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  1. Hi That could be it, thanks for the info
  2. Hi, I have just fitted some new batteries that are sealed and should be charged at 14.4v. Anyway I have set my charger to profile 1 for sealed batteries which should be Sealed Lead acid 14.4 13.6 12.8 but its seems to charge at 14.8 is this correct? does it boost the volts in case of voltage drop etc? solar mt-50 and smartguage seems to think its pumping the full 14.8 into the batteries! Thanks Mark
  3. google the program if you dont want to click the link! review here https://www.pcworld.com/article/3150748/security/this-free-software-protects-your-pc-against-ransomware.html.
  4. Its not viruses you have to worry about, its encryption type attacks that are the worse threat. Best program I have come across that offers protection from that is https://ransomfree.cybereason.com/ I use the above with windows defender.
  5. some more info in the attachment. edit- noticed its dated 2016 thanks mark 12_New_Islington_Marina.pdf
  6. I would use Onyx https://www.titanium-software.fr/en/onyx.html Cheers Mark
  7. That's automatic transmission oil! someone will be along in minute to tell you the correct oil to use :-)
  8. Hi, We will be looking for someone to fit a morso squirrel sometime this year, is this something you could do? Thanks Mark
  9. Pepwave max BR1 LTE (a bit expensive?) I'm using ee 4g and a Huawei E5186 LTE with an external antenna
  10. Thanks for this...exactly what i wanted to do.... If i put a temp gauge on the engine and once it hits the highest temp I could then manually turn on a pump to the radiators?
  11. Will rethink this over the summer... as we are looking to fit a morso 1410 for next winter but may look at the back boiler option and loose a radiator in the lounge (we only have 3) thanks all again
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