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  1. You've lost all sense of reality Daniel, you're still pronouncing "what shall be" in the face of all the interesting characters, knowlegable experts and those with any sense of self worth leaving in droves. Your petty rules are insulting, your "do as you're told" attitude is, I'm afraid to say, the source of hilarity amongst anyone with their own brain. Carry on though, the rules even before it all went tits up only served those with the greatest vocabulary and will power, enabling only them to circumvent your silly rules to be rude and insulting. Your only hope is to abandon all y
  2. You don't have to actually do anything on the list.
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  5. Me too, living the dream. My boat was painted at least 12 and maybe 15 years ago, way before I got it by a gentleman called Phil Speight. Proof if there ever was that you get what you pay for, it still looks fantastic and I have no plans to repaint. I'm half way through giving it a polish and wax ready for the winter.
  6. As a sprayer of wonderful 2pack paint on dodgy old motors, Matty has covered the problems to perfection here. I love 2 pack, the finish lasts and lasts, but not for a boat because as Matty days, though 95% of it may look great, the bits that tend to trap or gather water and damp will be the bits that get the worst coating. If you're cunning you can brush paint 2-pack, I've done small areas like engine bays with good results. Keeping a wet edge would be tricky on larger areas.
  7. Long weekend? This comes across as rather pompous to me. I think it might help your cause if you showed a bit more interest TBH.
  8. Less than a week for me, but only because the weekend got in the way and the owner wanted to finish some servicing and maintenance or it would have been hours. No survey.
  9. indeed. A massive loss, a loss so elemental that even without all the rest of the hoo-ha, is reason enough for anyone (even with misgivings about the other site) to sign up to it and use it. A shot in the foot for cwf, if it really cares. I suspect it does not, preferring to be a barren place that won't impinge on it's owner's CV.
  10. He's probably been zonked with an order forbidding even mentioning it on here or I'm sure he would have said something.
  11. If I were Dan I would try to recognise that when future employment prospects or a bit of controversy become more important than the forum, it's time to step back and let someone who feels they have nothing to loose, or is more up for standing up for their forum, to take over. I've also watched forums die before. Once it starts, providing there is an alternative, it's unstoppable.
  12. He may as well have been banned thoughp as the threads he posted on have gone. Days if not weeks of well thought out and composed arguement obliterated. There was a lot a fascinating discussion on those threads.
  13. If anyone leaves the marina I'm in they get a round of applause. The royal mail come once a week and open a post office in the marina to collect mail and parcels. They are happy to receive post and courier deliveries in the office. There are no residential berths. This is the sort of thing to ask in person and be honest about.
  14. I cleaned and inspected my chimney/flue when I bought boat earlier this year. All good I thought, but after a few fires of smokeless it didn't seem to be drawing as well so I had a look yesterday. Chimney shaped layers of rust held together with soot had peeled off the inside, fallen to the bottom and almost blocked the flue. With the help of a length of water hose I knocked the remaining peeling bits off. Someone had previously fitted additional fire bricks each side of the grate but they were too thin so fitted a pair of engineering bricks either side instead and used one of the thinner
  15. I was going to suggest oven cleaner, it completely removed 40 years of baked on oil leaving the paint perfect on engine bay car parts. It's also brilliant on vinyl.
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