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  1. C&RT phoned me this week to tell me the link is closed. Who is the worst, Northern Rail or C&RT. Both are failing miserably and both still have their jobs. Ok so we have had very low rainfall but so have other countries and nothing abroad has come to a standstill.
  2. I see 3 have some amazing deals. 100gb + ayce calls & texts for £25 a month. Also 30gb + ayce calls & texts for £18. Both deals allow tethering up to 30gb per month. I'm on 3 but don't get that good a deal. I find coverage is generally quite good with few black spots and I have traveled the length of the country.
  3. I moved into Fettlers Wharf 2 months ago after hearing about the new owner. There are many liveaboards here and we were certainly promised the earth. I have to say that this is by far the best place we have stayed and the owner has kept his promise. There is something being added or improved every week. the first thing he did was lower ALL the prices. I am a 60ft NB and pay £170 a month. Gas is £23 and diesel is 63p. If I were asked what improvements I would like to see I'd need a long hard think. I've not seen anyone leave for reasons of complaint. There are still plenty of spaces even though we get newbies every week. The local pub is 10 minutes away Both buses and trains are within 100m. What more could you want, maybe a free mooring. LOL
  4. I'd be very upset if my sixty footer started using two and half litres per hour. I use less than one and half but am not running a modern engines like a vetus.
  5. I got going the next day but it was very low. Lockie said problems as far as Burnley due to a big leak at Blackburn and they may close for some time to do repairs.
  6. Came through yesterday. Still lots to do but they let you through as and when so expect a delay. It won't get you far because the Leigh Branch and the L&L are short of water. I'm near Wigan and am high and dry. They have padlocked the Leigh Branch locks and I'm waiting to move from below lock number two.
  7. I thank you all for the replies. Pearly is the only useful answer. It is no good to say your Indesit works well etc unless you tell me the model number. The likes of Candy, LG & Indesit make many different models so please if you can tell me the model. Thanks Pearly I'll have a look.
  8. Can anyone recommend an auto washer that will work well with a genny with sine wave output. It needs to be a current model in order for me to buy new. Thanks in advance.
  9. bigste


    Why not forward your post to the local council and ask them to get their ask together. You could even copy it to the local MP. If nobody complains nothing will get done.
  10. If you have leek & cauliflower soup in there it won't work. Drink the soup, get rid of the air and it will be fine.
  11. Don't remember so long ago for sure but this may help. Many moons ago I only used levers if hand starting or battery was low. Now I have a vintage Perkins P3.144. This always uses the levers but that is connected to a foot pedal that operates the levers which makes it easy when turning the key. The pedal is on the floor in a small cupboard. In your case I'd suggest that not using the levers is fine if your batteries are good and it's awkward to use them. Using the levers does help your batteries, your choice.
  12. I was in Caen Hill marina a few weeks back and they can take about 250. There did seem to quite a few slots available. The one at the other end is smaller so that is probably the one you looked at.
  13. What the title says really. The perfect answer would come from someone with the same genny and a newish washer but replies are welcome.
  14. Same donuts for Hillman Imp and Lotus Elan I think.
  15. Sounds like something out of balance. Flywheel?
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