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  1. I first met Alex in 2017 when she was travelling with the Idle Women Tour and moored at Weedon, with her boat Tench. It was so hot that the girls were sheltered under the hedge to get some shade and we all had a brief chat on the towpath. I met up with Alex later in the year at Braunston Hysterics and we became friends on Faceache. She was such a cheerful lady and so easy to talk to. She obviously played hard and by what I have read, she worked hard too in the NHS. This was such a shock when I read about the fire at Stone on Maffi's Blog today for the first time. This lovely lady will be sorely missed by me and so many other boaters whose lives she touched. My sincere condolences to her family and finally I enclose my last picture of a very happy and whacky Alex in Brauston.
  2. Can I take our new member to task over the Skinner's crewing Raymond? It was Arthur and Rose Bray who worked Raymond for the whole time she was carrying. The Skinner's owned Friendship - horse drawn to the last. Correct me if I'm wrong and the Skinner's crewed Raymond at some event after they retired.
  3. At last, all episodes of "The Flower of Gloster" has been released by http://networkonair.com/shopfor the very reasonable price of £12 incl p&p.Although there are a lot of continuity and other mistakes, it makes interesting viewing from a historical point of view. 'Chocolate Charlie' features and several other characters commenting on the history and working of boats, who I am not familiar with. If anyone can come up with names, they would be of interest.
  4. "Jesus! Look at the wake on that. Looks a bit rapid for Broad Street tunnel..." That always happens when the water skier falls off.
  5. Can anyone advise if we can turn a 72ft boat into the Titford canal at Oldbury Jcn from the direction of Tipton? If not, we will do it on the return trip.
  6. Last post 6 months ago, so it hasn't got much further and looks to have hit the buffers. My personal experience is that both yards that I have used recently did a very good job at what they were asked to do, but one left the boat in one hell of a mess afterwards, because the workers did not clear up their mess and it was not inspected by the boss. The other one also did an excellent job, but again there were things that did not work after refitting. I have heard some appalling tales of shoddy work on boats, with some even coming close to sinking. If the garage industry worked like this, they would be out of business in no time. Although I no longer service my own car, I do service my boat, because I hate anyone else getting their hands on her.
  7. A fellow member of my boat club owns a cruiser with a Ford Escort petrol engine, that has a cracked block. He recently bought a factory recoditioned engine replacement for a bargain price, that has not been used (original paintwork and all orifices still blanked off) that has been sitting around for 30 years. Before he installs it in his boat, should he replace all the oil seals first (cost £30) or take a chance on them being still servicable?
  8. Many thanks to everyone for all your ideas. Plenty of ammunition there to be going on with. I already have a collection of photos of signwriting to start with. Ray
  9. A complimentary remark from Tawny Owl, who knows what he is talking about. Thanks Richard.
  10. For what it's worth, this cured my BMC 1.5 starting problems:- http://nbstronghold.blogspot.co.uk/2014/01/bmc-engine-starting-problem-solved.html I have just repeated the operation now that the weather has got colder and will do so once a year.
  11. I am having my boat re-painted next year and need to experiment with colours first on paper or PC. I can't find any previous post on this, so I am asking for advice as to the best way of achieving a successful outcome that I can show my boat painter. All contributions gratefully received. Thanks in anticipation.
  12. Bingo! I reduced the pump pressure by unscrewing the centre screw on the pressure switch end of the pump one complete turn. There is still good pressure at the taps and the PRV does not activate. Why don't they tell you this in the pump literature? I believe that some of the said pumps do not have this adjustment, so beware if you buy a new one. There needs to be five screws in the pressure switch housing; the centre one for adjustment. I found the answer from a post by Smileypete in Boating>Equipment>Freshwater pressure sensing nightmare. He seems to have all the answers to water problems! I am now a very Happy Bunny, having sorted out the final problem on this long cruise, which started at the beginning of May. You can read all about it in my blog if you want some good bedtime reading............it will send you to sleep immediately http://nbstronghold.blogspot.co.uk
  13. How strange that this query came up yesterday, when I have exactly the same problem now! Eeyore is quite right about it being a pressure switch. It is a Pumptrol Square D and is said to be very reliable; inside is printed ON 8, OFF 16, which are obviously the factory setting pressures. Mine does not work from the water pressure at all. I suspect that the inlet water pipe is clogged up, so I shorted mine out with a short length of copper wire screwed beneath the two terminals that would normally switch the pump on. This has worked fine for a long time until I found a water leak at the pressure switch end of the old Flojet pump, which caused air to leak into the system through the pressure diaphragm. I changed the pump for a Shurflo with a pressure setting of 35psi, but this appears to be too high and causes the pressure release valve on the top of the hot water tank to blow off, thus emptying the contents into the engine bilge - not good. I now have three alternatives:- 1. See if the centre screw on the pressure switch end of the new pump will lower the cut out point and leave the Pumptrol shorted out. (which is how I found this post). 2. Remove the Square D unit from the pipe and inspect the inlet pipe for crud. 3. Leave it until I get back to my home mooring and order a new Pumptrol Square D. You will find a lot of info about this unit in forums on the net; mostly American, as it is used extensively for controlling water pressure from well pumps. I will keep you up to date.
  14. Thanks for the info Richard. 50ft will be no problem,then!
  15. Just noticed that my 2006 edition of Nicholsons, p54, shows the winding hole at Bradleys workshops allows turning 09.00 to 17.00hrs Mon to Fri only. Has anyone got an update on this please?
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