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  1. Just looked at stoppages,and it says all flood locks on the C and H are closed. I am moored at the moment at lock 1 on the Hudd Broad. Walked across the road and saw that Cooper Bridge flood lock is open! Don't know if its safe to travel. Will ring CRT later.
  2. You could (if your aestetic sense allows,)put a bag of logs or a couple of flower planters over the seam. I have seen the odd boat with stuff on the roof.😖
  3. Whatever is used will only be temporary. The roof gets very hot in the sun,and very cold at night.With the expansion and contraction,the filler will sooner or later unstick. The paintable mastic sounds the best idea,in that it will be easy to remove and replace when it deteriorates. Mastic tape as used for fitting windows would be easier to get a smooth finish,rather than the stuff from a tube.
  4. Just been on CRT stoppage notices,all flood gates on R.Calder closed! Huddersfield Narrow work on locks 1E to 12E so no boat trip. Boat filled with fuel,oil and battery checked,changes of clothes,bedding set up,and stocked with food and beer. All dressed up,and nowhere to go! As swearing is frowned on on CWF, I feel like going on Thunderboat to have a good swear. I hear that they are a bit more relaxed about bad language there.
  5. Minimise leccy use and fit a small solar panel.My 10W trickle charge solar panel is about 1ft square. If your outboard has a pull start as well as electric,use the pull start as much as possible.
  6. Planning on doing a similar trip from Huddersfield on Saturday.Weather forecast doesn't look good for Sat and Sun,but better the following week. As for pubs,they are I think only allowing a few in at a time,and taking contact details at the door. I will take a goodly supply of beer with me.
  7. 72 hours free mooring at Aspley Wharf,and then someone will come around holding their hand out. There are facilities. Water,elsan,pump out, shower,diesel,gas etc. Because of Covid restrictions,the chandlery is only open 4-5pm .
  8. Suggest you try climbing in and out a few times to see what its like for entry and exit. Looks to me that its not a boat for singlehanding.
  9. At that age,the steel remaining on the hull may be rather thin. Wood tops either leak now or are going to leak shortly making the inside damp and musty.Its unpleasant getting into a damp bed.A wood top needs constant attention to keep it almost watertight,that's why wood top boats are cheap. Don't think this one is cheap though. For 15K I think you could get a very good GRP boat.Have a look at Highbridge Crusader,Norman 24,Viking,and Atlanta.
  10. I remember that from school,Miss. "The quality of mercy is not drained,it droppeth like the gentle rain into the cut.It is twice (or thrice) blessed,and them wot gives it,wants a pound of flesh" There,you see,some of us are half educated,although memory is getting a bit hazy!
  11. I do agree with this. Keep it simple,accessible,repairable,and live with the shortcomings that most of us endure. Having owned three boats now,I don't think that a 100% suitable boat exists for me,there is always something that I don't like,and changing that something has always caused something else I didn't like!
  12. Had three "incidents" with anglers in the last two years.Two who didn't reel in,and I got a propfull of fishing line.I pulled in and cleared about half a mile of it,dumped it beside one of them and reminded him that he should either reel in or at least move his his rod to one side,he replied "I didn't see you". The other just sat on the bank grinning as I struggled in the middle of the canal untangling the mess.( It had stopped the engine) On another occasion I was approaching a fisher who looked as though he was asleep,so I gave a blast on the horn. "Don't blow your f-ing horn at me" At least he did reel in. I should add that I have passed dozens of fishers, and all except the ones mentioned have reeled in and waved,or reeled in and ignored me.
  13. In that case,no,so you would have to scull around for a bit untill the lock was free.
  14. The Huddersfield SHALLOW is my local ditch!
  15. I think you were lucky to get away with that. Had there been a group of onlookers,you would have got very wet,and felt a right prawn!
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