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  1. The people complaining about the cost of fuel for a boat, are probably just" moaning minnies". I found the cost of fuel was very low on the list of boating costs.
  2. My opinion. That Springer I wouldn't touch it with Tracy's bargepole ( or anyone else's) That Highbridge you mentioned, I was interested and looked hard at the ad and asked the seller a couple of questions but it looks to be quite a major project.It has no engine but the seller says he has a Beta available. These boats are either outboard powered or have an inboard engine with an outdrive. An outdrive is bad news on a canal boat as they get rather more 'hammer' than on a river or seaboat,and are expensive to repair and service as there are few specialists for them. An engineless Highbridge in that state is not a bargain at £6000. A decent steel narrowboat would be your best bet, but you will not get anything worth having at 10 or even 20K. A good grp cruiser can be had for less than 10K although it will need heating and insulation if it is to be lived on. Have a look at Norman, Viking, and Dawncraft if you need narrowbeam, and Seamaster, Birchwood, Elysian if a wider beam is compatable with the canals it will be on.
  3. That area that has been repaired may not be corrosion, but collision damage.
  4. I know someone with a leaky old boat, and swears by some stuff called Milliput.
  5. I used a fairly cheap hand suction pump. Think the make was Housman, but not sure,anyway it was a plastic container (held about 5ltr) with a pump on top. It worked by sucking the air out of the container and drawing the stuff out with the aid of a length of 15mm copper pipe to get in the corners of the tank. It never blocked because the pump itself was not in contact with the mucky fuel.The vacuum in the container drew the fuel up.
  6. Only if they are working properly. Last time I went through the Cromwell Lock, (Calder and Hebble) only one paddle working, it took a good thirty minutes to fill.
  7. An interesting post and I agree with much of your feelings about the canal system. I had a mooring in the North,and was a purely leisure boater, with odd weeks or more away. If you look back over some previous posts about the Northern waterways, you will see a disproportional number of stoppages.(Broken lock gear, low water levels and once for me,a three week stoppage on the HNC because of silted up lock gates.three weeks!!!) At one point because of stoppages on the HNC and the Hudds Broad, I couldn't cruise anywhere but simply gave the boat a wash and made a cup of tea and watched a bit of telly. It occured to me that I could do this in my garden shed, without the expence! Presently boatless, but still hanker after one, but I will wait and see what happens with the boat market and the canal system before taking the plunge into boat ownership again.
  8. The adjustment of the gear cable on some gearboxes is critical. After fitting a new gear cable to my boat, it went into fwd ok but trying to engage reverse, graunching and rattling noise but no drive. Adjusted the cable and found the opposite, reverse ok but rattling and graunching but no fwd drive. The difference between working properly and what I have just described was a couple of turns on the cable adjuster. Hurth gearbox without stops on the gear selector. Lever on the gearbox would go from fwd to neutral, to reverse in one sweep. Accurate gear engagement depended on the correct adjustment of the Morse control. Try removing the cable from the gear lever on the gearbox and engage gears by hand to see if this could be the problem.0
  9. I would have thought that the piece of blue clothes line would give way before the shackle.
  10. The most effective way of winding a boat I have found is: Bring the boat to a complete stop, three quarter rudder, a burst of power, full rudder, then tickover speed. The boat should turn in it's own length,assuming no significant wind or anybody watching.😃
  11. I believe that a universal income was tried out in Finland. The population is only a few million, but the scheme was dropped for whatever reason. I got this from Thunderboat, where one of the members lives in Finland.
  12. That is true.The heaters themselves are around £100 but it will cost as much again for a good installation. A proper insulated exhaust outlet is over £50, although you can use a cheaper one for the combustion air inlet if you want the heater to be "room sealed "Some people don't bother with this and let the heater draw it's combustion air from inside the boat. The fuel tank needs to vent and be able to ship any refueling spillages overboard. The fuel pipe needs to be metal, and you can use compression joints, but if not any connecting rubber piping should be fire retardant ISO 7840 (I think that's the right number) You will also need to budget for more exhaust tubing as what comes with the kit is never long enough.The hose clips that come with it are rubbish too and should be thrown away.
