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  1. My current flue is twin wall and longer than most as it goes up through the pram cover on the back deck. Is this enough.
  2. Hi, I am interested in hearing peoples personal experiences of the diesel Bubble stove especially if you have one with the oven on the top of the unit. Is ther eanything comparable too?
  3. Problem solved the back boiler is leaking. So mew one needed. Nothing lasts forever!
  4. Best way to systematically find the leak?
  5. Always add water and a Fernox product We do this because we thought water might be evaporating
  6. Our systems are joint (that is how the boat builder fitted the system)and the back boiler is pumped. Yes we can fully vent the back boier the vent goes up from the back of the boiler. Hope this helps
  7. We have a Squirrel Morso stove with a back boiler. We also have an Eberspacher. Our system has underfloor heating in the bathroom, 3 radiators and a heated towel rail. Our issue is that despite bleeding the system from a high point repeatedly there is still the sound of water trickling sound coming from behind the fire where the back boiler is. We are at a loss. We bleed it and it stops for a short time and then it starts again however now it's just not going away now. There does not appear to be leakage from the Eberspacher all the radiators have been bled and the he
  8. Hi Thinking of spending a few days around Thorne/Pollington and possibly further towards Castleford. Are there any cycle paths and what are the tow paths like please in this area. Looked on various cycling sites and not found anything of note so thinking cycling round there might not be good. Thank you in advance.
  9. Thank you, want to explore more as we both work near the mooring and there are no other moorings for miles making the daily commute onerous. Our friends came in to their mooring with their bow thruster with no issue grrrr.
  10. We have had Wesley thermal break windows for about 3 years now, bloody brilliant!!!
  11. Our mooring is extremely difficult to get into, plus on a couple of occasions the wind has caused us significant damage to the boat. Yesterday trying to get in to our mooring frankly was such a nightmare we are considering moving it was that bad! When the boat was built we did not have a bow thruster fitted but are now thinking is could be possible, what would be involved and how much would it be? What needs to be considered? I would welcome any advice you can offer.
  12. Sorry for delay in responding but we have been out on the boat with very little coverage. We spent a good while eventually pushing water through the system and bleeding it out and after a few days doing this it is so quiet. Strange not to hear the trickling sound now!
  13. Hi, Our chimney goes through our canvas, we have a double walled chimney so no heat transference, we have never had any spark damage and hope that helps.
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