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  1. Doesn't make sense to remove it for a SF stove. Indeed, reading the OP its quite possible there is also a SF stove on the boat. If not, one could be fitted for winter use (when its cold in the daytime too) and for spring/autumn, a gas boiler is useful for "instant" warmth in evenings and morning. And hot water too, without needing to run the engine.
  2. Was there some period of time when she had more boats than moorings? Or is it simply due to "admin (two weeks)"?
  3. As above with Nick, it is not "invariably" - there are several instances I know where there is a queue, but the boaters in the queue DO NOT go and help. The reasons can only be guessed at but they may be unable to (with a valid reason such as old/infirm), or single handers themselves (might choose to stay on the boat instead), or unwilling or feel they're not competent enough to help. In this situation a volockie can help, and indeed by doing so HAVE HELPED THE BOATER AT THE BACK OF THE QUEUE without even interacting with them. If that boater and possibly their crew then want to "run the show" and do the lock without the help of the volockie then fair enough - if they're not holding up subsequent boaters.
  4. I've observed that there is no "percentage" you reduce a hopeful full listed price for, to arrive at its actual value. For example, if a boat/car/house/whatever is advertised at £120k, its not "20% wiggle room" and actually worth £100k. It could be worth £120k (or even more), or it could be worth £50k and the seller is a dreamer. Also, distance between sale offered price and actual value doesn't necessarily mean a correction will occur, some people just don't need to sell (or are too stubborn to adjust the price) and it will remain unsold, possibly for a long time.
  5. Living fairly locally, I'd recommend NOT going by bus. The "1" is a rare combination of slow, overcrowded, late, cramped, infrequent, zig-zaggy route and rude drivers. Apart from that its okay. Also it is one of THREE "1" buses that (eventually) arrive at Chester Bus Station.
  6. ETA Welding a new floor into the gas locker might result in existing bottles not fitting, necessitating a downgrade to smaller size (with potential lack of availability issues etc). And the welding needs to be gas-tight
  7. Make it a vertical slot, that way there is always some vent (above water, thus functional) when the gas locker is in varying amounts of being submerged.
  8. We've had a lot of people saying "that's quiet, is it electric"? Its not, its just a very quiet and relaxing diesel engine.
  9. Both relationships are possible. Somewhere, there is a coding of mooring type and it will be different for each type. Obviously in this scenario the moorers paid 100% of the due amount directly to the mooring provider, who (should have) paid an amount to CRT.
  10. It would have been wiser to ensure the survey you obtain can be passed on, if you're selling. Otherwise all it does is tell you stuff you can't pass on, which is of no benefit to the potential buyer so doesn't help the sale in any way. Definitely worth an ask - I can't see a surveyor turning down money for 5 mins of admin (sending an email).
  11. It would be semi-useful but not worth the cost of the dry docking + survey, which would inevitably be added to the purchase price. I believe some surveyors would allow a prospective buyer to "buy" the survey they recently did on the boat, meaning that the opportunity to ask follow on questions and the legal backing the survey brings (which isn't much) is there. It would also make the survey carry more weight as the path of communication would mean its genuinely from a third party. If that were the case it would be worth it - for time saving, if nothing else.
  12. If you (as a seller) know the boat reasonably well, there won't be anything in the survey that you don't already know. You could simply describe the boat thoroughly and honestly. A detailed description including faults/worn items and reason for sale are just as likely to encourage prospective serious buyers to proceed.
  13. What is a "vulnerable holiday home owner"? An oxymoron or...............?
  14. I hope your I hope your batteries are actually in parallel, not series.
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