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  1. For future reference, the front cover is easily removed with a sharpish object down the back, then there's a small grub screw at the very top which can be adjusted, simples. Kevin
  2. Thanks Tony, it took some finding, but the installation guide I've found shows a 'throttle brake adjustment', I'll open it up in the morning and see if the adjustment solves the problem. Kevin
  3. I've got the TFX 700SS morse fitted. Tickover is set around 800 rpm, push the lever forward a bit and I can cruise around 850 rpm, both these speeds the morse will maintain. Anything above, from 850 to around 1250 rpm, when I let go of the lever, it drops back to tickover. Around 1300 rpm, the lever will stay in position when I let it go. For canal cruising 1300 rpm is too fast, ideally around 1100 rpm is an optimum speed, but to maintain it, I've got to keep hold of the morse lever. After all that, has anyone any tips or ideas for increasing the friction so the morse will maintain speeds between 850 and 1300 rpm? Thanks, Kevin
  4. Thanks Paul, just been to the Co-op and got plenty of food to sit it out.
  5. Thanks Rob, I've found where they are, can you tell me how you get emails form them? We shall stay put 'till it drops Kevin
  6. Currently sitting out the rain at Mountsorrel lock, need to travel to the Trent as soon as possible. Some people have been moving today even though the flood board is well into the red. All the sites I've looked at say the Soar is currently navigable. Is anyone able to point me to the correct place to check? I've looked on C&RT stoppages, River Levels UK and River level information.gov.uk and all show the Soar to be okay! Is anyone between Mountsorrel and Trent Lock who could give any advice? Of course I do realise this could all change by the morning! Thanks, Kevin
  7. No need, it was open, they took some finding though, they were in a round cage on the floor near the check-out.
  8. Well, I was walking around Leicester in the rain this morning looking for a kettle and didn't find one! Got back to boat, dried off and read this. Found where the closest B&M is, never saw it this morning, just been, and am now enjoying my £5.99 cup of coffee, thank you Lily 🙂
  9. I saw Gervase Phinn many years ago and he told a story of a bloke having a conversation with his wife which was pure drivel and had been going on for several minutes. A well dressed mature lady sat opposite him leaned over and said, 'oh shut up darling and come back to bed'. The man stuttered a few words out and hung up. He then turned to the woman and asked why she had done it, to which she replied, 'I was fed up of your infernal conversation' He got up and moved elsewhere!!
  10. I'm using Chrome, signal isn't too bad, can't check home 'puter till this trip ends in about a weeks time though.
  11. Glad it's not my eyes playing tricks!
  12. Anyone else noticed that the pages now load in B&W for half a second before the background colour kicks in?
  13. and, I've just got through Claydon locks in just over an hour!! Always nice as a single handed boater when there's a queue waiting to go down and you're going up 🙂 Kevin
  14. Good morning all I got through Banbury and Cropredy, unfortunately following another boat, so most of the locks were set against me. In Cropredy lock a very nice gentleman took my windlass and locked me through. I got through Varneys lock and saw some armco just before Varneys bridge, 149. It was just before 2-00 and I'd not had any lunch so moored right at the end, along with 3 other boats. I'm in no rush and intend taking another 3 days to get to Braunston, got a friend coming to help me back to Thorne, so will be aiming for Barrow on Soar for Friday 16th August. Kevin
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