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  1. Do a google image search for 'L shaped narrowboat dinette/bed' You'll find quite a few ideas - example
  2. I will be out moving on Saturday along the Stainforth and Keadby canal for 5 or 6 hours and returning to BlueWater and going home in the evening. I'll be there again on Tuesday to do some work and coming home again. The week after it won't be such a rush as I will then stay over. Kevin
  3. and also Make sure to film on an iPhone and tell us all about what the phone is and how you 'edit' the vlog .... and, most importantly, film in portrait mode.
  4. Thanks folks, the accumulator is at home and not fixed in the system yet, so I'll make sure to have it where the valve is easy to access. It is a Schrader valve in the accumulator, but my bikes use a Presta valve, this is why I want to set it at home and use my cycle pump which has a gauge and I don't drive, so more difficult to change when on the boat. Thanks Tracy, I'll set it to 40 psi and give this a go, easier for me to remove pressure on boat than to add it 🙂
  5. Right. I'd better find the instructions and figure out what the cut in pressure is!!
  6. My pump is rated at 3.5 bar, I've just purchased a Seaflo 1L accumulator to put in the system and hopefully stop the pump pulsing. The accumulator is currently pre charged to 10 psi, or 0.7 bar. Question, is there any way of knowing approximately what pressure the accumulator should be pre charged to for the system as it will be much easier for me to add pressure whilst I'm at home? Ta very glad - Kevin
  7. Just to clarify, Mike at Blue Star Surveys has always been very helpful and fair in my dealings with him. He came for an 'informal chat' with me on my request part way through my new build and gave me a few pointers which I hadn't considered. A year later, he again came to check and issue my Boat Safety certificate. I cannot comment for others who may or may not have had such a good service.
  8. OP doesn't ask for a gas registered surveyor though.
  9. He's always been very helpful when he's been to me, this has included full surveys, BSS and some help and advice when I was part way through my new build.
  10. I always contact Mike Boulton at Blue Star Surveys https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/directory/140-blue-star-surveys
  11. I used frosted glass in my internal door, it has to be toughened safety glass for the inside. Has to be specially cut to size, so make sure your measurements are accurate. Kevin
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  13. You can try with a damp cloth over the area and a hot iron. It will ruin the finish, but could swell the wood giving you an area that you can sand down and re-varnish, worth a try before scrapping it.
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