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  1. Thanks. I'm up in Scotland so wasn't aware of just how low the temps were going to fall by Monday. I see temps will drop to -2 through most of that. Would that freeze the canal in that first day? EDITED: Closure now expected until Thu 11/02/2021 16:30 after which hopefully the ice will have gone too. Then there's another stoppage at Leighton Buzzard starting 15/02/2021. Thanks. Wonder why they didn't update the information sheet that was sent out last night at 01.30am with this new date of 11th Feb?
  2. Just wondering if anyone knows whether this will indeed reopen today? Or Monday? Perhaps from someone who is physically there?
  3. Absolutely brilliant talk. What a really fantastic adventure. And I liked that it was done in a boat that wasn't bombproof: there were things that went wrong, engine arguably not big enough for the big rivers, all a bit amateur. I've always wanted to do the route from Rotterdam to Kiev including the Pripyat River but I believe theres a blockage at Brest that prevents it now. T~hen on up the Desna river to Smolensk where there's a dam because of the nuclear power station. Just a dream.
  4. Although it's about sailing, rather than the canals or narrowboats, the "Sailing Uma" Vlog is extremely watchable. The Canadian/Haitian couple are engaging and the production is (now) very good. The YouTube channel is here. While sharing most of the views here about "influencers" doing shit videos and wanting others to pay for their lifestyles, Sailing Uma, is one of the better ones out there.
  5. I think this is a good policy. The list that BEngo suggested - split into onboard and at home - seems good too. I have been thinking about getting a spare engine but I don't think there are many 3VRH's floating around these days. I've emailed Ray Hooley and hope to build a list of all the parts I need to source. Still wondering how many other narrowboats have a 3VRH or 3VRHM.
  6. Thanks for that. I hadn't seen that page. I *do* want to depower it somehow as I hardly seem to be able to get it off idle before I'm jet-skiing down the cut. I feel faster than Ben Ainslie's AC75. But then, who isn't?
  7. I bought Cypress a year and a half ago with a 3VRH engine which sounds great. Only trouble is I am not mechanically-minded. Everyone oohs and aahs over it but I admit I am nervous. Firstly, it feels overpowered for the 45' boat and as the boat swims very easily, it's a struggle keeping the boat slow. (There's a SCG gearbox) Does anyone else have a 3VRH on a narrowboat? Secondly, what spare parts do other R&H owners keep on the boat (or at home)? I'm aware that getting parts could well be tricky so I'd like to get a stock of some parts in. I'm aware of Ray Hoole
  8. I'm intrigued by the home location painted on many boats. As a secret cartophile and geographer, I always find I'm looking at where boats originate. Now obviously, some boats really are based at the place painted on the side, but presumably many used to be based there but I also suspect some have never been anywhere near their "home". There used to be a narrowboat moored on the Hamble alongside the M27 at Bursledon and I did wonder if it's now cruising around somewhere with Bursledon Wharf painted on the side. But I'm interested to know what others think of these place-
  9. Thought I'd add a pre-repaint photo of Cypress, another (I believe) of Ted Spencer's tugs. 45' of happiness. No picture windows, no 240V, inside has that semi-permanent Eau de gazoil fragrance, wind, rain and sun in your face. Thank you Ted!
  10. I'm responding individually to recent posts 🙂.Thanks.
  11. Hence the reason I referred to that in my first and third posts. 😉
  12. 😀 I realise the 'eating in pubs' bit might not be feasible but at this stage, I can't tell what is going to be feasible. The boat has the usual cooking facilities but preference would be to eat in pubs and Michelin-starred restaurants. As for all the covid restrictions, obviously I have no idea what the landscape will be like by then. It might not even be possible to go to the boat. We'll see. I have the option to have the boat moved for me but it's an interesting trip so I'd far rather do it myself. And these days I'm too lazy/tired to single all those broad locks
  13. I need to move my boat up to Stretton Stop for repainting, from Berko area, some time in February. Boat is a two-berth 45' tug-style with Ruston & Hornsby engine but accommodation is basic. The boat is cosy and there is space for beer. And some food. I will pay for food/beer - probably mainly eating at pubs. The trip is obviously subject to the restrictions imposed for coronavirus and I need to think through whether covid tests are needed as not practical to socially-distance on a narrowboat. Looking for one other person to share the steering, locking, drinking. Som
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