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  1. Have used Cillit Bang black mould remover.Simply spray it on and leave for 24 hours and the mould has gone. It does stink a bit though.
  2. A lifejacket will be essential. It will be a very shallow canal for you to run aground. At locks just pick up your board and walk. No pollution or fuel costs and healthy excercise. What's not to like? Except cooking facilities overnight accomodation.
  3. I have no objection to considerate cyclists.I wish more of them fitted a bell as you can be unaware of them coming behind you. I was whacked on the arm by a cyclist from behind on Saturday with no warning. It was quite a shock and after accusing him of having horse manure for brains and calling him a dickhead he just pedalled on. Good job really because had he stopped and not apologised there would have been fisticuffs.
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  5. Be careful that the swirly mops don't lap the gazooks! Perhaps the op is a relative of Stanley Unwin.
  6. Same here! Bought a 30ft steel narrowboat for 15K.Like you it needed more money spending on it than I was willing to spend. Sold it at a loss and bought a grp cruiser. Quite happy with it.
  7. There are several makes of 6'-10" grp cruisers.If you see one advertised,you can check the dimensions on Google. Nauticus,Norman,Burland and Creighton are 6'-10". For livaboard nothing smaller than 23'will do If it has a diesel engine it will usually have a Z drive.Some swing up when they hit a shopping trolley or the bottom,others don't.They are expensive to repair,and have a poor reputation for reliability on canals. There was a case on here recently where a poster bought a Freeman 22 grp cruiser advertised as narrow beam,however when he got stuck in a lock he measured the beam and found it was 7'-5". Grp cruisers are cheaper than steel boats and don't have corrosion problems that you will most likely get with an old cheap narrowboat. Certainly worth considering in your position.
  8. Yes, er more or less! It has been noted on here and I have found,albeit in my limited experience,that there is a variation in standards between BSS examiners.
  9. Some rather creative accounting? Perhaps counting the number of people on a mile of a popular canal on a sunny Sunday for four hours and multiplying by the miles of canals and rivers. There are lies,damned lies,and statistics!
  10. But that is not a proper Skoda! It's a VW/Audi, built in the Czech Republic.
  11. I have simply stuck tinted window film to the inside of the window frames with double sided tape. It doesn't have to be tinted,but I couldn't find any clear at the time. Cheap double glazing.
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  13. Thanks Alan. Presumably two flame arresters will be needed. One for the tank vent,and one for the overspill pipe. On my old boat,the fuel tank (petrol) was in a steel box (about half the size of a gas locker) with a vent to overboard close to the top of the locker,and a drain pipe to overboard at the bottom. It did pass it's BSS examination like this without having flame arresters fitted so I do agree that standards among BSS examiners vary a little. In the light of your post,my present boat,although it came with a new BSS certificate,in no way complies with all the rules governing fuel iinstallations. I will now do some remedial work on my fuel system. Again,many thanks.
  14. A comprehensive answer for the OP as aways Alan. What exactly is an "anti spark/flash fitting"?
  15. Too much corrosion.Overplating costs in excess of £100 per foot + lift out/in .It sounds like it would be a heart breaking money pit. Even if you got it for £5000 it would still turn out to be an expensive boat,which because it's an old Springer,you will not get your money back when you sell.
  16. Is she waving her knickers?
  17. Sounds good. Where do you get it from? Please say it's within a couple of miles from Huddersfield.
  18. As there is generally very little wind on canals,trees,bushes buildings tend to block whatever wind there is. Perhaps cruising on a more open river will get the thing turning. I think money would be better spent on solar.
  19. On the lock landing for lock 1E,there is a metal grill on the canal wall.That I think is where the water returns. You are right about it going into the pound below lock 1E. However,as a regular user of the HNC, the pound is now so low as to be unusable.I have always been able to get through in the past,but now only a paddleboard would get through the first pound. I frequently go up a few locks up the narrow for a lunchtime pint,but having to book to use lock 1 so that water can be run down,and ring again a few hours later to come back,I am sure will make me lose my popularity. It has spoilt the pleasure of going for a cruise when the mood takes me.
  20. Your'e kidding! They may have fixed lock 29E,but lock 1E is still padlocked and passage is by appointment due to a hugh leak in the pound between locks 1 and 2E. On my last passage back through lock 1E,there were 3 boats waiting to go down and 1 waiting to go up. The poor CRT bloke had to let water down from 2 or 3 locks above and dash back to unlock. You could see the water level rising,and almost as quickly see it dropping again. The university do take water from the first pound for some system or other,but they have been doing this for years and I have never seen the pound between locks 1 and 2E as low as it is now.
  21. As the Figure of Three locks on the Calder and Hebble are out of action ( rumour has it that they will be fixed by Easter) your journey will be rather longer than 8-9 days. Aire and Calder to Castleford junction,Leeds Liverpool to the Bridgewater and onto the Trent and Mersey. If you are pushed for time you could wait for the Figure of Three to open,or consider road transport,but a 55ft battleship won't be cheap.
  22. Mad Harold


    Looks like a scary amount of work. Bought an old book,"Lifeboats and Their Conversion"byC.E Tyrrell Lewis.First published 1935.Not thinking of converting a lifeboat,but there is an interesting introduction by a Major L.Stafford Shallard Commodore Converted Cruiser Club.I quote a bit of it: "The old craft at a bargain price has a fatal fascination for the in-experienced.Only too often she is a white enamelled sepulchre whose rot and rust only become manifest when the neophite has parted with his money. This is probably as true now as when that was written in 1935.
  23. Some of the silencers have a hole in them to drain the moisture out.They are sold for motorhomes and trucks and are mounted outside.On a boat the silencer is inside the hull so this type of silencer is unsuitable because of the danger of fumes. On my heater the silencer makes very little difference to the noise level. some heaters are noisier than others.Mine makes a whistling noise on it's startup cycle but on cruise it is fairly unobtrusive.A neighbouring boat has one that sounds like a jet engine spooling up and is quite loud,but he does seem to have it on full blast.
  24. Mad Harold


    I think Mr.de Enfield is pulling your leg a bit.But he is correct in that refurbishing a boat is many times more difficult than refurbishing a house. I would second WotEver's advice and suggest you buy a boat that works,live with it for a while and you will be in a better position to judge what suits you best.
  25. A good point.I have been concerned on a couple of occasions about setting grass and foliage alight when moored on the towpath.
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