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Mad Harold

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  1. A different narrowboat. Having owned my present boat for two years I now know what I want. 30-35ft,trad no more than twenty years old or small cruiser stern.up to about £30K Don't want acres of rear deck.My present boat is 30ft and is easily handled solo and can be turned around at a few places even on the Huddersfield Narrow without going to a winding hole.I do enjoy a trip up the HNC to have a lunchtime pint. I want a boat with a good amount of tumblehome which makes it look like a "proper boat" and not a floating box,which a lot of small boats are to maximise internal space. A survey should show plenty of meat on the hull,and it should have decent paintwork.The cabin roof should be able to be walked on without flexing,and have proper roof rails.[circular section with welded supports every couple of feet] that you can tie a rope to,and not the ledge type. A cratch for covered storage [very useful] A modern Japanese engine [a Kubota marinisation preferably] skin tank cooled which complies with the rule of thumb,1 square foot of cooling surface per 4hp. A watertight bulkhead between the engine bay and cabin,and an engine bay that is big enough to store a toolbox and a few spares. The boat itself is the most important,the interior comes second. I would like the cooking/eating area at the back,with a hob and grill,and instant hot water boiler.No fancy plumbing or calorifier Then the toilet/shower compartment,roughly in the middle which gives a two room feel.Only a cassette toilet for me,the thought of cruising around with several gallons of excrement and urine sloshing around in a pump out tank I find revolting. A central stove to heat all of the boat and the living/sleeping area at the front. With a lot of money and work I could make my present boat into my ideal,but a new engine,having the old one removed,installing the new engine aligning and associated plumbing I could see a bill north of £10,000. The interior would need ripping out and starting again from scratch,and although I could do some of this work,I don't think it would be of a very good standard,and of course good tradesmen don't come cheap. It will be less trouble for me to sell Popsie,and look for a boat that ticks all my boxes. Looking back at my post,I don't think I am asking too much [or am I?]
  2. Mad Harold

    Help me out please.

    Have a trip up the Huddersfield Shallow Narrow Canal,and do a dozen or so locks. Some of the lock gear is as stiff as old boots. You will have no trouble sleeping!
  3. Mad Harold

    Help me out please.

    That, I suspect is where most of your condensation is coming from.Plenty of ventilation as others have said will be most helpful. If you can heat the back of your boat too, that will help. Warm moist air drifting into back cold area of your boat will condense onto hard surfaces,
  4. Mad Harold

    Help me out please.

    Had similar on my boat.Always some condensation in cold weather,but I [eventually ] found one of my windows was leaking. The water was trickling behind the trim,and gathering in the bilge then percolating back to the inspection hatch. It couldn't be seen inside the boat,because of the trim around the window,and I only found it because mould was growing in one corner of one window so prompting me to investigate further.
  5. Mad Harold

    Boat scam

    People who pull these sort of scams make straightforward mugging and robbery seem relatively honest! They ought to be hung by the testicles from a low bridge with their head just in the water and not pulled out until they have said "sorry" 150 times! wandering snail,would you keep us informed as to what happens? it may help others.
  6. Mad Harold

    Boat scam

    Sorry,can't help with this,but there is a useful thread on here entitled, Bill Of Purchase and CRT Transfer Of Ownership. Posted in New To Boating by leafofgrass on Dec 1. Hope there has been a simple misunderstanding/mistake in your purchase. "Hobsons Choice" at £3,500 sounds ridiculously cheap unless the engine is knackered/missing and the hull is full of rust holes!
  7. Mad Harold

    Bilge pollution

    Agree. Diesel leaves a very clear rainbow in water. That slick looks like more like engine oil to me.
  8. Mad Harold

    Marina smoke pollution

    Although I don't liveboard,I do spend quite a lot of time messing about on my boat. There is a boat moored opposite and I do smell their smoke but only when the wind is from the North or Norwest. Suggest you ask your marina management for a different berth,or ask your smokey neighbour if you could swap places,and then you can pickle him! Sods law suggests that if you do swap places,the wind will change direction so in the interest of peace and harmony,move to another berth. But,bear in mind that in winter practically all livaboards will have their stoves going,but you might be lucky enough to moor next to a boat with gas or electric central heating.
  9. Mad Harold

    how much

    My last dry docking was £170 first day,and £45 per day thereafter. They would only let you book three days,because they needed the dry dock for other work. I would expect to pay less for a lift out/in and hard standing.
  10. Mad Harold

    sterling engine

    Thank you. I am quite computer illiterate, gimme a box of spanners and an engine anyday.
  11. Mad Harold

    sterling engine

    Thank you Tumshie,but I don't know how to transfer the Wikipedia text to CWF. In other words how to get the little blue writing onto my post.
  12. Mad Harold


    Are you really? I was brought up in Hull, Wilberforce's home town and Parliamentary constituency where he is still held in high regard. There is a slave museum close to the Hull docks that bears his name. {Wilberforce House] and visiting it is a sobering experience. He had six kids,so perhaps one or more of his descendants moved to Sweden.
  13. Mad Harold

    sterling engine

    Just had a look at "Stirling Engines" on Wikipedia. Would post a link if I knew how. Quite fascinating how they work. Best of luck,Sailor.
  14. Mad Harold

    sterling engine

    What's a Sterling engine?
  15. Mad Harold

    Chimney length

    Dunno what Yarwood rails are. Mine are round section with welded supports every couple of feet.So practically open. Tried cleaning with paraffin and white spirit but it won't remove the tar completely especially the roof which is painted with light grey walkway grippy paint So I will try the road film remover. The stove is burning quite hot,and the amount of tar seems to depend on the fuel used.Wood seems to be the worst,and petcoke makes very little tar.My instruction book for the stove advises not to burn petcoke,but I have had no problems with it. Anyway since fitting a double skin chimney,the leaking of tar has stopped,but the stains remain.

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