  13. Looking to buy a little boat that to get it to my mooring involves a shortish trip along the Trent from West Stockwith to Keadby. Reading these posts about anchoring I was getting the collywobbles thinking of what could go wrong.(Never been on a tidal river,an unproven boat, and anyway is not equipped with an anchor) Decided if I buy this boat, it's coming to my mooring by road. Thanks to everyone for helping me to decide.
  14. Let us know where and when this show is taking place. We could sell tickets to come and watch. (All proceeds to worthy causes) 😜😄
  15. The canopy is canvass. The reason I am asking about a specialised paint is because the canopy on a grp boat is frequently folded down when cruising so a conventional paint I think would soon crack and craze. A new canopy for this particular boat is in excess of £1200!
  16. Looking at a grp cruiser with a view to buying, and apart from the usual neglect the canopy, although it appears watertight and has no rips or repairs, has many faded parts where you can see the weave of the canvas. Have Googled 'canvas paint' but only found artists type paint. Read in an old pre war book on converting ship's lifeboats, to cover wooden cabin roofs in canvas and paint. Have looked at ads for tyre paint, but not sure if this is the right sort of paint. I am guessing that it would need to be a highly flexible type of perhaps a rubberised paint. Does anyone know of such a product? Thanks.
  17. Fully aware of the outboard. There may be a bulkhead between the cabin and the rear deck. Surely with an old boat it would be sensible to have two bilge pumps. They are not very expensive, and are easy to install.
  18. Giving the OP's question more thought,(if he hasn't run off gibbering incoherently) If it was me thinking about that boat, I think if I really liked it, I would dispense with the hassle and expense of a survey,insure third party, ensure there were two working bilge pumps,(one in the engine bilge, and one in the cabin bilge, ) and go off and enjoy the boat. If and when it springs a leak, then do something about it. This could be weeks,it could also be years. Buying any boat is a risk.
  19. The last I heard about the cost of a base and sides overplate, was £200+ per foot. For the price of that Springer, you could buy a really nice grp cruiser and not have the rust problems. As you are near the Broads ( lucky man) * perhaps a grp cruiser would be more suitable. No need to have a silly narrowbeam. *I am in Huddersfield, have a scroll back and read about all the stoppages in the North, and you will see why I think you are lucky!
  20. Hang a bucket over the cavitation plate if you are gong to remove the gearbox filler and drain plug while the engine is still on the boat. It will catch a dropped plug (ever so easy to drop one) and of course the oil. If you can get the boat to 90 degrees to the wall, the plugs are easier to get at. Best though to remove the outboard to give the gearbox a thorough check, and change the impeller too.
  21. You are very brave taking that on! I had a a severe wallet attack looking at the photos. Best of luck with it. 😃
  22. Yorkshire is God's own county! It's just the fact that there are lots of hills. Canals that transit hilly country have lots of locks that need maintainance, which they are not getting. I fully understand Midnight's frustration, having parted with a load of money for a boat, a licence,mooring and insurance, then only being able to cruise to the nearest pub, is really annoying.
  23. Sound advice. Been looking for another boat for some time now, (not a steel narrowboat, but a grp cruiser) and although there have been three or four boats advertised ( on Facebook Marketplace) that on paper are suitable at the right price, they have gone before I can arrange a viewing. Two went after one day and others after a couple of days. It seems my requirements are the same as many other people's and I am not moving quickly enough. There are of course boats on Facebook that have been there for several weeks, but that is usually because they are either overpriced, or are varying degrees of project. Must try to get my backside into gear quicker!
  24. They may have thought you were poor starving itinerant boaters and thought they were being kind to you.😃
  25. Not boating, but I used to ride my motorbike along a 50mph limit road with several residental side roads joining it. What used to piss me off the most,was cars coming up to the main road too fast and braking hard at the last minute. I didn't know if they had seen me and were going to stop, so I fitted a very loud air horn and if aproaching a side road with a car either waiting or coming up to the main road, I would give a long blast of the horn. It cetainly drew attention to my presence, but there was one occasion when a car was creeping slowly out of a side road, with the driver's head looking the other way,I gave a blast and came to a halt. (Luckily I was going slowly at the time) I was then treated to a barrage of verbal abuse " Don't blow your F- ing horn at me.I F-ing saw you" So no, you can't win whatever you do. However,I have survived to draw my pension, so I would rather have verbal abuse than slamming into the side of a car.
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