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  1. All I do is to move the cursor over the abbreviation, don't click anything and after a very short time, the word appears Even on this, hover above Nb in all 4 cases, Narrowboat shows.
  2. Works fine, HP laptop, Win 10, Chrome browser.
  3. Video of a walk from Lock 1 to Lock 8, surprising how much of the canal is still in reasonable condition (the music is a bit overpowering ) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YJpM135eRUw&ab_channel=Trekking%26Towpaths
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  6. As a 62 year old single handed boater, I would also go for the L&L, just take your time and enjoy it. Then, when the figure of three locks re-open, hopefully by Easter next year, you could have a nice and easy summer cruise on the Rochdale out and the Huddersfield back 🙂 Kevin
  7. Just seen on the local Look North that the emergency repairs have failed, no other information given other than fields are flooded, but no houses as of now, so that in itself is good news.
  8. I'll reduce the size of some later and email you them. Kevin
  9. Thanks Alan, at the moment I go almost every week, sometimes every 2 weeks and I'm able to keep the bottom step clean, I have been thinking about adapting the 'hedgehog brush' as it is something I use at home. It has also been suggested by boat safety man that I drill another couple of holes a couple of inch either side of the main centre one, this should help if I'm away from boat for a prolonged period. As long as people are aware this could happen with leaves, and they take precautions, for me, I felt the benefits outweighed the problems. Kevin
  10. Morning David You appear to have read the last part of my post, but missed the first, here's a few more pics. You can see in the first one the box which is the steps and the box below which collects any rainwater which comes down the steps, this 'box' has a dedicated bilge pump. The overhead shot shows the hole at the bottom of the steps which is 1 inch below the door threshold. At the moment, the deck drainage is so good that the cabin bilge stays dry 🙂 Kevin
  11. Hi Andy You may remember, mine is cruiser stern with central door and steps on the outside. I also have used both sides of the steps for my gas lockers. Being single handed, this works well as it is easy to step up onto the roof, and also safely get back down. I was surprised how much water does come down the steps, but in the engine bay, the builder made a box which is below the step and into this I fitted a bilge pump which is piped out through a skin fitting. The builder did check very carefully that everything we were doing satisfies boat safety. In the 2 years this
  12. Thank you Midnight, certainly gives us more hope 🙂 Kevin
  13. Just received this reply from CRT, some good news there. We currently anticipate that the repairs will be completed in Spring 2021, unfortunately due to the extensive nature of the works we do not yet have a exact date for completion. When we do have any updates they will be published on the stoppage notice on our website.
  14. Can anybody who lives near the locks give any update on how the works are progressing please? What's the chance of them re-opening before summer next year? Thanks.
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