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  1. Can anyone suggest a safe and secure marina for my small grp cruiser in the above areas, want it around 20 to 30 mins max commute from Milton Keynes and must have electric hook up, toilet and shower facilities. Thank you all in advance for your valued input.
  2. If you go the double glazing route maybe you could look at static caravan style as the frame profile is quite thin from memory.
  3. I think we have found more common ground than not. I take onboard your point about the boat being self contained and that "Crap on the roof, only your business. Crap on the towpath, everybody else's business too"
  4. It not an oxy anything, never said "some people shouldn't be allowed to enjoy them", the point is some people detract from others enjoyment of our joint inland water ways system.
  5. Well that's just ideots taking the p*as about the coal. Nope not easily offended far from a "Snowflake" as your suggesting. Just dont like to see scruffy eyesore's polluting our beautiful inland waterways system. I will say that one man's eyesore is another man's pride and joy...???
  6. Not a fourth generation lock keeper at all or any of that. I have used the canals and rivers for the past 24 yrs or so boating, owned vatious small cruisers and worked my way up to a classic 60's sports boat suitable for choppy stuff. The point is the canal and rivers in the uk are there for everyone to enjoy regardless of wealth or background and should not be detracted from by scruffy eye sores with social misfits in what are really some of the countrys beauty spots. Just my opinion and your more than welcome to your own. I'm not going to change it and I'm sure I wont change yours so we should agree to differ. Like to see any boat thats loved and cared for but dont like to trip over other peoples junk and detritus on mornings or at canal sides, lots of that is prevalent on the Nottingham canal and trent area which you could argue has contributed to my view.
  7. Nope not trolling just pressed the wrong button. I do think our national asset of historic waterways seems to be steadily being taken over by modern day tramps, detracting from the quiet tranquillity of our beauty spots with eye sores that need to be removed. Sorry if you disagree but hey that's what free thought and free speach is for in our liberal democracy ...works both ways ???
  8. Took that to the next level haven't you, typical liberal comment...sorry if I sound a bit judgemental ???
  9. Brilliant intentions but just dont put yourself through it!
  10. Agree to differ there. Bet you it is...lol Thanks Alan, I will later.
  11. Nope not into the reto scene, just in to tidy boats and waterways. Dont you think scruffy mobile rust buckets with assorted crap on the roof detract from the beautiful scenery and quiet retreats that the inland waterways offer the wider public ?
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