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  1. snappyfish


  2. Not in the canal I'm sat here watching canal videos, following various people. Reading forums and looking at boats for sale just thinking what a lovely way it must be to live. What I wonder is how long did it take you live aboards to finally jump into it?
  3. Seen this deal online, might come in handy for you boat people. Folding Trolley Link
  4. I found myself reading this forum and watching you tube video on canal boats. Stuck in my brick build bungalow... wanting to go on adventure!
  5. Would say it better accross the uk. Also faster. But of course someone somewhere is going to have a bad experience.
  6. Sim only, 12 month contract for existing & new customers 16gb Data, unlimited calls & Txts £19.99 If your are new customer go via Quidco and get £78 cashback making it £13.49 month. Might be useful for someone here? Linky Here
  7. If your into feeder fishing. 10ft - 12ft through action feeder rod 2lb test curve Rear drag reel loaded with 6lb mainline Hooklength line 3lb Cage feeders Method feeders Size 8 to 16 hooks If you into float fishing 12ft through action rod 1lb to 1.5lb test curve front or rear drag reel 4lb line mainline Hooklength link 1lb to 3lb Waggler floats (if canal) Stick floats (if river) Size 8 to 20 Hooks Split shot General bits and bobs needed Chair Landing net and handle (handle about 10ft long) (net around 22") Unhooking mat Bait boxes, bucket Catapult Rod rests x 2 with one head suitable for a
  8. Well.. Thanks to everyone that replied. I did not go. Couldn't get a second person in such short notice. Will try and do this another time but arranged. One thing to add is the amount of company's I emailed about Narrow boat holidays and got NO REPLY!!!
  9. How do you manage with heat in the boat on hot days? Leaving the dog alone etc?
  10. Thanks, I have just seen that also, Hmm time to ring people on late notice!! Will call them and ask about single person booking and try my luck.
  11. Planning this on my own with the dog, got some unexpected time off work. Hence the late booking, and hopefully going tomorrow.
  12. Thanks, so as I am a total newbie to canals can I move off the £6 per night canal stay? How far does it run for? Why are you shouting? And I have no idea what you message means?
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