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  1. Although we have a cruiser stern we keep the dogs in the cabin when moving. OH made this gate so that they can always see us and get some fresh air.
  2. I guess that there are plenty of leisure boaters on this forum who live near a canal who would be happy to help out boaters with food deliveries etc.
  3. Have a look at the other kibbles in the range that you use now- there may be one designed for underweight dogs/poor doers/fussy eaters. We had a very skinny ex-puppy farm breeding bitch from the OES Rescue who did really well on Chudleighs Supreme. Once at a healthy weight she went on a ‘normal’ mix. Although if he’s happy and full of energy and not hungry I wouldn’t worry 🙂🐶It’s Chudley’s not Chudleigh!
  4. We had one fitted but it wasn't much of a success because the screen is very hard to see in daylight. Also a reversing camera set up shows everything the wrong way round - luckily our supplier realised this and supplied the set up designed for monitoring horses in a horse box.
  5. Now listing and I’m not convinced that anyone is attending to it so reported to CRT.
  6. You have made a wrong assumption 🙂
  7. It seems that someone is aware of the boat because a temporary repair has been made to the temporary cratch cover. It still looks a bit sad but it is licenced and I guess that CRT are aware of it as it's been moored in the same spot since before Christmas.
  8. Not boat related but in a similar vein - I used to teach basic skills maths and English to adult males over 21. I was explaining that 2000 cc on the back of your car means that you have a 2 litre engine to reinforce the relationship between cubic centimetres and litres when one of the men said "Well, it says 2000cc on the back of my car but when I fill it up it takes a lot more than that." I thought he was joking at first but he was absolutely serious. I had to change my lesson plan and explain the 4 stroke cycle instead. And yes, I did write 'suck, squeeze, bang, blow' on the whiteboard in the prison classroom!
  9. Nb Mercurian, moored on the T&M near Weston on Trent (the one near Shardlow) is looking a bit bedraggled after yesterday’s storm. If anyone knows the owner please could you let them know? Front and back doors both padlocked on outside so I’m assuming no-one is on board.
  10. Is it a colleague playing the station? Can you ask them to change the station? They may not realise how much it annoys you.
  11. To be fair to KO, they were willing to put in an infill for us.
  12. The road noise is much less than we expected. We haven’t spent a night there - we very rarely did when we were at Mercia - so not really an issue for us. We also expected more noise from the workshops but we are at the far end of the moorings so that’s not a problem either. All in all, a good move ?
  13. Thank you for all the replies to my original post. For anyone who is interested in the outcome, we looked at both: Kings Bromley were not willing to put a triangular infill at the corner of the finger jetty and pontoon to facilitate wheelchair access on to our boat; Kings Orchard were more helpful but didn't have a suitable length mooring and there are a lot of gravel surfaces (very wheelchair unfriendly). Our boat was being repainted at Streethay while we were looking for a new mooring and, although their moorings always looked full, we asked whether they had any spaces...so here we are. They couldn't have been more helpful with accessibility and have built this fabulous ramp so OH can access the boat independently. (The curved rails on the boat open outwards)
  14. Beo


    We have a hydraulic wheelchair lift on our boat. Initially, we looked at retrofitting one into a secondhand boat but in the end had a boat built that meets all our accessibility requirements. The lift was designed, fabricated and built in by Mel Davis, the hull builder.
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