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  1. I fully sympathise. On my last narrowboat I had to get into more positions than are listed in Karma Sutra simply to change the oil filter! 😰
  2. Petrol engines can be converted to run on Propane.More expensive,but available on the canals.
  3. Avgas is 100LL petrol.(for ICE engines) Avtur is kerosene (for turbine engines)
  4. That's one way of converting an outboard powered boat to electric,but extremely expensive. That electric outboard is about £1000 dearer than a new Honda outboard,and they are not cheap! Then you have the cost of the batteries,the genny,and solar panel too. Unless you can run substantially on solar,I don't think there would be much saving of emissions or fuel cost. For example; my little yoghurtpot uses 0.6ltr/hr with a 8hp outboard at canal speeds.I don't know what the fuel burn is of various gennys,but even allowing for increased efficiency of a genny running at it's optimum efficiency,unless there is substantial input from solar,I am guessing that my little boat would burn about the same amount of fuel.
  5. The more common inboard engine conversions on grp cruisers usually use a stern drive (also known as a Z drive) Buying everything needed and then fitting it all (or paying someone ) the cost as others have pointed out,doesn't bear thinking about. There are drawbacks I know only too well with a petrol outboard,mainly lack of charging capacity and sometimes a long walk to get petrol. However,they do have some plus points,much cheaper to buy than diesels,easier to maintain once they are off the boat,quieter and smoother than diesels.
  6. I think you will be ok to go back. There have been at least three changes of management in the last few years. Present manager is a big bearded irishman, Davy.
  7. Also my favourite,The Rat and Ratchet five minutes walk from lock 3E on the HNC.Although an Osset Brewery pub,they brew their own ales on the premises.
  8. Possibly the wiring is too thin causing voltage drop. There is a formula for calculating the correct thickness of cable for the distance from battery to appliance,which unfortunately I don't have to hand.
  9. It would be a definite NO from me! Perhaps the vendor is a fan of the Everly Brothers, Dream Dream Dream. 😜
  10. I think the HNC from Huddersfield to Marsden is more deserving of the title, Heartbreak Hill.
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  12. A 2004 boat that needs overplating! Alarm bells ringing! Was it built in 2004,or registered with CRT in 2004? It could have been on non CRT waters for some time.If it has been sitting in a marina for years with no galvanic corrosion,then what sort of corrosion does it have? I think more questions need to be asked about this boat.
  13. It's certainly a handsome beast,but not really suited to canal cruising,beam,draught,and airdraught,are all too much except for a limited number of canals.I don't think it has a weedhatch either so clearing the prop of weed/detrius is going to be a problem,unless like someone I know with a Dutch Barge,with a clogged prop,drained a pound and spent two hours waist deep in mud hacking away at a duvet. (He did by the way,get a humongous bollocking from CRT) It also looks too fresh and tidy for a boat that has been lived on,and may well have been tarted up to sell. As a 1970 build,if it hasn't been overplated already,then it soon will need it.Also it looks about 15K overpriced.
  14. There is a safety concern with a tiller in certain circumstances. that is when winding or backing into the cill in a lock,if you are standing or sitting within the tiller arc,there is a possibility of being shoved off. A wheel I find more comfortable and also fitting a steering knob,as well as being a rudder indicator,it allows rapid lock to lock turns when winding or mooring in confined spaces.
  15. Painted my cabin sides in summer 2017 with Dulux Weathershield water based satin.Only flatted back the original paintwork and treated a few rust spots. Although I no longer own this boat,it is still moored here and looking at it the other day the paintwork was fine.
  16. Ah right,I was assuming you were moored bow to the canal. Would it be possible to move out using ropes? It will probably need two of you.
  17. But if the Norman is behind you, it is not his fault that you can't get out. Suggest if the boats opposite refuse to move,slowly move out and put your bow between two of the moored boats,full rudder and reverse. I am sure the moored boaters will co-operate when they see that you are serious about moving. I think I have imagined the scenario correctly.
  18. Most of this stuff about batteries is highly testicle greek to me at first reading. However,on re-reading several times slowly,some chinks of light appear. Keep it up ianD, I for one enjoy being educated. 😄
  19. Sounds like a shedload of work and expense! At 71ft long there will be some canals you can't use and at that length any overplating at about £150 per foot plus extras will be very expensive. Unless it's very cheap,then I think it's one to walk away from,and don't look back.
  20. A fellow moorer uses Head and Shoulders to bath his little dog. He looks very smart and smells nice afterwards. (The dog)
  21. It's no problem a bike coming towards me,I can see it coming. One from behind can be dangerous as I am going a bit deaf and when walking along the towpath it is sometimes necessary to jink from side to side to avoid puddles and potholes. Have been belted on the shoulder once by a prat on a bike without a bell coming from behind.He just kept going no apology. Probably as well,had he stopped in response to my swearing,I have no doubt there would have been fisticuffs!
  22. On the Standedge Tunnel they didn't quite get it right. It was dug from both ends,and the engineer must have got his sums wrong.as the two tunnels missed each other by several yards. That's why there is a large S bend in the middle.
  23. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  24. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  25. Don't know if they sell spare parts,but I bought my last Thetford toilet from them and it was £56 complete.
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