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  1. Its a meaningless unenforceable "rule" because it has no backing in actual legislation, or even a byelaw. Its "only" in the T&Cs. But it fails the "don't be a dick" test quite badly (at 9:45pm).
  2. Paul C

    saving photos

    Copyright is a non-issue if you use the right type of cloud storage (ie its just storage, not storing AND serving it worldwide to the internet). If it were worldwide, then someone might find it and claim "fair use" based on its worldwide availability. But.......you'd know if you were serving your own pictures of whatever on the internet, right? Regarding personal data, I can't see any the prospects of any cloud storage firm who then shuffles through others' pictures and does something with them to be healthy, if they've promised a storage-only solution. And if you are worried, they could be encrypted anyway. I suppose there are some offerings around where the price is too good to be true, and in fact what they were doing was duping people into storing-only where they were sharing - free services come to mind here (ie suggestions of just chucking it up onto Facebook or whatever).
  3. The caravan boat has been towed a few miles then removed/lifted out of the water today.
  4. 1. Download Viddly 2. Find the relevant songs on Youtube, copy and paste the URL into Viddly and do "download as audio" 3. Copy the downloaded mp3 files to the D drive or whatever your CD writer drive is 4. Burn the CD. Make sure you create an Audio CD, not a Data CD
  5. He's effectively no longer running it, but hasn't passed on the day-to-day management aspects to anyone else. Probably understandable given he's been burned - more than once - by getting mods in who have subsequently gone crazy (or were originally crazy anyway, but were able to disguise it sufficiently). Given the above, its fair to say that while in theory, having political threads would be the popular choice, in practice it needs more moderation and there isn't the staff to do it. Yes, I know MtB and carlt offered at various stages, I think you can assume if someone says "don't call us we'll call you".....then never gets back in touch with you.....that your application has been unsuccessful. If there in fact is interest, then Dan can always lock this thread and start another poll which might be deemed more relevant or influential.
  6. If a licence is fraudulently obtained, is it valid?
  7. Supply and demand? The Shroppie has a shelf, so a lot of the time its difficult to moor other than at prepared areas. Much like a river.
  8. Do you have a decent guide book which shows the boat yards which do sell to the public? Is it simply that the route you took, didn't pass anyone who sold it?
  9. It depends where you define the edge of what is simply "current affairs" and what is actually a "political" current affairs/news story. As has already been stated, almost all topics can potentially touch on being political to some degree or another, its not black and white. But as a rough estimate, I'd say it was about 70/30 political/non-political.
  10. The forum software doesn't allow you to do that - if a post is hidden, then another post eg by a mod, or a note, can't be put in its place. In theory a post could be edited but then unless the offending text was copied and pasted elsewhere it would not be able to be referred to eg by other mods, or reinstated at a later date (not without leaving the note that it was edited by a mod, at least). There is no automated process to do the above - so posts are hidden. Its a fairly normal thing for posts to be hidden on forum software, and should be familiar amongst forum users too. While its quite reasonable to suggest "a more open approach" by moderators etc, if it needs to be done manually and is laborious in itself then its unlikely to be taken up. If you think the moderators are being too lazy, you can always ask for your money back, I suppose!
  11. One of the long standing issues with moderation is that everyone except the handful with admin/mod privileges can't see the hidden posts in a thread; or know what PMs, reports or actions have been already taken. I remember when I did it, some thoroughly disgusting posts which were removed as soon as possible (and suitable action taken as relevant). Of course, now I can't see what's been hidden on a particular thread - but neither can you. Additionally, there is a long-standing policy of keeping private what action is taken against members.
  12. I guess a day is a long time in politics, but not that long a time in running internet forums. Anyway, I see the discussion is somewhat re-enlivened so maybe it will stay in focus for a while longer. It would be nice to have the poll implemented or know why it can't be. If the reason it can't be is "I can't find any moderators who want to moderate it" - and that assumes carlt's offer is declined - then fair enough.
  13. For some reason - possibly to appease those who don't like to be pressed into actually making a decision - the poll ran with five options instead of two. Any which way you interpret it, its an incredibly weak argument to suggest that the overall conclusion from the poll is not "Yes", because of these extra options or the numbers voting in it (there will always be some on a forum who don't vote, or don't bother reading threads like this). However, if indeed the reason the decision hasn't been implemented is because the poll wasn't clear.......maybe the way forward is to have a 2nd poll? Or a best of 3? Don't do it with 7 slightly different options though, it should have 2 options. Anyway, I'll await the comments of the OP. I have a suspicion I know why its not been implemented.
  14. Getting back to the topic: What's the holdup in changing the rules and allowing discussion on politics? The poll result is pretty clear.
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