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  1. Ha Ha. Order a boat? With my meagre budget it will probably be a knacketed old Norman or Dawncraft.😢
  2. Very reassuring! Think I will go ahead and buy another boat. Been hesitating for months.
  3. Masochist!! Been through once on a freezing cold day.The further in it got colder and colder, and when I was absolutely perished an icy deluge came down from the springs above.I also had one of my nav lights knocked off. I am not going through Standedge again! 😰
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  5. Well, I did tell them I was in Huddersfield and have owned a couple of Normans. Perhaps that started their alarm bells ringing! 🐸
  6. Happy days no doubt 😄
  7. No,not for sure, but similar grp boats, eg Norman 23 weighs about one ton normally equipped. I doubt if your Dawncraft will weigh three tons. There is a Dawncraft owner's group on Facebook, who no doubt can provide the information you require, but you will need to apply to join the group. I applied to join but my application was refused! Perhaps they know something about me that I don't!
  8. As Arthur says,about six feet. There are B flat and F Trombones also known as "trigger Trombones"which have an extra section of tubing behind the bell. There are seven slide shifts on a Trombone and when the trigger is operated it takes the place of sixth position (or shift) so the instrument can be not only be played in a smaller space, as in a pit orchestra where you may have a Trumpet or Clarinet player right in front of you, but also the trigger makes playing certain bits of music that require large movements of the slide, much smoother. As for volume,with practice the Trombone can be played very quietly as well as having the ability to obliterate a full orchestra. If you see a symphony orchestra on tv, you will see (because of 'elf and safety) perspex screens between the brass section and the rest of the orchestra.
  9. An old steel boat is risky without a survey unless you are very knowledgable or a gambler or have pots of money ( like Mtb!) For us relatively poor and risk averse boaters a grp boat makes a lot of sense. There is at the moment a Nauticus 27 for sale on Facebook and e bay which looks mint.These are very fine boats indeed, and this one has a reserve of £12500, which I think a bit overpriced, as for that price I would expect it to be well equipped but this one only boasts a two ring hob.It does however have a trailer which at the moment means it could be transported to wherever without worrying about stoppages. To kit this out as a livaboard I reckon would 2- 3 thousand doing it yourself, and considerably more to have tradespeople doing it. I would love to have it, but it's too dear for me.
  10. Get a boyfriend.🐵 Ducks and runs for cover.😝
  11. I agree, they are still cheap entry into boating. The cheapest seem to be Dawncraft and Norman. Dawncraft are more roomy and the 22's and 25's have almost 6ft headroom, but I think they are ugly things. Norman 23's, 24's and 27's are (in my opinion) better looking boats and usually have 6ft headroom but, have the floor following the curve of the hull, and many owners level the floor across as it makes walking inside easier, but reduces headroom by a couple of inches. If you are lucky, you may find a grp boat that has been kitted out for living aboard, cooker and oven, hot water, cabin heating, shower, solar etc. and may have a diesel engine, but will likely be coupled to an Enfield transom drive which are very expensive to service and repair. Outboard powered is cheaper and simpler,but being petrol powered there are drawbacks.
  12. There is a Sue Rider charity shop in Sowerby Bridge that has a very large collection of secondhand books.
  13. One finger is the American gesture. The traditional British gesture is two fingers. Too much American television and film influence. 🐵
  14. No, buy a Thetford 135, bought one recently, only £65 from a caravan shop. After all it's only for poo and wee, so why spend a load of money on one.
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