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  1. Beo

    Know any good castles?

    I have a suspicion that Nottingham castle is closed for refurbishment at the moment ... but could be wrong!
  2. Beo

    Zeus the Apprentice Cuthound

    I tried agility with my reactive dog on the advice of my vet’s behaviour expert (who also ran the classes). Like Zeus, he was happy and confident doing all the obstacles but he was constantly stressed by all the other dogs running around and made no positive progress with his reactivity. We stopped going and worked 1:1 with a dog trainer. First thing we had to work on was undoing some of the issues arising from the advice given by the vet’s expert...
  3. Beo

    New Crew

    What a lucky dog to have been found by you!
  4. Beo

    Fit a washing machine or not..??

    Our longest trip on the boat so far had been 5 weeks. We use our little Candy washing machine every 3-4 days. It means we don’t have to have loads of clothes on board and we don’t have a pile of dirty washing taking up space. As others have said, use of the machine has to be organised around days when we can top up the water are planning to be on the move for 2-3 hours. The drying’s no problem as OH made a mini version of one of the ceiling mounted drying racks (like my mum used to have in our kitchen) for the cratch and I have a couple of pull out drying lines in the bathroom. No iron though!!
  5. I am running 2 cars at the moment. Both insured on separate policies via the same broker but both using my NCB. I have also been able to add an additional vehicle to an existing policy for a specified time - it was a reasonable amount of money as I recall. As others have said I guess it's all about talking to your insurer/broker.
  6. Beo

    Mobile phone charity?

    Some Oxfam shops will take them (I believe). I have yet to find a postal address for any charity that will take them.
  7. You could try Mel Davies - he likes to do unusual stuff.
  8. Beo

    Erewash Canal

    Excellent chip shop in Sandiacre. Also regular buses to Nottingham and Derby. Handy Lidl and Co-op and 2 hardware stores.
  9. Beo

    Stair lift to disabled access

    Our private boat is wheelchair accessible via a platform lift inside the cabin. It was put in when the boat was built (by Mel Davis) and was built from scratch rather than putting in a scissor lift which would have been much more expensive. PM if you need more information.
  10. Beo

    Duck tape

    Of course! I was lucky enough to have a silver Mondeo estate which I managed to reverse into a wall. The large hole in the rear valance was invisibly repaired with silver duct tape. No one ever knew 😉
  11. Beo

    Best Dog Food?

    So much for trying to put a quote in a reply!...Our previous 7 OES all survived on Chappie. And no, I'm not really old, we've previously always had 2 OES. The GSD (known affectionately as 'the pointy dog' ) was an impulse rescue.
  12. Beo

    Best Dog Food?

    OES loves any vegetable (not onions - very bad for dogs). GSD only eats tomatoes- won't touch anything green. OES had a lovely horse pooh snack this afternoon and OH insists on giving them prawn crackers which I don't think are fit for consumption by any living creature...
  13. Beo

    Best Dog Food?

    Thanks everyone. I hadn't thought of having feed delivered while on the boat. They only get dry food so not too tricky to store a 15kg bag and no empty tins to get rid of. Probably a case of 'if it ain't broke don't fix it' but I think I might occasionally buy a bag of something different and mix it with their regular feed just in case I can't get hold of RC while we're out. Unfortunately, both GSD and OES are reputed to have dodgy tummies...and I really don't want to have to pick up and dispose of more pooh than I do already!
  14. Beo

    Best Dog Food?

    We have an Old English Sheepdog and a GSD cross and currently fork out for Royal Canin dog food which seems to suit them both but is very expensive. If it's what they need to eat I will pay for it but what does everyone else feed? We are planning to spend more time on the boat in future and I'm thinking about getting supplies when out and about. How easy is it to keep dog food topped up?
  15. Beo

    macclesfield canal

    We went by boat up the Macc to a friend's wedding. We got great advice from this forum about mooring spots and it all worked out. We were very pleased with the taxi firm we used: PM me if you would like their number.

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