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  1. Same question asked at Mercia but the answer was always 'under investigation so can't be discussed'.
  2. Yesterday, I too, was impressed by how lovely Hanley Park looked but I was going past it on a coach (school trip🙄) and could also see the surrounding area. The contrast between the two was remarkable!
  3. I hadn't thought of the winter moorers- I haven't even started my summer holiday yet! Thanks for the heads up 👍
  4. Not yet but I'm assuming (!) that there won't be a huge difference...I'm also assuming that they both have vacancies...We are going to have a look at both over the next couple of weeks.
  5. Great to have such positive posts about these two marinas. Do you get the same agreement through Kings Orchard to use the other marinas in the group as you do at KB?
  6. I love the idea of choosing the marina closest to a good pub and a Screwfix! KO definitely has a tick in the 'nearby pub' box but we also need to check both out for dog and wheelchair friendliness. Thank you for all replies.
  7. We are already fans of the Plough 🙂
  8. Does anyone have personal experience of either/both of these marinas? Just thinking about a possible change of mooring for our narrowboat. Thanks
  9. Attenborough Nature Reserve is next to the Trent and it is within walking distance of Trent Lock (towards Nottingham). Or moor a bit further up the Erewash and catch the train from Long Eaton to Attenborough.
  10. If he's chipped remember to change your address on the database.
  11. We did the Ashby a few years ago. OH uses a wheelchair but is otherwise pretty strong but even so we were disappointed with the lack of opportunities for him to get off the boat and get to most of the pubs. If it's only a few days we find the run from Mercia to Great Haywood has reasonable access off the canal: moorings outside the Dragon at Willington - level access into the pub; moorings near the Bridge at Branson (more of a restaurant than a pub but has lots of outside space) - all level access from the towpath; Alrewas is reasonably accessible although once off the towpath via short slope or level access you need to cross the canal for a short walk into the village; Fradley junction is level access off the towpath; there's a small slope off the towpath to walk to the pub and chip shop in Handsacre; if you can moor near the lock in Great Haywood it's levelish off the towpath but it's a steep bridge to get into the village.
  12. I have a suspicion that Nottingham castle is closed for refurbishment at the moment ... but could be wrong!
  13. I tried agility with my reactive dog on the advice of my vet’s behaviour expert (who also ran the classes). Like Zeus, he was happy and confident doing all the obstacles but he was constantly stressed by all the other dogs running around and made no positive progress with his reactivity. We stopped going and worked 1:1 with a dog trainer. First thing we had to work on was undoing some of the issues arising from the advice given by the vet’s expert...
  14. Beo

    New Crew

    What a lucky dog to have been found by you!
  15. Our longest trip on the boat so far had been 5 weeks. We use our little Candy washing machine every 3-4 days. It means we don’t have to have loads of clothes on board and we don’t have a pile of dirty washing taking up space. As others have said, use of the machine has to be organised around days when we can top up the water are planning to be on the move for 2-3 hours. The drying’s no problem as OH made a mini version of one of the ceiling mounted drying racks (like my mum used to have in our kitchen) for the cratch and I have a couple of pull out drying lines in the bathroom. No iron though!!
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