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  1. Alex was one of a kind "Mad as Box of Frogs". One minute boating in knee high Docs with purple ribbons, the next straight from work in short skirt and high heels. Outspoken, feisty, loveable and vulnerable in equal measures. There was only one Alex and only one to live and that was Alex's way. You will be missed. Rest well lovely lady x
  2. Its not the teapot its what you put in the pot that matters.
  3. I believe you have to book to travel through Blisworth and Braunston Tunnels. You would be better to ring crt or email and ask for clarification.
  4. Alex has contacted the original poster. Jenine and Bill are no longer on the canals due to ill health and Witchcraft is on brokerage. Am sure the card will be delivered..
  5. I think Chris is taller by at least a head.....
  6. My condolences Wayne. i do know that you can apply for help with funeral costs. When my late husband died 30 years ago it was around £600. I feel sure it will be much more now but you need to ask as the appropriate departmet won't tell you. Because I didnt know I didnt get.....try CAB they should be able to advise.
  7. Or.....if anyone is a 3 customer go into the store and tell them you want a better deal. We were paying £15.98 for 15gb per month. They said fine lets cancel that contract and as a current customer you can have 20gb for £12 a month. Non 3 customers can have the same deal for £13 per month. So if you can afford it two sims at 20gb contracts for £24 or £26 per mknth.
  8. 10 years as hirers in all seasons and weathers. Got the kids grown up and left home then did a runner. that was 4 years ago not regretted it yet.
  9. All you need is a decent cast iron lidded cooking pot that will sit on your stove top nicely. There are plenty of recipes online. Check around the charity shops you may find one at a bargain price.
  10. I think you will find that almost everyone understands the T&Cs of their licence and a very small percentage who claim ignorance. We broke down recently, I informed c&RT and they were fine about it. in fact, the Enforcement Manager thanked me for getting in touch early in the breakdown and letting him know. IMO thats how its supposed to work. And yes we did end up being 18 days on a 14 day mooring but with permission. I'm fairly sure some of the locals and local marina dwellers probably thought we were taking the pee. Dead giveaway when someone says "still here?"
  11. Perhaps they have a permitted overstay?
  12. This is yet another example of the law being an ass. When the new microchip law came into force the old 1992 legislation should have been amended. Our dogs have their name, our mobile number on and the words I'm chipped engraved on. Since we have no proper address it would be riduclous to ask us to have an address on there. All the information required is on the chip. incidentally, ours have recently had boosters and the first thing the vet did was to scan for a chip. This is the first time they have been to the vet since the legislation came into force so I'm guessing its part of a vets remit now to check every dog that they see. NIce to know our dog's microchips are still functioning. I would suppose tne powers that be will get around to amending the act at some point. When, well your guess is as good as mine. Afterall, until a few years ago it was legal to shoot an arrow at a Welshman from the city walls in York. You know full well the cogs of government move very slowly here.
  13. The OP needs to contact a private hire firm and agree a price for the fare. the meter should be running from the start of the fare i.e. from base and if the quoted price is less then the meter price the hirer wins. If the meter states less than the quoted price thats all the firm can charge. So the hirer is in a win win situation
  14. There is also this site as well http://diesel.fibrefactory.co.uk/
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