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  1. Hi all thanks for all the replies and some very interesting discussions regarding TV licensing and the BBC. I resolved the issue with the Maxi Veiw qube by taking it off its mounting and extending the cable to the other end of the NB away from obstructions, works fine now. Basically it appears regardless of aerial or sat dish if you can't position the thing with an un-obstructed view then its hit and miss if you get a signal or not, I have to say streaming is an option as we do that as well but that can also be reliant on signal strength, airtime provider and location. At a previous marina i had an O2 phone. HS2 started work very close by and the signal to o2 disappeared overnight, after long conversations with o2 tech they admitted that there was nothing they could do and suggested I try a different provider. Thanks Everyone
  2. Hi all, so today I changed water separator on fuel line to webasdo Thermal top C and had an absolute nightmare getting fuel back to pump, water separator would not fill I ended up sucking fuel pipe from tank to get fuel to separator, I did try the bleed valve on bottom but made no difference, eventually got it full of fuel then primed inline pump on webasto and it finally fired up. So question in can i fit a primer with 1 way before water separator to enable me to fill separator and will the be ok the BSC. And advise welcome.
  3. Hi All, so you have probably done this topic to death but, any recommendations for a decent aerial are welcome, currently have a Maxveiw VuCube which is great if you have a un-broken view of the southern sky however if a small tree or wasp is in the southern hemisphere the your fxxxxd. I here that the Moonrakers are good any thoughts is anyone using one? Thanks Dave
  4. Hi If we go all the way to the end of the Oxford Canal in Oxford beyond the locks can we turn around and point where the canal runs out. Thanks
  5. Hi All Fitting new leisure batteries in the next day or two , i have solar panels and an inverter. Is the a sequence i need to follow when disconnecting batteries apart from the obvious disconnecting shore power and switching of battery switch do the solar panels need disconnecting ?. Thanks
  6. Hi All She who must be obeyed wants kitchen window turned into doors , there used to be a guy advertised making them so they fitted straight into the same hole but can't find him now, any advise or ideas welcome.
  7. Oh ok well we are starting at the Top at the trent and going towards Leicester lol
  8. Hi All We are planning a trip down the river Soar from the Trent all the way down, the services don't look very good ie Taps. Elsan. Overnight moorings. any info would be appreciated.
  9. Hi All Taking a trip on the stourbridge canal Brettell lane Bridge. anyone know how low this bridge is? i have read a few things saying its very tight.
  10. Well that i don't know. I have water dripping from the corner of the opening the hatch covers and it appears to be coming through a weld on the aperture the hatch sits on. So unless i get it off i can't tell . Its being totally repainted in 18 months so maybe i will wait until then as its not a lot of a leak??
  11. Attached to the rivets between the runner and the hatch at two upside down L shaped bits of metal that stop it coming up to high, i can remove them and i then think it will come off backwards my problem is how do i get the brackets back on as i can't get behind them if you see what i mean
  12. The runners do not come off they are welded
  13. Hi All So i need to remove the sliding roof hatch at entrance to boat. I can see two white plastic blocks that are rivette from the side of it and appear to be stops. Do these need to be removed and if so where do i get replacements. Thanks Dave
  14. The reason for the sikaflex is the manufacturers of the neoprene tape state the adhesive used to stick it down is not fully waterproof so as a precaution i thought i would put a small bead around the edge. That is the only reason.
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