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  1. Either date is fine for me. Just need to book the Travelodge room.
  2. Worse, it's guess the forum name, boat name, real name or nickname. Our favourite banter game is "name the biggest wally smartest person in a waistcoat" {insert tongue in cheek smiley here}
  3. Just checked my roster and I'm off that weekend so I better book a hotel room me thinks, maybe two nights are in order
  4. Can't go I'm afraid. I agree about the shortage of banters though, I've got a van that needs a run.
  5. A million miles away, or it certainly feels that way. Still a long term plan.
  6. Yes, it's on the river Mudway Medway :-) Personally I don't like it, the back doors look like they are off of someone's conservatory and the railings look too high. I'm not keen on the square stern either but we all have different tastes. If it is structurally sound then everything else is just aesthetics. (IMHO)
  7. I'm glad someone took some photos, a most enjoyable evening
  8. Just to clarify, it's the new year eve one I can't get to Rob, not the 30th, I'm coming to the pub on the 30th
  9. Yay, looks good! Will you have any Chesterfield Canal calendars again this year Jan? Can't get to this unfortunately
  10. And some really great friendships too
  11. Thanks everyone for your comments and suggestions, much appreciated.
  12. My camper needs repairing and my OH read somewhere that a boat builder specialising in GRP may a better alternative to the caravan/campervan repair centres. Has anyone got any experience or comment on this?
  13. Me, I'll try and be a bit more sociable than I was at Alan's do, I wasn't feeling my best.
  14. Pending any changes to my work roster, count me in for Fri night
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