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  1. Hang a few COVID masks with some blood effect stains on them near the main entrance.
  2. I have assembled everything back together again and tightened down the 6 small retaining bolts. I used two part epoxy resin to seal each side of the round plate and the diaphragm. As you may see there was rust and some clogged holes that have now been restored to its original condition although I have not photographed that one. I used my car mini compressor and pumped it with air to 14 psi. It was replaced back into the engine room It now works perfectly good and the pump activates every now and again. I tried to upload a photo but failed or maybe not.
  3. It was already fitted in the boat when I bought it 2020 as part of the fresh water system. I noticed inside the tank today that there was no coating for anti corrosion
  4. This morning I have managed to remove the accumulation tank from it's mounting. I discovered that the seal between the rubber bag and the metal of the tank and the end plate had rust particularly the round end plate. I have removed the rust and painted the round plate with an anti rust treatment. I have cleaned the inside of the tank and and both sides of the bag very carefully. I rubbed Talcum around inside of the tank to help the rubber bag slide more easily. Tomorrow I will seal each side of the joint faces with engine silicon and re assemble it again. I think I pump it up to 3 psi less than the cut in pressure.
  5. The tank is identical to this download and the pump sits on top. I'll have to look at it in the morning
  6. I just switched off the pump and turned on the tap but only half a cup full came out then no water at all. What next?
  7. Hello everyone, I live in a 15 metre inland and coastal cruiser on the canal du midi France. I'm relatively new to all this canal and river stuff with much to learn. One question! My fresh water system is pressurised and use a Jabsco 24V 11 litres/mind. The pump has started activating every time I use the tap, before the accumulation tank would store an amount of pressure but I wonder if it has split the rubber balloon inside or some other fault. Any idea?
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