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  1. Havn't got a picture unfortunately, but a narrowboat moored next to my old boat had the rudder tube in welded brackets on the outside of the stern. I thought this a sensible and easily maintainable arrangement. I think the boat was a Springer.
  2. Price seems a few K too high to me. It looks to be worth taking a chance on a full survey. That will no doubt find a few faults which may get you a price reduction. BUT a lift out/dry docking and survey could cost over £1000! and as it may take some time to arrange, someone could pitch up and buy without a survey. Buying a boat is a stressful business! I have three T shirts to prove this. Best of luck!
  3. Check for leaking windows,and mushroom vents. As Tony says a wet bilge will also condense moisture into the cabin. It may be a good idea to cut a rather larger inspection trap in the floor. Dilute bleach should kill the mould spores,and I have used Cillit Bang Black Mould Remover and found it very effective.
  4. Had similar wth my BMC 1500.Used at canal speeds there was no smoke,but on opening up a bit on the river,it produced enough smoke to obscure the river behind. The smoke used to subside after a while and after about five minutes was smoke free. I think the smoke was caused by long periods of running at low power settings causing a build up of soot and carbon in the combustion chambers and exhaust manifold. If you can stand the noise and vibration, then I think it is a good idea to give the engine a bit of a thrashing now and then.
  5. That might be true. The boat I am looking at has the same grey "tidemark"but it has been two pack blacked,and after a year or so,two pack turns grey so I am told,don't know if that is true.
  6. I am curious as to why some boats (like Rag Doll) don't have much freeboard. There was a post on here recently (which I don't know how to find) if memory serves,said the average distance from baseplate to gunwale is 2'-6" (or was it 3'-6") The reason I am asking is because I am shortly going to view a boat properly that looks rather low in the water.The stated draught of this boat is 2'-9". I would post a link,but I don't want someone on here diving in first! Any thoughts welcome.
  7. Lady in the white hat; "is that bottle of Whiskey going spare"?
  8. Bet it had a bit of a Liszt.😃
  9. A good photo for a caption competition. 😜
  10. Can't you just move upwind of the offending boat?
  11. As a lifelong Trombonist,I find if I hav'nt blown it for a few weeks,face muscles relax and for a short time the sound resembles wet flatulance! The brass instruments need constant practice to maintain a tolerable standard. A friend plays Trombone and Double Bass,and only plays the Bass once a year with the local Gilbert and Sullivan society. He tells me the Bass is no problem playing it once a year,but wouldn't dare play the Trombone in public after a year off! 😰
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  13. With the greatest of respect Lad, you do seem to be making rather hard work for yourself. Surely,when planning a trip like yours,wouldn't it be better to keep things as simple as possible? You obviously enjoy sleeping on a bed of nails and walking around with stones in your shoes,but keeping boat systems simple and accessible would I think be better. Hope I havn't offended you. 😜
  14. Even if the requirements have changed,it is still the interpretation of the rules your inspector makes.As has been pointed out by other members,they do vary in their strictness or laxity. As for making a boat "unsinkable,"well good luck with that. I wonder how many "unsinkable"boats are on the bottom.
  15. On the boat I had the BMC 1500's drain tap was as above. However,it was very difficult to reach,because of diesel pipes in the way and the closeness of the swim. When I finally managed to get my hand on it,I found that the lever was broken off and was impossible to move. Drained it by simply removing the hose on the water pump.
  16. Obviously likes white sauce on his tea!😞
  17. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  18. I quite like the sound of a wet exhaust. They always remind me of someone vomitting! 😰
  19. A good suggestion, but I think my idea of lashing the pole or boarding plank to the stern rail would be better. Although your idea if you could make it work would lower the carbon footprint. 😃
  20. Would it be possible to improvise a rudder? If you have a stern rail,lash your pole to it and screw a piece of ply to the end (a cupboard door would do) and use like a viking longboat.If your swan neck is still in place, lash your pole to that. I once had to cruise for two days with a snapped gear cable,using a brush handle with a nail in the end to change gear.There is always a way if you are a star bodger (like me) Otherwise,get lots of grub,alchohol,gas,and smokeless in and sit it out and wait for the sunlit uplands that Boris has promised. But,like most politicians, it's a teaspoon of truth mixed with a bucketful of horse manure. 😜
  21. I am sure you are aware that it is a difficult question. I think if a boat has a durable paint coating from new,and is regularly checked and any remedial action taken the hull should last indefinately. If on the other hand the boat is only taken out of the water for attention when it changes hands,or is only blacked when the existing rust has taken hold,then anything from 25 to 40 years before it fails an insurance survey.
  22. Once was asked by a Brummie if he could borrow my "keys". Puzzled I queried this and it turned out he meant spanners!
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