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  1. Thanks Brooke23. appreciate the list
  2. Really appreciate everyone's input! Kids have been to England 7 times to visit the family, and are very worldly compared with most Americans, but are used to the comforts of America and currently homeschooled by Mum who is a teacher. Expect they'll have flown the coop by the time we retire onboard and they may visit from time to time. Tony / David I like the idea of hiring a boat for the winter-time as I've only ever boated in the Summer and obviously that is very different experience and would use different power source. Booke23 - when you mention brokers, where do I find them?
  3. yes, thanks. Semi-trad 60-70ft was roughly what we had in mind. Any specifics you would recommend to have on the boat especially with regards to power / solar etc... Assuming England gets enough Sun.😁
  4. Thanks KenK. We had one booked for a couple of weeks 2020 and then everything got cancelled. Might be more of a long vacation for a month or two with kids and then when they leave the nest, retirement for the oldies.
  5. Thank you so much. Any recommendations on where to look for boats? Seems like the 2nd hand boats are in shorter supply than they used to be.
  6. Where to start? Family of 4 (two children 10/12) Moving back from USA to England where my extended family lives (close to Foxton Locks). Spent a couple of weeks on a narrowboat from Foxton to Stratford-upon-Avon in the 1990's. Dream to retire on Narrowboat and initially CC then maybe find somewhere for permanent. Budget <75,000 GBP Rather not be restricted with a widebeam as far as travelling network. Where should I be looking? Best builders? Age of boat? Would love experienced boaters help and any ideas most welcome....
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