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  1. How the F are you lot still going on. Why the F should I be felling unwell? Because some prat goes round speaking on my F behalf ? The boat is fine. Nothing the F wrong with the boat just as long as no one from here balls it up. F F sake. I truly regret letting the so called experts touch the boat. Thanks to upgrading my membership to RCR and the boat yard, with Several WTF did he do from the folks that sorted out the experts (sigh) work. This is F unbelievable, apparently I have to go to Birmingham!? Apparently 'You People should know your place' (what I was told by one of the members here) How creepy can a bunch of people get. bunch of nut jobs
  2. Dave showed me around his boat which was nice. But it isn't the only boat I saw and he did express his feelings on the cost of up keep and problems with winter. His boat is not the only boat I looked at and being a big grown independent person I don't have to get a clone of his boat, his style, and needs are not my cup of tea and if he could show me where I said I was angry with the vents or electric system or is this polishing your mod badge in public? All texts to NW have been light hearted banter like talking about finding a mouse on the boat and him saying post about it on the forum. I said 'they already think I'm a weirdo' next thing I know he's turning into Paul Brunell. Even though he aleady told a member that 'My boat needed painting' when the member questioned why I was doing he's acting like its a blooming surprise! He also misses out on having a tantrum because I said he wore Lycra and said he's pretty instead of handsome Lord love a duck the majority of you have some serious issues
  3. First off. WTH! Most of you were having a tantrum last time I was here. Second, if I'd have listened to all the advice given on this thread I'd have wasted a large amount of money on jobs that didn't need doing, I'm sure that most of the people that posted 'Advice' we're just fluffing there own ego. I don't need to run my batteries for hours on end at high revs and have never had to I don't need a whole new pipe and plumbing set up and my cauliflower isn't to high/ low/ in the wrong location To get the engine heating the water didn't need hundreds of pounds, a whole tool set and a human sacrifice I don't need a over indulgent electric system (mine suits my needs) CRT have never chased me out of Skipton (they are rather understanding to my hospital visits) Don't need to change my lighting system or risk living in darkness surrounded by creatures from the dark side. Yes I have ignored a heck of a lot of advice given by this forum and in person. Don't need to be a person who proclaims to be a boaty expert to know something doesn't sound right. Out of the five visitors from this place the only good thing was having the header tanks, the diesel water trap and the Rev button explained, all the other stuff ended up being a total pitta Some people seem to think that if one is polite perky and looks as if they are impressed with their ramblings about there skills with engines or boats that they can keep harping on. Has no one ever heard of 'Smile and Nod' rolls eyes. I gave NW a free pass when he acted like a pollock and said I was upset with the forums post. My reply was not the first draft (or even sixth draft. I would have been so banned) I did give him a free pass for showing the tanks and what nots and for helping empty the boat. No more free passes as he is taking it upon himself to act like one of those princess Di fan girls. Out of the herd of so called experts found when I got back to it that it was flooding One ended up trashing my fuses One ended up making damn sure my heating stopped working (how the fu@@ diddid they manage that) One went off in a strop because they were under the illusion is drop my trolleys for them The majority of folk who pounce on the commen sense minority don't arf talk a load of tosh
  4. Used bitumen as I wasn't in the mood for doing a fancy paint job. It'll protect the boat from the worst of winter Think I've got to grips with boat life quite well (pops on specs) nothing's blown up or gone fizz. Still get to use my electronic thingies and my power consumption is not that high considering I'm a computer fan-girl. Done the lounge bit, fiddled with the kitchen bit can't be bothered with the bedroom bit ( stay like it is for now). boat place sorted out my hot water bits and engine, I'll leave them to do the rest of the grown up stuff when I come into more money. Considering vents have been blocked since September I'm doing pretty well and the chaps who had previously poked this boat are loving my paint scheme and DIY skills (mind you I was holding a hammer at the time. I have easy access to the shops, boaty place and hospital (bring my own coffee) Boyes and the Toolbox are my go to places (they understand me.....I feel so sorry for them) Not unblocking the vents. It's a boat not a Tupperware container, and why is it you chaps pick now to get offended about me shaking my fists at various members when A. It's all done in fun and B. No one objected when I asked for human sacrifices to appease the sun!? You chaps have very wonky ethics (or is it standards). It's like that crazy woman on FB saying I have a condemned cooker and a whole host of illegal hokey stuff ( I only said I don't like gas cookers) To old for the drama. You chaps continue making up or blissfully perching on a soap box and fill in the rest of whatever this thread was. Only posted to share the fun (no fun now) now if you don't mind, I'm going to try and remove my arm from the dogs mouth, its not my favourite arm but I still have the use of a few fingers and they come in handy for DIY and nose picking (my other hand is for cakes)
