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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  2. I have the EcoFlow River, all info here https://uk.ecoflow.com/products/river-portable-power-station?variant=40595204735168 My opinion, it is far better than the Jackery, it charges much quicker and doesn't require an extra 'power brick' for charging, simply plugs in to a 13 amp socket. I also have a 100W suitcase panel made by Renogy, this can be used to charge the EcoFlow or can be added to my 160W roof panel to give more boost to the batteries.
  3. I was politely told 'no way' when I asked a boater on the Thames if I could moor alongside, next boat said 'no, we have a dog'!! Next boat had a sign in the window which said something like 'you are welcome to moor alongside us', so it was third time lucky for me. The following morning at the first lock, a boater asked if I had asked to moor alongside him the evening before, when I answered 'yes' he was very apologetic and said he regretted saying no as soon as I pulled away.
  4. Look on the top bar of the page, left side. You'll see your username, +Create, a globe then two speech bubbles. Press on those to see messages sent to you. Interested in this because it's a trip I'm planning to do next year. Kevin
  5. You mentioned Sheffield, maybe worth getting on their list https://www.watersidemooring.com/356-tinsley-marina-residential-l1 https://cvmarine.co.uk/victoria-quays/ and several others along the Sheffield and South Yorkshire Navigation.
  6. Kendorr

    Thorne Lock

    The top gates were removed on Wednesday, this was taken on Thursday morning.
  7. The usual answer for all things London is to contact the London Boaters FB group.
  8. Sorry to confuse Tony. SG and batteries are 3 years old, panel and MPPT are 6 months old. SG now shows error code E03 which indicates batteries are being over charged. Instruction booklet on MPPT has various error codes, E02 here indicates over charging BUT the MPPT never shows this. This answers what I have been doing 🙂 and is now sounding like I should just continue doing the same. Thanks, Kevin
  9. It's a Renogy Rover Elite 20A That's a good idea, unfortunately I'm just back home, but will give it a try when next I go, thank you. Yes, I mixed up there, the SG is giving E03, but the MPPT never gives an error message - if it did, then E02 is for over charging. Again, I'll look to see if they can be altered when I go back next week. Thanks again folks, Kevin
  10. Nope, only if you have set the battery type to Lithium.
  11. Thanks everyone. I don't think I'm fully satisfied with what was happening, but I'm fairly confident things are okay. Batteries have now settled at 13.00 volt, the only draw on them is 2 led lights and SG shows them at 100%. The MPPT only has 4 battery settings, SLD, GEL, FLD and LI and I have it set to SLD. The MPPT also has an error code for over charging, but this has never shown up, so maybe SG is reading differently to MPPT? I do only charge the leisure bank, I'll look into your suggestion, thanks. Reading the instructions, it looks like a few of you were right about this. I think next time I come to boat, I'll have a day using the battery power, then check how the solar and SG react to the charging period. Advice much appreciated, thank you.
  12. Thanks again, I'll be reading the controller carefully again later. Kevin
  13. Yes, every 28 days Could be, I'll be keeping an eye. One thing I have just noticed, the SG has a 'hybrid' setting and it's for sealed maintenance free with a magic eye to give battery condition. These sound like mine, so I've changed the SG setting and will see how it reacts when the SG settles down Thanks, Kevin
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