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  1. I am currently in a marina that doesnt have residential mooring. I have a residential address so can claim not to live there. My current marina are fine with that. However I may soon need to move to a new marina. One of the marinas I have looked at has in the T&C that the person should not use it for a main residence. There are no specified restrictions on the number of nights aboard - just that item in the T&C. My question is how honest should I be about my intentions
  2. I want to replace my curtains with blinds. However how do people do this. the wal slopes so something needed to keep the blind flat. Also if I mount a blind at the top of the window it wil stop me opening the ventilation flap at the top of my windows
  3. do you need specialist starter batteries for a narrowboat engine or can i simply go to Halfords
  4. My boat doesn't have a cavitation plate as has been pointed out several times. When I next have out i am tempted to have one fitted. What do they do and is there any good reason why I mod not already have one
  5. I have decided to start carrying an air horn whilst walking along the towpath. Twice in 2 days I have been almost knocked off my feet by a speeding cyclist on the tow path. My plan is to carry an air horn - as they pass inches from me at top speed place the air horn in their face and let it off and then enjoy the sight of them swerving away in panic - hopefully into the canal. I am a cyclist myself. If I want to go fast I go on the roads - if I am on a tow path with others around I slow down - its not hard. I wont do this because its rude and inconsiderate and I would be sinking to the level of the pillocks I have encountered over the last 2 days. But it feels like I should
  6. Thank you - so, pedantry aside, its open up one top one bottom paddle leaving gates shut
  7. Really dumb question but thought I woudl just check. The otehr day someone had drained the pond at the bottom lock of a flight of 3. They had doen this by leaving the side pond sluice open whilst opening the top sluices. Am I right in assuming that to re flodd the drained pond you simply fill and drain the 2 locks uphil from there - making sure that you do both so you dont simply refil the bottom pond by emptying the middle one. I am also assuming that rather than just open up everything uphill from the drained pond it is better to fil a lock / shut it then drain it downhill etc. As i say a dumb question but just wanted to make sure so if ever I encounter this again I am doing the correct thing
  8. Ok - so I have purchased a load of Auto Glym and am going to do my boat the first weekend I have free. If takes me until Christmas I shall blame you all - far easier than taking responsibiity for my own actions dont you find. Thanks for the advice - much appreciated as always
  9. That woudl be great if you know which products - they have loads and I want to use one that is safe
  10. I am considering polishing my boat. However i work during the week and dont fancy starting the job then having to spend every weekend for the rest of the summer doing it. My question is ho wlong shoudl this job take and what about power tools to speed it up
  11. What are the rules relating to fishing from a narrow boat. I know those who fish from the bank need to buy licences but what are the rules for someone fishing from thier boat
  12. asked a question about painting and was given very sound advice - seek customer reviews. So has anyone heard of or had a boat painted by Andy Edwards at the Forge Studio Dunhampstead
  13. I am looking at getting my boat repainted. I have got a number of quotes all around the £5,000 mark. However I recently found someone who was quoting around £3,000. |Either I have got lucky or his quote is for a job missing some important element of the preparation. What sorts of questions should I ask to make sure that he he is quoting for a proper job
  14. ny starter battery is flat. Can i use my leisure batteries to givethe starter a kick start and if so how do i do that
  15. What sort of sealant should I use to ensure a good gas tight seal of the base of the chimney to the stove itself? I have been warned that heat resistant silicone sealants such as Plumba flue are only good to 300° so what should I use
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