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  1. Paul C

    The Fat Ones are revolting.

    It doesn't really matter what percentage of the system a widebeam can use anyway, because say if it could reach 50% of the network, it just means it would use the bits it could, twice as much (that assumes a boat uses the network evenly). Putting it another way, a 12 month licence entitles you to use the network for ..... 12 months.
  2. Paul C

    CRT Auto Renew License

    Aaaaah apologies - I didn't read/understand your post properly the first time. Maybe just as well you had auto-renew on, otherwise you'd have not realised it was about to expire and forgotten to renew it on time? I don't know. Maybe auto-renew has its place. Personally I seem to have stabilised on using Google Calendar, so I put diary entries in for a year in advance, for the dates things like insurance etc run out on.
  3. Paul C

    CRT Auto Renew License

    Would love to know how CRT (or anyone else) successfully took a payment off an expired card. (Unless its TSB, of course).
  4. Paul C

    Boaters group recognised by CRT

    Surely, any group would be daft not to represent the views of its members, which might not necessarily align with all boaters. Given the diversity of different kinds of boating, it would be a significant task to be able to represent the views of all its members/boaters without somewhat diluting that representation along the way. Thus, we have groups such as RBOA which choose not to try represent all boater, but a subset of them. I would be interested if any other than IWA, RBOA, NABO have a mandate - in other words, they have demonstrably democratic elections for the members who administer/run the organisation. I think there's one other, an association of cruising clubs? But I can't think of any other. Unless something radical has changed (and they've been too busy to update their website) NBTA are not democratic and have no mandate, ie they don't hold elections for positions as such, but are formed by a group of like-minded people simply joining up informally and inviting others to join (and give them money via donations). I am not sure if CRT should necessarily give any more weight to a group with no mandate, over & above the voice of individual boaters.
  5. Paul C

    London Boaters - Government Review

    The "ie" doesn't hold - there are more than one type of winter mooring. The "type 2" was never named Roving Mooring Permit though. Agree - the ones with a fixed location are a non-issue.
  6. Paul C

    London Boaters - Government Review

    Its probably worth clarifying. There are different kinds of winter moorings. 1) those where you choose a designated visitor mooring spot; and 2) those where you don't (but are excused the normal requirements of moving around). I believe type 1 are okay. CCers seem to get upset when this type of deal is labelled as a home mooring ie they are no longer "CCers" during the contract with the winter mooring - but pragmatically its basically the same as any other kind of mooring contract. Its type 2 which were dodgy.
  7. Paul C

    London Boaters - Government Review

    I don't think the winter mooring permit is legal.
  8. Paul C

    London Boaters - Government Review

    I believe the outcome of the London review will be new legislation, either for CRT or local councils to (more easily) enforce. Thus, the current legislation is not significant.
  9. Paul C

    London Boaters - Government Review

    But thats the problem (partly) - solutions such as the above, or variations thereof, aren't legally enforceable because there is no regionality to the mooring time limits; and there is no generic time limit anyway. The "14 day rule" is only applicable to CCers and it has a "reasonable under the circumstances..." tag on it anyway, there is no such rule (in the legislation) for home moorers. And the 14 days mentioned in the T&Cs (and shorter time limits where signed) are just that - in the T&Cs which isn't enforceable in law (yet). Combine this with the weak penalty for non-display of the licence plate and it becomes difficult and cumbersome to actually enforce properly at all. Now since the problems are mainly regional, there is a good argument to make the reach of any new (primary) legislation have a regional focus too. Quite how this is done (for example by empowering councils to set their own rules on canals; or to define in law regions; or to empower CRT to define areas it wants to enforce tighter etc) is anther matter altogether.
  10. Paul C

    London Boaters - Government Review

    NBTA doesn't have a mandate (neither did ACC) - why should it be involved in discussions at all?
  11. Paul C

    Facebook Reaching Its Expiry Date ?

    I'm not an expert, but I believe there's at least 3 techniques for determining location 1) basic info from which phone mast you're currently connected to (not triangulation though) - ie it assumes you're somewhere within its catchment area. Varies by power, for example in cities where the density of cells is much greater, they are low power transmitter/receivers thus more precise; in the countryside they'll use a higher power, to cover a wider area. 2) a more accurate triangulation-based solution which is implemented in the 3G standard, basically to allow emergency services to more accurately locate a phone if needs be. Use is restricted to need-to-know basis 3) the phone itself using its own GPS to report its position. Most accurate, can be up to ~10m or maybe even more I dare say the app which is seeking the location is receiving the data of 1) or 2) but not 3), there might be a setting on the phone to enable this though.
  12. Paul C

    Can anyone recommend a web host please?

    Ok I can't really help you because I would (and already do) use a cloud based VM, which basically gives 100% control over the web server (or indeed, it could do anything else on the internet, not just host web pages...) but VMs basically come with no support. I see you're after a firm with decent technical support and probably less technical requirements (just static web pages, at a guess?) so its kinda the polar opposite to what I'd use and am most familiar with.
  13. Paul C

    Can anyone recommend a web host please?

    Yes of course. SSL is pretty much provided by default with typical providers now, and is a non-issue.
  14. Paul C

    Can anyone recommend a web host please?

    I agree with the above, a Virtual Machine on some kind of cloud infrastructure is technically better BUT its a step-change in technical knowledge to set up. Of course, this is normally a once-only process. You don't need Linux knowledge to do it but you'd be a bit daft trying to do everything with Microsoft infrastructure, unless you had an overriding reason to do so (like, a legacy of T-SQL stored procedures with business logic in them, which is a bad but used to be an efficient way to develop web apps). It depends, really. If your website needs are minimal (ie a website with a handful of pages, unlikely to get tons of visitors, and doesn't have CPU intensive coding) then a "normal" host is going to be more cost effective - the starting point for a VM is about $10/month once the free trial period is up. In fact you might ask why you need a web server at all - look into "Serverless computing" - ie leaving the whole running of the webserver to someone else, you just buy some space and bandwidth on it - which is kinda the opposite to a VM style approach.
  15. Paul C

    Stupid Facebook Groups

    Different kinds of social media have (broadly speaking) a different demographic. I'd say Facebook's is younger, thus one might infer that those on forums have more experience.

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