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  1. Ref the holes. A boat went under at Crofton a few years ago when levels dropped. Upon refloating was found that the hull had several holes in above the waterline. It appeared to be the hull had been drilled for skin fittings and then the interior was laid out differently and had skin fittings put on the other side. The interior was lined and the unused holes were forgotten about. Boat several years later listed in a low pound . The rest is........ [ref the late Dave & Sheba of NB Summer]
  2. Well its the way I understand/explain it is all. When cold the old knackered oil can be really thick at air temp. Like treacle. When warm it flows nice and easy. No doubt someone more technical will come along and argue it?
  3. Reread OP. Yep oil has gone gloopy. Change. Now it is colder the oil has 'thickened up' and as such makes it harder to pull start. As soon as it starts the oil level appears to drop as it isn't returning to the sump quick enough until it warms up thus causing oil level switch to trigger. After a couple of runs oil is thinning down with warmth and then the Genny continues to run.
  4. Also. Starts, runs, stops. Does oil light flicker? Change the oil. Check the level. Really common as the air temp drops.
  5. Dinz

    Folding bike

    https://www.helix.ca If ya got circa £xxx at last estimate? [ Just about to start exporting.
  6. Strangely I have an EU20i that charged but motor blown. Wot you want for yours? PM me.
  7. You back in the area? When are you due through Dave?
  8. Yet on Bm1Funny readings thread. Who wrote? One connection and one connection only to the battery - the shunt. All other wires, yes all of them, yes even that one, and the starter negative... yes all of them, go to the other side of the shunt. I'm confused? Or ...........
  9. Here's a shot of me Norton Commando on back of boat at Honey St. Not clear under Pram Hood but easy to roll on & off. Rear hatch is offset. Boat is 11'5" beam .
  10. http://www.jim-shead.com/waterways/mwp.php?wpage=Inland-Waterways-of-England.htm Click on waterway interested in Towards bottom of page lock & craft dimensions
  11. Dinz

    Solar Roof Box

    https://www.google.co.uk/search?rlz=1C2CHBD_en-GBGB774GB774&dcr=0&biw=957&bih=506&tbm=isch&sa=1&ei=GqyqWuPAE-nOgAalh5SQAg&q=solar+panel+canal+boat+box&oq=solar+panel+canal+boat+box&gs_l=psy-ab.12...16449.25338.0.29186. Or;- 'Solar panel canal boat box' in google.
  12. https://www.iims.org.uk/the-dangers-of-overplating/ Looked at this thread a few minutes ago on LF then came here. Same subject matter. edit; Then look in boat building section and see already there. Sorry peeps!
  13. Is the pump inlet from tank smaller bore or restricted in any way?
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