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    More than 4 years on from when I first joined this site....I am re-born. I have rediscovered my teenage passion for motorbikes, regularly attending rallies up and down the country from Derbyshire Rock and Bike, Into the Valley to Yorkshire Pudding and looking forward to the Isle of Man Southern 100 in July. I'm now looking forward to all aspects of my boating/biking life that stretches out in front of me with just myself to answer to. I still enjoy hiking and being out on my pushbike too but I am looking fwd to mixing my bike life with the slow relaxed time on the water.

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  1. Thanks BSP ? Good to hear from you too...its been a while x hope you are well ?
  2. You misunderstood me- no one on here- Im talking of conversations Ive had with people. That is why Ive asked on here for help
  3. I dont really understand fully- but its something to do with how gas ‘sinks’ so if a ‘leak’ should occur it would not reach the ventilation points on a boat. LPG convertible cookers dont all meet the safety requirements on a boat.... that said... some people are saying ‘poppycock’ and others say no worries! If someone has fitted one already and passed all tests...that would give me more confidence when buying ? Many thanks- thats great...will have a look ?
  4. Brilliant! Thank you- just the info Im after. Will have a look. Many thanks ?
  5. Yes...that is another concern isnt it. There was one cooker with battery ignition...simple- Im not really bothered about oven lights...digital displays etc but theyre so few and far between. This might sound a really stupid question- but do these cookers really need to be plugged in? Dont really need the electric gizmos?
  6. Also- yes..I understand about it being fixed/secured. And the location of the cooker in the galley isnt a concern. Its the lpg compatibility that Ive had the scary stories about. Apparently some are ok for boats and some are not. Some will pass the boat safety examination and some will not ?‍♀️. Thanks for the advise..much appreciated ? Thanks for the link- will have a look ?
  7. Thanks- Ive had the necessary supply piping fitted by a marine fitter but really I was hoping that someone out there may have already bought a similar cooker ...maybe even Converted a regular one and gone fwd to succesfully pass their boat safety... (the conflicting views are some lpg converts are ok on a boat and some are not but these specifications are not stated on the appliance websites.) ? The advert I posted is just one Ive been looking at- I would prefer to buy one that has been tried and tested ?
  8. Thanks I have a 3.5kw inverter... which used to run my washing machine fine.
  9. Hello all Ive just scrapped the Thetford cooker that was on the boat when I first bought it- with the intention of replacing it with a free standing LPG (or LPG converted) cooker. However- Im now hearing such conflicting views, Im now worried that my choice (when I make one), wont pass the necessary boat safety. If someone out there has already fitted such a cooker that has passed all boat safety requirements - I would appreciate some advise regarding ‘which cooker’ to aim for. Ive attached the advert for the cooker I quite like the look of. This will be a learning curve for me so please assume my knowledge in this area is minimal ? Thanks to all for your help Hotpoint HUG52K 50cm Black Double Oven LPG Gas Cooker
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  12. Hi Maggie welcome to the forum. Hi Jackie Welcome to the forum I too am looking towards living aboard and exploring the canal systems. This site is great for information and making new friends that will encourage and advise you.. moving you ever closer to realizing your dream I am planning very carefully so as not to make any expensive mistakes... I think patience is the key ... after all, we will be embarkiing upon a very steady and laid back lifestyle All the very best of luck
  13. Hi I'm hoping to come on Saturday.... I'm not yet on the canal, (I'm at the planning stage) but have got to know a few people in the chatroom.... and now really looking fwd to actually meeting some of them and maybe get introduced to some more. I hope the weather is kind to you all :) June
  14. Tree...... having had the pleasure of meeting you... I think you totally rock baby... yeah especially after reading this ur treeeeeemendous!!!
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