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  1. I'd also add that if this works, why not do it every week? There's plenty of people feeling a bit isolated at the moment Ba Dum Tish!
  2. This idea is not a lot different to our forum chat room, just with added video. The chat room used to be well attended and could get quite busy, but it's died a death. It's a long shot, but why can't we add video to our chat room on here? Simple solution: get a list of forum members who want to join and dm them the link
  3. What am I going to do with this pot noodle now?
  4. Thanks Sue. I'll look out for it.
  5. ok, but does that mean it's going to be published online or will it be only for participants?
  6. It will be 3 years this year since I joined in with this as a boater, so think I'll probably throw my hat in the ring again this time. I can't remember if it's possible to see the scoring system before officially entering? Is it online somewhere or do I have to pay my fee first? Thinking about where the accumulator sections are and which canals score in both directions.
  7. Interesting. Will there be an official cycling or walking entry this year?
  8. I may cycle it again this year and try and beat my mileage from last year. If I'm clever I can strategically moor my boat for the saturday night to sleep on, start from one of the railway stations and try and do most of the BCN over the 2 days, then finish at.... hang on, where's the finish?
  9. More questions: who is running it? Will the BCNS be a bit more involved this year? Will there be entry and scoring options for walking/cycling?
  10. I've split this off into a new thread.
  11. I'm moored in the centre of Birmingham at the moment. You're welcome to come and film my boat. (She's been on telly before and quite liked it). Kate - once you've made 5 posts on the forum you can send private messages to other members. This will help with arranging things.
  12. No they are not all the same. In simple terms, if you go to Argos, Tesco, Currys etc and get a branded charger it will cost you upwards of £10 and should be fine. If you go on ebay (or to a car boot) and buy an unbranded charger for about £1.50, it's likely to be junk and may well damage your gear.
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