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  1. The area around Sherborne Wharf would not meet the criteria for a Conservation Area. Too much has changed there. There are plenty of canal related conservation areas nearby though. Examples include Galton Valley, Digbeth and Tipton.
  2. Listing does include the setting and the surroundings in general. Any building work in the vicinity of a listed building will have that listing as a factor in any planning determination. The listed building isn't always the determining factor though.
  3. Phones are also just a PITA in this scenario, having to dial a number and wait for a reply. They can't be used when wearing thick winter gloves either. Seems as though those people who have walkie talkies and don't use them, simply haven't got used to using them. At first, we always used to forget to take them out, or to charge them. Now I make a point of keeping them charged and, as soon as we get to a lock flight, out they come. They aren't necessary but they do make things easier and far more civilised.
  4. We use walkie talkies and I don't care if people think we're plonkers. I do a lot of single handing so where there's the two of us and we get to a flight, my OH goes ahead to set locks while I work up or down the flight. Often we are out of sight of each other. She can warn me when a boat is coming the other way and I can leave locks ready for them. She can also warn if there is some kind of issue/hold-up/obstruction ahead, and I can let her know if I've been delayed, or want to have a cup of tea and does she want one? Far more plonkerish are those crews who work up flights screaming, shouting and waving their arms around at each other. Just use a walkie talkie - far more civilised.
  5. Aboard NB Beau from Purton to Shepherd’s Patch on the G&S
  6. Just seen a post on facebook about Valley Cruises in Stratford. They are moving their base to Bidford and the long term moorers there have been given 6 weeks to leave. It seems CRT own the land. Nobody is telling the moorers anything. Just wondering if anyone here knows what the future for the site is? I would have thought that any new operator would be happy to keep the existing moorers on.
  7. And CRT, to be fair, promoted the event more than BCNS. They advertised it on their website and were tweeting about it in the week preceding and over the weekend. The @bcnchallenge twitter account picked up quite a few new followers, which may well have been down to CRT retweeting. Any of those new followers may decide to join the BCNS or take part in the challenge in future.
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