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  1. Kendorr

    Engine maintenance vlog

    Spot on Pete, but that's part of its charm!!! 🙂
  2. Kendorr

    Engine maintenance vlog

    Welcome to the forum, and a belated welcome to BlueWater Marina.
  3. Kendorr

    Help me out please.

    Very true, and, as you say, they aren't a fix, but they might help.
  4. Kendorr

    Help me out please.

    Fit several of these around your boat in the in-accessible places, you'll be amazed at how much moisture they remove from the atmosphere.
  5. Kendorr

    Shower mixer bar

    Thanks, I thought there must be a reason why all the pics I've seen show it on the bottom. Pipes will be changed around tomorrow 🙂
  6. Does it matter if the shower hose is connected to the top or the bottom of the bar? Looking at my plumbing, to have the hot and cold into the correct sides, the fitting for the hose is on the top. All the pictures I've seen show the hose coming out of the bottom. Does anyone know if this is just aesthetics with the pipe going down first? I haven't fitted it properly yet, so will have the time to change the position of the pipes if I have to. Thanks folks.
  7. Kendorr

    Mystery item?.....(photo)

    Looks like part of a Calder and Hebble ground paddle gear.
  8. Kendorr

    Leeds & Liverpool Canal questions

    I was solo on my Leeds / Liverpool trip in 2016, it took me 9 days to get from Wigan bottom lock to Castleford. Although solo, Peter Bullfinch tethered his boat to mine for the trip up the Wigan flight, then took 5 days to get to Skipton. I asked a friend to help me get from Skipton to Leeds because I knew about all the bridges, many of which are difficult to do solo. We had a long wait at Bingley 5 rise, but other than that the journey went without a hitch. I've no idea what it's like towards Parbold and Liverpool, but with 2 of you, you should be able to cover a good distance.
  9. Kendorr

    Guitars on boats.Any problems?

    I bought a cheep Ukulele from Lidl over a year ago. I hadn't had the time or inclination to play it since building KenDorR, but did pick it up yesterday. It was still almost in tune! I am surprised at how little the changing states of the boat have affected it - I don't live aboard, so there's plenty of heat changes during the week.
  10. Kendorr

    Middlewich video

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JjP2-KTetDY Looks like there has been a lot of work done and good progress made.
  11. Brilliant Jen, I had looked in there, but not used the search facility correctly. Thank you.
  12. Thanks Pete, I'll give them a try tomorrow.
  13. It's time to get the hob and oven connected on KenDorR. Does anyone know of a Gassafe engineer who works on LPG close to the Thorne / Doncaster / Goole area? Thanks, Kevin
  14. Kendorr

    Boat safety surveyor required

    As my original reply, Ricky does do BSS inspections, he did my last one on Halcyon a couple of years ago and I'm fairly sure the cost was £120. I did assume the OP was after a BSS inspection. Ricky does also do hull and boat inspections, my last one was £300, but Halcyon was already out of the water for blacking.
  15. Kendorr

    Boat safety surveyor required

    Give Ricky Tropman a call https://www.iims.org.uk/iims-members/iims-membership-directory/7544/ricky-tropman/ You're looking around £120 mark.

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