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  1. Jeez thanks for all your responses - i am sold. I find myself in a strange situation - I am considering buying a narrow boat to live on (if I can find mooring in yorkshire) however I have never set foot on a narrow boat. How strange is that : )
  2. Just curious to know what people like about the lifestyle?
  3. Hi All Well I am thinking of a major lifestyle change meaning that I would live full time on a narrow boat. Haven't fully made the decision yet. Was wonder if there were any single women out there (or men too) who could comment on how safe they feel living onboard. I think I'm looking a residential mooring to begin with - if I can find somewhere nice and cheap in yorkshire. Another factor is that I use a laptop and video camera for my work so these will be left on the boat sometimes. Anyone ever been burgled on a boat? Many thanks for your advice
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