of not being able to rely on the engine turning over, I had a good poke round, and it turns out the starter/solenoid is OK, the problem being a weedy relay between the starter switch and the starter motor. The wiring at the relay was corroded. I remade the connections and since then it’s worked as it should. God knows why belting the starter with a hammer sometimes made it work! Anyway all’s well that ends well.
  6. pig

    Starter motor

    Thanks for the replies. The motor is a 3 cylinder Mitsubishi, marinised by Sole, the same engine is used by Vetus. Mine has 4500 hours on the clock. I looked for prices- the Vetus part is over £500!! I could only find second hand Sole prices, still over 400€ ebay to the rescue- £150 for a new part. I think I’ll remove the old starter when I get back to base and have a look to see if there’s an obvious fault, maybe have it reconditioned. Thanks
  7. pig

    Starter motor

    This morning I tried to start the engine, but nothing happened. All the right control panel lights came on, but no go. I checked that 12volts was getting to the starter relay, and the starter itself, all ok. After a bit of head scratching, I remembered from my MG Midget owning days that a light whack with a hammer would cure this problem. Sure enough, the mooring pin hammer was put into service, and the starter did its stuff. So - why does this work? And does it mean my starter motor is imminently doomed?
  8. pig

    which Aerial

    I find the Omnimax type aerial fine, as long as you use the RF amplifier that comes with it - agreed that on it's own it's cr*p. Also a retune at *every* change of location. For the very few locations where you can't get a usable TV signal, out comes the iPhone and HDMI adapter to watch Netflix./iPlayer etc.
  9. If you Google the Huawei B525 images, you'll see it indeed has a telephone socket; sbainbridge is correct.
  10. Repeated on Ch 93 Freeview, "Together" Sat 8th Dec 1930-2000 Sun 9th Dec 1500-1530
  11. Yes we've seen Hector several times. The hirers on board always seem pleased with the boat.
  12. Any good? https://armadaboathire.co.uk/boat-jack.html
  13. The sockets are rated 2 Amps at 240 Volts; i.e. 480 Watts. Surely this means 40 Amps at 12 Volts?
  14. OK thanks for that. I'm planning a two pipe system. Rather like series v parallel for batteries!
  15. Just out of interest, and because I'm just about to plumb in my own radiators, shouldn't the radiators have one side to the feed and one side to the return?
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