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  1. Amongst our weaponary....the comfy chair

    I’ve bought about eight stressless chairs for my boat (when I had one) and my home. Obviously I think they are excellent. The chairs can be ordered in four different types of leather, with different prices. The cheaper leathers have a more hard wearing finish that withstands oils and stains better. The most expensive leather is warm and soft but is more sensitive to oil, sweat and stains.Choice of leather can make quite a difference to the overall price of the chair. Each model of chair comes in three sizes. It’s worth spending a lot of time trying the different models and sizes. Ekornes, who make Stressless have now introduced a leg comfort system where a pad to support the legs comes out from the chair. This saves space as no footstool is needed. I haven’t tried this, but it may be better suited to the confines of a boat. As has been said, the stressless chair is shipped in a box and assembled by the retailer. There is a video of this on the ekornes.co.uk web site. Although in the showroom the chairs are generally priced with a foot stool of the same design, it is possible to mix and match a chair to a different model footstool which is what I do. Stressless have a list price for their products. Retailers will give at least 25% to 30% discount off list.
  2. An interesting page talking about David Pipers involvement with the first Shropshire Union Cruisers steel hulls It also mentions the boat "Rose of Sharon" http://www.piperowners.co.uk/piperowners_history.htm
  3. aldi inspection camera

    If you haven't already come across this, for a more dramatic description of the procedure have a look at this 2007 Picolax thread. Skip through it and read Blu-tones posts http://singletrackworld.com/2009/02/the-picolax-thread-returns/
  4. Builder ?

    Whittle Boats Ltd. did run a series of advert in Waterways World. This is from January 1980 They also exhibited at the 1981 IWA National Rally at Leeds. I remember viewing the boat. Here is the short article from Waterways World November 1981 The boat is 55' and named Matilda which ties in with one of the boats in Alan Fincher's post.
  5. Wrong HIN number advice

    Did the original builder complete the whole boat or did he just fabricate the shell and maybe fit the engine? In 2007 I had a narrowboat shell built and the builder fitted an engine that I had purchased separately. I then paid boat fitters an hourly rate to fit out the boat. I also used a surveyor to check the conformity of the whole build to the Recreational Craft Directive. The shell builder provided an “Annex III(a) Declaration” for the work he had carried out. In the document the shell was referred to by its yard number only. I have no idea if, at this point I could have fitted out the boat without reference to the RCD and just made sure it would pass a boat safety inspection. When the complete fit out was nearing completion, and as I was technically the builder of the whole boat, and as a private individual, I applied to the RYA for a CIN (Craft Identification Number) formally the HIN number and now called a WaterCraft Identification number. I applied to the RYA for the number as “Vessels built for own use (DIY vessels) should apply to the Royal Yachting Association for a five digit number which is then used with the GB country code and MIC ‘RYA’.” When the boat was completed a CE plate was fixed to the boat naming me as the builder and the CIN number stamped on the plate. A boat manual was also produced which included wiring diagrams.
  6. Box or rail

    The two boats I have owned have both had box section handrails, which worked very well although ultimately they cannot be as safe as tubular rails where the hand can be wrapped around the bar for a secure grip. On both my boats the inboard side of the box section was set at an angle to provide a more secure grip. Also the cabin sides had a fair amount of tumblehome, which gives more room for the hips when walking down the side of the boat. With gunnels of a decent width and with a boat that isn’t tippy, (i.e. it doesn’t rock too much when you walk down the outside of it) then I found that the box section handrails worked well on the calm waters of the canal system. However, one time when I was in a marina I did need to walk down the side of another boat, which had box section handrails, but it also had more vertical cabin sides. The angle of the inside edge of the box section was also wrong. My fingers found it difficult to get a grip the handrail with wet paintwork. The gunnels were narrow and the boat was tippy. I was surprised how insecure I felt using the box handrails on that boat. The design was all wrong.
  7. looking to try canal boating

    Anglo Welsh have some hire boats that have a solid fuel stove. There is even a tick box on their availability checker to just show boats with a SF stove. If the weather does turn wet or cold a stove makes the whole boating experience much more pleasant. Just make sure that there is enough coal, kindling, fire lighters and matches loaded at the beginning of the holiday to last the whole of the hire period.
  8. Wavey Rider boats

    This was advertised in Waterways World February 1977
  9. Diesels to be banned

    There’s a three-minute video here https://transact.ft.com/en-gb/?play=electric-vehicles Made by the financial services company UBS They predict that by 2023, in six years time, car-makers in Europe will be able to make an electric car giving a 5% profit margin and it will be cheaper than a conventional car. They predict that by 2025, 30% of cars sold in Europe will be electric.
  10. Upper Thames - no water!

    Todays Guardian has a piece with the headline "Quarter of England's rivers at risk or running dry, finds WWF" https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2017/jun/24/quarter-england-rivers-risk-running-dry-finds-wwf
  11. "Homework" Help needed

    This is my Attempt Draw a diagram with a line connecting the minimum and maximum time that the correct time could fall between for each clock. For example the grandfather clock shows 1:32am so the correct time has to be within + or – 3 hours, which gives 22:32 to 4:32am. All five clocks display the correct time within +/- three hours. The diagram shows that according to the DIGITAL CLOCK the correct time cannot be EARLIER than 2:08am (the digital clock is displaying 5:08am which can be a maximum of three hours ahead of the correct time), while the RAILWAY CLOCK shows that the correct time cannot be LATER than 2:08am (the railway clock is displaying 11:08pm which can be a maximum of three hours behind the correct time). Therefore the true time has to be 2:08am. Midday---------------------------------------------------------------Midnight---------------------------------------------------------------------Midday Grandfather 22:32_____________________________4:32 Cuckoo 20:51________________________________2:55 Digital 2.08_________________________8:08 Wall 1:16_________________________7:16 Railway 20:08___________________________________2:08
  12. Ladies day out help!

    Perhaps I should have said a very quiet steam engine. It was a few years ago when I was on the Windsor Belle but I do remember a narrow boat passing us and it sounded very agricultural and very unrefined compared to steam power.
  13. Ladies day out help!

    If you really want a skippered trip then the Windsor Belle is the one to go for. Drinking Champagne from cut glass flutes while silently cruising the Thames on a steam launch. The helmsman rings a bell to tell the engineer in the engine room what speed to set the coal fired steam engine. I’ve no idea of the cost but it is a great experience http://www.windsorbelle.com/index.php
  14. Ladies day out help!

    Anglo Welsh have two day-boats at Wootton Wawen near Stratford-upon-Avon. Each boat accommodates a maximum of ten people, so two boats should be ideal for fourteen people. The price guide shows each boat is £99 Monday to Friday, £140 weekends. I haven’t hired them, but a friend said he had a good day out when he hired one. Looking at the map there is a six mile length with one lock, so a twelve mile trip. Cruising hours are 9:00 am to 4:00pm. From the Nicholson guide it looks like there are a few pubs near the canal. http://www.anglowelsh.co.uk/Our-Boats/Dayboats---A-day-out-of-the-ordinary
  15. Sounds Of The Sixties on Radio 2

    If you use BBC iplayer radio you can listen to todays program anytime in the next 29 days. You could listen to this week’s program next week at 8:00 am. You’d just always be a week behind schedule. Not a problem as the music has been around for fifty years anyway. The website also lists all the tracks played. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b08gmhlh#play