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  1. Crikey Alan,surely there's food bank somewhere near!😍
  2. I have posted this question on here before and there was only one comment. My cat I know visits neighbour's houses and if he is petted by someone with the virus,will the virus be on his fur?
  3. House prices fall due to many coming on the market that couldn't during the lockdown.I think they will bounce back fairly quickly. Canal boat prices I think will fall for the same reason,but may recover slower because there may well be a period of austerity and CRT's income from the government may be cut or not increased leading to less maintenance and longer more frequent stoppages,so a lot of boaters may give up.
  4. Dunno,but we can be pretty certain that there will be some eye watering tax increases to replentish the government coffers.
  5. I'll offer £51K providing you include carpets and curtains.
  6. I had a diesel Sierra (2.3 Peugot derived engine) Had to scrap it at 185000 miles because when opening the hatchback you could inspect the road! Engine was still sweet though.
  7. Can a cat carry Corona Virus on their fur? I have a wandering tom,and I know he goes into neighbour's houses as I have been told how lovely he is by more than one.As he loves being petted and stroked,I am a little worried.
  8. Well done for helping a less able neighbour. I don't think the restrictions that have been imposed or are going to be imposed will be lifted untill there are no more cases of Corona virus. It may be some time.
  9. Speak for youself, Grandad.😫
  10. I was recently given a 10W solar panel by a fellow moorer having a clear out.Was told that only being 10W there was no need for a controller. The boat is now going to be left for some time,so I thought it might be prudent to disconnect it. When connected to the panel,the battery voltage reads 14V.Connecting the voltmeter to the solar panel it reads 1V. I thought that I should disconnect the solar panel from the battery and cover the solar panel,but the reading on the voltmeter with the panel covered was 6V. Most puzzling,so did it again with the same result. Been told that leaving a solar panel disconnected in the sun will damage it. Two questions,will disconnecting the solar panel from the battery damage the panel? Will leaving the solar panel connected to the battery damage the battery? As the voltmeter reading on the battery is 14V,I assume the battery is fully charged. Thanks for any advice..
  11. Don't bother with supermarkets,I get my Guinness supplies from Bargain Booze.
  12. I think a most effective way of spreading this virus is the queue at supermarket checkouts.You should have seen the four queues at Aldi yesterday.
  13. I moored opposite once and walked around to the gate hoping for a natter and a cuppa,but was refused entry."Sorry members only"Hope you get in without meeting some officious prat!
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