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  1. Yesterday afternoon there were about 2-3 every ten minutes going past me at Norton Junction on the GU. A bit quieter today, but still a few per hour. Judging by Moomin's comment above, they're mainly avoiding the Leicester line. Maybe people think Leicester is still locked down, like it was last summer.
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  3. I do normally have a bike with me. But for complicated reasons I won't go into here, my bike is currently elsewhere. I've read this a few times and I think I understand. Thanks.
  4. Update: At 3:30 I discovered that the nearest place I could get PTFE tape was an hour and a quarter walk away. And the place closes at 5:00. So of I went at a brisk trot to get there before it closed. I made it, and after a 2 and a half hour round trip, and returned with a roll of tape - cost 60p! I've now refitted it all and, hallelujah, it seems to be holding (touch wood). Well it's been a rather tiring day. My phone tells me I've walked 28,000 steps, which is good exercise, and best of all, I get to have a shower now. Thanks everyone for all your help - especially Tony, I
  5. This is all the bits This is all the bits loosely screwed together This is inside the brass fitting which was on the bottom of the accumulator.
  6. I'll take a picture. The brass fitting I took off the accumulator has ptfe tape in the thread, so that's why I assumed that. Give me 2 minutes
  7. There's another piece which I've found which I thought was part of the accumulator, a brass fitting. I've taken that off and it all goes together now! So I put it all on and it's weeping. I suppose there should be some ptfe tape in the thread? I don't think I have any of that. Any clever ideas?
  8. Update. I got a threaded plug as recommended by Tracy as a temporary fix. Manged to get the accumulator off but I can't get the plug onto the fitting. It's the right plug I think but there's a plastic bit sticking up which prevents the plug from going on. Can I cut this plastic bit off to get the plug on, or is it needed for something?
  9. It doesn't mention it. They also do a blue one which doesn't mention it either. The advantage of MC is that I can go in a talk to them. I could even take the old one in to make sure I get the right size. Me too. Thanks for all the help so far folks!
  10. I've ordered a threaded stopper thingy which should arrive at an amazon locker near here by 1pm tomorrow. I can try and put that on so I can have a wash! Then I can wait until I get to Braunston and pick up this: Is that the right thing?
  11. Thanks. There's no way what I have can be 25 litres. I think I'd have to start dismantling my wardrobe to get that in!
  12. The accumulator does seem to turn, but I was nervous of doing that! Are they called something else?
  13. Ahh, so it's not a specifically boat thing?
  14. Is it this what you mean? https://www.plasticpipeshop.co.uk/34-BSP-Threaded-Plug_p_4270.html The problem is I can't even see anything. The accumulator is sitting on a wooden base and is boxed in underneath. I can't even work out how to remove the accumulator right now. And I'm tired! I'll be able to look again in the morning.
  15. Thanks. Can you recommend anywhere round here?
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