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  1. Like many suppliers of stuff for minority interests,they trade on lack of knowledge on the part of the customer,and jack up the prices. Anything specified for marine use is an excuse to make more profit. It is worse with aircraft stuff,it is frequently cheaper to buy aviation bits from the USA.
  2. I havn't,but it is probably a Eberspacher knockoff. It has been mentioned in another thread that it is a safe installation that is the important factor. Exhaust and inlet,to outside,fuel tank to be able to vent and drain outside.
  3. Alan makes a valid point about the BSS. It may be simpler to have a bolt on mount on the transom, ensuring that it is strong enough to take the load,and also ensure that it is far enough out from the transom to allow clearance when the outboard is tilted up.
  4. It's only about three times more than last year! Are you seriously expecting to just jump on your boat and come and go as you please ?😜
  5. The instructions seem contradictory.First bit says ship's cabin,and second bit says not to be used in a cabin. The heater is likely to be a Chinese copy of a Russian copy of a Eberspacher,so the instructions have probably been translated from German to Russian to Chinese to English. My opinion,I stress only my opinion,if I have understood the BSS guidlines correctly,is the fuel tank to be installed so it can vent and drain overboard for the inevitable spillage when refueling. The fuel feed pipe needs to be metal and not plastic.This will probably be brake pipe using compression
  6. It may be a good idea to contact your BSS inspector or e mail the BSS for clarification.
  7. Thanks Tony didn't know it was called a balanced rudder.
  8. But what BSS rules do they come under. Heating or stoves,or engines? Stoves I think are advisory items,but engine fuel systems are not.
  9. Sorry Tony,I was being simplistic. No hydraulics or electronics,but a simple rudder extension forward of the rudder pivot,about 25% of rudder size or less if there is insufficient prop clearance.The upstream bit of the rudder then gives a servo effect,lightening the force required to move the rudder.
  10. Am I being simplistic/thick or just ignorant by suggesting a servo extension on the rudder forward of the pivot?
  11. At first reading this, I thought it was a wind up. On checking stoppages,I found that it's true! Was planning a few days along the cut,but will I get home again?
  12. I think Mr.Parry had a hand in writing the script! It looked to me like a propaganda film for CRT. A teaspoonful of truth mixed with a barrowload of horse manure!
  13. You forgot leaking mushroom vents. Rare but I had it on my old tub; paint bubbles on the cabin side when prodded I found pinholes of rust had penetrated allowing windblown rain inside the trim. Took me weeks to find this leak.
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