  5. I don't care that you don't care And if Rusty69 doesn't want to partake in the manly sport of hair pulling (toe hair as im not a werido) i'll some how manage to sleep at night (no i wont....i'll stand outside his home ready to pounce and give him a raspberry in his belly button). The vents were previously blocked by me back in September and i have just reblocked them again (reblocked is a real word so there) There is only so much i can do with with the boat and those things i do myself (no one answers the texts or emails i send requesting for money) All the crew are still alive and well (blooming vets has my money as proof). If i have to coat myself in stern gland grease and wrestle each and everyone of you who says im sat here twiddling my thumbs, day in and day out i blooming well will (just need notice in order to save up for more grease). Im sad seeing my fantastic pain job ruined (£36 i will never get back). But the vents are the least of my worry's as long as the inside of the boat is rain proof, which i (fingers crossed and lick a haddock) think it is for now. I have a whole encyclopedia of things to finish before Feb which is not that far away Free lettuce for everyone (who cashes my cheque)
  6. If i don't block the vents i will get a lot of rain Boats dry on the inside though and i don't have a extra shower in the bathroom (made tinkling tricky) and with the big gap in the front door i get lots of air (sometimes it whistles) Maybe i did use Bitumen.......it's paint aint it......wanna make something of it? step outside the forum and we shall take up the manly sport of hair pulling Grrrr
  7. Why does Patty-Ann keep being the voice of reason on this thread? (cancels Amazon order of some rather pretty sheep clippers) This morning i found out that my boat melted How the blue blazes are they selling this and yet it melts in a torrential rain storm Grrrrr! looks like someone went slap happy with a tube of toothpaste down one side of my boat used the floor tiles from pondland to cover the solar panels that don't work but collect water after chucking a load of sealant in first Speaking of sides My boat tilts to the left (told you it's a boy) is this why it steers odd? even the sealant went down the left side and maybe that is why the engine bit has lots of slabs and that big iron slab on the right. Should i be worried? My hair is still growning. Any advice for DIY hair lopping PS Fed the adopted one liver today........butt farts all day long..... 2 mushrooms and 2 round things used bathroom, window and gutter sealent I just know it's a red engine.....how do i find out what type it is please
  8. Wishing them all the best on a safe and quick return. Blooming awful feeling tone without your pet
  9. I did but they haven't got back to me and the manager is off for a while. Not sure how much they will charge although between RCR and Pennine i would rather have Pennine boats sort things out (because they understand me ) Used four tubes of gutter and window gunky stuff on the mushrooms (NASA will post pics) Bled radiators, no air came out just a trickle of water. Did i do it right or wrong? Bought a new hose as the last one did my blooming nut in (Kink City). How does Mr Harry the S***** know he is only 40 mins away from me!?! Isn't this proof he dumps his kids on my boat then jets off to Milton Keynes to drink from pink coconuts! can't wait for him to come down and drive the boat while i nag him (ive been practicing on the pup) Can i use a electric shaver on my portable invertor. My head isn't worth £5 a visit What oil goes in a engine?
  10. Dear Chubby When I take over the 'Sensible' part of the world, you can have your own country Did use bathroom sea lions on the vents in September but I guess it needs redoing (need some dry weather first). I have a vent over my bed that got it damp. Have to vents I. The bathroom and one in the kitchen (all leak) IMHO those cents are nothing but easy access passages for spiders (I'm looking at you Harry the S*****) Titted my kitchen windows today due to using my expensive curtains to cover the vents ( I'll send my bill to Mr Enfield). My upstairs back bit is stacked with kindles and bags of coke so I should be ok. I've rejiggered the furniture so I have enough space to swing two cats and a pup (all at the same time) Should I attempt to change the engine oil and filters myself? I have winter mooring for skipton so I have around four months to get the boat 'Crusing Ready'. I need Engine oil and filter tinkering Battery tinkering Solar installing Weed Hatch tinkering I think those are all the grown up jobs I need a smart person to sort out, so I'll get the boaty shop to do them. Parked opposite the water point. Everyone else is round the corner ( I had a shower....honest) it's easier to to up water here, just push the boat across OMG diesel is lasting forever since I filled up in October. I was told the bridges near here will get worked on so I can't even go boating very far. Think I may go stir crazy
  11. If you met my stove you'd sell your soul for a sweep. I wish I could find someone as its a total *naughty word* to do
  12. I need pics to make my life complete. Please give us a boaty pic tour
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
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