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  1. Well I am impressed, e mailed this morning and they have replied cancelling the charge notice and apologised. As I said earlier it does pay to have evidence. Hampton Court Palace moorings are owned by Historic Royal Palaces not the EA, I suppose they also control the car parks there. If you need it their address is [email protected] they only give a snail mail address on the notice. Ken
  2. As part of our 2018 cruising we boated the length of the River Thames from Lechlade to Limehouse, we used a number of free 24 hour moorings which are run for the Environment Agency by two different parking companies. There are notices displaying the mooring conditions at the various sites, the notices for both companies look very similar one company gives a phone number to register, the other District Enforcement only supplies a website "where2moor". We moored at Hampton Court palace on 19/9/2018 and I tried to use the website to register our arrival, my phone signal was poor and the website kept dropping out. I then saw a man walking along the moorings taking photographs of the moored boats, I spoke to him and he told me he was an enforcement officer for District Enforcement who controlled the moorings, I explained the problem and he gave me two phone numbers and told me I could register my arrival by phone. I called and spoke to a man explained the problem with the website and he told me it wasn't a problem he would register my arrival, asked me when we would be leaving, I told him next morning, he said OK no fee to pay, I thanked him and ended the call. All done then, as required by the notice displayed by District Enforcement, so I was somewhat surprised this morning to receive a Mooring Charge Notice demanding £100 for mooring at Hampton Court on 19/9/2018. Obviously I am not going to pay and have already appealed, fortunately we keep a boat log and had noted the problem we had at Hampton Court and also the two telephone numbers I used were still in my mobile phone log, hopefully that will be enough but as this is a parking enforcement company I may have to take it to court. So if you do moor on the Thames and the site is controlled by District Enforcement (where2moor) make sure you have evidence of your boats arrival and departure. The phone numbers by the way are 01785 540016 and 01785 540017. Ken
  3. Apparently you missed the last line. However I do find the somewhat absurd claims made for climate change laughable. Just how much energy is required to raise sea temperatures by 1 degree centigrade to a depth of 3500 m, required for this 1 m sea level rise , We really do not know enough about our planet and how it works to make claims about what might happen a hundred years from now. The so called greenhouse gases account for less than 1% of the total atmosphere. Not all scientists agree with the reasons put forward for climate change. The human race has since the start of the industrial age increased the output of pollution into the atmosphere, this will I assume have an effect but how much and given that we have started to address this will it reverse in the future, who knows. Generally the news is bad news it is rare that good news makes it either into our newspapers or onto TV, and sensational news is the best of all, accuracy not important. Ken
  4. The survey is a joke, basically a quick walk through the boat check the fire extinguishers are in date ask if you have a life jacket and is it in date. Generally if the boat is in good condition, visual check only, you are good to go. Make sure you have the paperwork for the survey printed out so that whomever you use can sign it, guess how I know this. Cost of the survey in 2017 was £70.00. In addition you have to pay Peel Ports a fee to use the Ship Canal and they want a copy of your insurance. All contact details current in 2017 are available on here see Cruise Diaries pinned post. Ken
  5. Indeed true however so is the converse, when ice melts the water produced occupies less space than the ice. Fortunately or not I suppose I won't be around to worry about it. If we get any more summers like the last one, well sorry but global warming bring it on? Only joking. Ken
  6. There certainly isn't a thermocouple on my Refleks stove except for the external overtemperature one fitted to the hot water output pipe. The control unit is very simple, other systems are obviously more complex. Ken
  7. Given that 71 percent of the Earth's surface is covered with water, how much is required to raise the sea level by 1 metre? Is there enough ice even if both the Artic and Antarctic melted completely? Ken
  8. We did the entire length from Liverpool to Leeds in 2017 and from Skipton to Leeds this year. We didn't as I recall find the locks in poor condition, after the Wigan flight the locks are fairly spread out until you eventually reach Bingley. Skipton to Bingley is all about swing bridges eighteen in all, Bingley on is a good mix of locks and swing bridges until you reach Leeds. Mooring did seem sometimes to be a problem, we would find a well mown stretch of grass with straight sections of pilings but the depth of water was rarely enough to get into the bank. It is an interesting canal the views through the Pennines are spectacular. We did a trip on the Settle to Carlisle railway, really good day out and Saltaire is definitely worth a visit. I do think when hiring the temptation is to do too much boating at the expense of taking the time to explore, do your research and enjoy. Ken
  9. I do not understand how the flame going out stops your fuel flowing, I do have a temperature sensing device which trips the control unit in the event of overheating of the water, my system has a boiler to supply hot water for central heating but there is no flame detection device except if I notice it is not burning. If I turn the control knob on and depress the lever on the end and the shutoff valve in the supply line is open fuel starts to flow and continues to flow it does not matter that I fail to light the diesel it still keeps flowing. As long as the outlet into the burner is open and there is fuel flowing into the control unit then it will continue to enter the burner, eventually the fuel in the burner will cover the inlet hole and at some point the unburnt fuel in the burner will create enough back pressure to reduce the flow to a point which allows the float to turn off the fuel. To achieve a constant even burn the system must allow the control unit to operate without the fuel supply opening and closing. The fuel flows through the control unit and the position of the control knob determines how much fuel enters the burner, too much fuel and the flame burns yellow too little and the fire goes out because the back pressure caused by the position of the control knob does indeed then cause the float to stop the fuel flow. Ken
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  11. He is and I am. Although at the moment he is in Las Vegas with about twenty Southampton FC supporters, I'm not sure who should be more concerned my wife and I or the USA.? His friend is now very happy in Oz, has a good job and will I suspect stay there. Ken
  12. Homelessness is not something people plan. A friend of my son's finished university and went travelling for a year. When she returned she found that her parents had separated, were in the middle of divorce proceedings, had sold the family home, split the proceeds and neither could accommodate their daughter. They had become so enmeshed in their own problems that their daughter had been forgotten. Our son invited her to stay, we were away boating, he did tell us we had a lodger. She stayed for nearly a year then left to work in Australia, neither parent made any effort to contact her or help in any way. She was lucky that she had a good friend otherwise she to could have ended up on the streets as apart from her parents there is no other family. It is possible that my son is finally growing up, Oh I do hope so!? Ken
  13. Do they? Given the extremely basic control system for a Refleks stove how on earth does a supply on demand work? I suspect only if you have a tank supplying fuel via gravity to the stove, the supply tank could be topped up as required by a remote supply. These stoves were originally designed for fishing vessels and similar working craft so that could make sense. Not usual on a narrowboat but it could be done if required. My stove is fed via a filter and no pump is required . Ken
  14. There are a couple possibly three different types of control unit. Mine has a knob on the top and a for the want of a better description a switch on the end which allow the fuel to flow, the max / min screws are also accessible without removing the cover plate. Once the knob and switch are operated the fuel continues to flow, the rate depends on how far the knob is rotated. You can reduce the total flow using the maximum screw but as long as the two controls are operating fuel continues to flow. As far as I can tell the float switch only seems to operate once the two top controls are closed. Of course that is on my version of the control box other versions may be different. I still think the OP needs to provide more information so that informed help can be offered. So often questions are asked without any real sensible information regarding their particular proposed installation / problem. Ken
  15. Yes, I know, but they have a limited operation. I replaced the original tank for a smaller one expecting to have to increase the flow rate but in fact I had to reduce it because the new tank had a better flow rate. The adjustments only just cope with the improved flow and even now I get a bright yellow flame for a few minutes until it settles down. Flow rate is important and if you get it wrong the adjustments will not cope. Ken
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