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  1. I believe CRT are coming on Monday to enforce the S.8 against Tony.
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  3. Looks pretty but it would be completely useless at any distance more than a few metres, as the red and green lights are so close together. And at the distances you COULD see each light distinctly, you could tell if the boat's coming or going anyway since it would be so close! This is why the lights need to be fitted to the sides of a boat.....just like turn signals need to be fitted to the side of a car, not the middle.....
  4. My boat had "proper" nav lights (which included the white to the rear) - but with a 'separate' switch for the rear white light so that you could turn on the side lights in tunnels without the confusion, if you wanted to. And with the white rear being on its own separate switch, it could also be used as a handy deck light too. It was offset to the side so it would be visible with in normal use with someone at the tiller (semi trad stern design). ETA absolutely no issues with the side lights (mounted on the body) catching on anything, although I guess it would depend on the tumblehome and the way you approach bridges, and maybe if you put them at the top of the sides - put them a little lower and they won't be the extremity which might catch if you did bridges wrong (the bodywork would be the extremity).
  5. Does avoiding the costs of a legitimate mooring, ie by being able to maintain the status quo of (their boat) staying on their preferred small patch of canal despite not actually having a long-term mooring, count as a "gain"? How do you value something which might be impossible/illegal to achieve?
  6. Its all a bit theoretical until it actually happens. This: https://www.sentencingcouncil.org.uk/offences/magistrates-court/item/fraud/ seems like a reasonable guide though.
  7. In theory it would be fraudulent (therefore a criminal offence....10 years in the slammer I think?) but in practice the burden of proof is quite high so it would need to be a fairly clear case to try bring it. Mind you, with some 'boaters' being so disorganised/out of touch with understanding the law, they might put their foot in it enough for this to be quite easy and successful.
  8. It works but the first 17 threads in the list are sticky posts (in all the subforums selected) so this means only 7 normal threads appear on page 1 (and you need to scroll down to see them), page 2 onwards shows 24 threads per page. And....the right hand column is taken up by the list of subforums, which would be unchanging once you've made the selection, unless you wanted to change it. I remember the previous version had this feature, and it was lost on the upgrade, but its configuration was much more compact. Of course, back then, we had the normal view and the mobile view and no HTML5 resizing....and the security issues due to it being discontinued. I guess Invision aren't really able to respond to the actual needs of its userbase any more, I know when the last major update occurred they got bogged down in thousands of bugs because it was quite a major rewrite, and their customer base/market share has slid down, leaving less income to hire developers to address the issues which customers are actually asking for, in a bit of a vicious cycle. Hence why this has appeared only years after the version "upgrade".
  9. I've looked at the "Fluid View" and as far as I can see, it simply doesn't work. Yes, it allows a subset of the sub-forums to be selected, but it isn't sorting the results properly. If you look at View New Content (let's not forget the new version of the forum software doesn't actually have "View New Content" like the old one did - its actually a custom activity stream, that was created and set as a default with a permanent link on the top right, but its labelled as VNC) there's clearly posts from today, etc. However in the fluid view, something isn't right with the sorting so the most recent, when sorting by "Recently Updated", is Sept 24th, then the next is Sept 21st, and so on. I think its an indexing issue - the threads that do display seem to be well into the past, possibly there is a point in time which the index is complete up until, but it cannot or hasn't indexed beyond then? If it can't do this, its not really much use at all since the threads of main interest will invariably be the recent, and/or recently-updated, ones.
  10. Was it wet before it was wet? The paint dried, then it rained (without the wet sign being removed once it was dry).
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  12. I'd imagine most boatyards (who do work on boats) could do this kind of thing. Its a case of unscrewing and removing as much as possible that's in the way, then lifting and replacing a rotten section with a fresh one (probably of a more durable material than previously - ie a better grade of plywood or something). If it gets to the kitchen or bathroom area, its going to be interesting though.....then you're into plumbing and gas connections, maybe electrical stuff too. At that point it starts being more of a "project" than a "task".
  13. What's the issue with the floor?
  14. Its because the additives lose their effectiveness over time, the base oil is going to be okay though. I would have thought the shelf life is more like 3-4 years though, because some cars have service intervals over a year.
  15. Had they made the length of rope longer, it would have worked because the majority of the force comes from the momentum of the boat, not the engine (although it adds a little). (Longer rope, more acceleration backwards etc).
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