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  1. Les offered this very boat to me last year. Was really tempted, however, no time and money sadly. I guess he had no takers, and he already had a number of project boats. Hence put up for sale. If I recall, Les was thinking of installing electric propulsion as he has done with some other boat.
  2. Reducing the relative humidity will reduce the condensation. Depending on temperature a RH of 70% or greater will give you wet window frames. The use of a good dehumidifier works well in my case.
  3. If you don’t already have guide books, though getting a bit dated now, the Imray guides for The River Great Ouse and tributaries and Fenland Waterways have some useful information. Read up on the usage of the locks. On the Nene and River Great Ouse, they are operated differently, not in the same way as on canals. I have recently found visitors to the rivers leaving the locks in the incorrect state.
  4. Have a look at Nabru, https://www.nabru.co.uk/ You can design your own, chooses shape and sizes of all elements. I have a two seat sofa and a single seat. Because one can choose narrow arms, for example, you can get something that will fit nicely in a boat. They are delivered in pieces and need assembling, however this was free with delivery. oh yes, they storage under the seats.
  5. I have everything, but the Buddha. Better run out and get one so you can score a full house! ?
  6. Thank you. Seems there was a problem with my browser cache or something. After the search, I seem them in the drop down menu. Urgh ... fool behind the keyboard ... me.
  7. MMP-I had a stand at the Crick Boat show, (maybe two years ago when I was there last), and were promoting a new propeller called the "Canal Line", designed for the harsh canal system ... If I visit the website, they have all their other propellers listed but none of the Canal Line ones. However, if I do a web search, I do find a link to an announcement on their site, it just that you can't reach it from the sites front page. It is almost as if they are keeping it sort of hidden. I do see that Midland Chandlers are selling them. What I'm asking, does anyone
  8. I have noticed they are not trading anymore. Company is closed. I tried to call them and was told by the person who answered that the company has gone. Looking on Companies House I see that accounts overdue ... I was wondering why I haven't heard anything form them in a long while.
  9. It has happened, announced today. https://www.ldc.co.uk/news/2018/12/ldc-invests-in-british-waterways-marinas
  10. Even If one is not living on your boat, you might holiday on it for extended periods. So one can benefit from cheaper fuel for heating & electric. I stand corrected, but doesn’t one pay a lower rate VAT on electric for a domestic supply? Sure I happen to live on a boat at the moment, please don’t hold that against me
  11. Some of need to use deisel for heating and generating electricity, thus essential for life.
  12. Soldering equipment, gas torch, yes, no kiln. Anything requiring kiln is sent to a studio that has an appropriate kiln. We wouldn’t have enough power for an electric kiln ... me thinks.
  13. My mrs and I live on a boat and she makes and sells her own silver jewellery .... Waterways attracts arts and crafts. Lots of inspiration I guess.
  14. Yes, and they do not have engines. There are still a bunch of them at Priory Marina, Bedford.
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