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  1. Same as above, I usually only open one side and let the lock fill or empty more slowly, this has 2 advantages, 1 - it takes a bit longer, but you get a bit of rest and it's easier to keep an eye on what your boat is doing, and 2 - because it does take a bit longer, if another boat is coming along behind you, they will have more chance of catching you up.
  2. Here's one which is probably what you would be after https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/150W-Flexible-Solar-Panel-Kit-Monocrystalline-LCD-Control-12V-Caravans-Ho/352771168635?epid=25032458003&hash=item5222ccd97b:g:2~0AAOSws59dZ8ij
  3. If you buy off ebay, look for buyers who offer click and collect, then set it to be delivered to an Argos branch and, as Nightwatch said above, collect on your arrival.
  4. I'm using one of these https://advancedbatterysupplies.co.uk/product/advanced-lxd110-dual-purpose-leisure-battery/ the service ABS provide is very good.
  5. Yes, give the washing machine it's own, dedicated skin fitting.
  6. Nope, my boat safety was done April this year. I'd been very concerned about how close my stove was to the surroundings, all that he did was check for scorching, the Soliftec sheet was shown to me and I was told that it is the requirement for a house, not a boat.
  7. Depending on how good you are on engine maintenance, I would add £175 for RCR bronze cover. You'll get 4 call outs and replacement parts included. Although some will reply here and disagree with me!
  8. Kendorr

    Thorne Lock

    Tried to go through about 11-30, the main switch has tripped and nobody appeared to know how to re-set it. Just looked on stoppages and there is no mention of it, so it may have been cleared, but you might have a long wait if it hasn't.
  9. If you get no joy there, try Ricky Tropman Ricky Tropman 07887 836754
  10. Try Brasso, gets rid of many types of sticky stuff.
  11. I can say 100% that my twitter account will not be hacked, so, yes I'm safe 🙂 By the way, what's twitter?
  12. What have you made to hold the weed hatch tightly in position? Are those pipes long enough to allow you to remove the weed hatch fully when you need to get your hand inside to remove the rubbish wrapped around the propeller? Nice tidy job though.
  13. I use an old Sony Experia phone as an emergency phone for when I'm out cycling. I put the Asda sim in a few years ago. Once every few months I switch this phone on, send a text from main phone to it and then reply. I set it up with £10 credit and last time I checked, there was still over £8 on it. Works well for me.
  14. For future reference, the front cover is easily removed with a sharpish object down the back, then there's a small grub screw at the very top which can be adjusted, simples. Kevin
  15. Thanks Tony, it took some finding, but the installation guide I've found shows a 'throttle brake adjustment', I'll open it up in the morning and see if the adjustment solves the problem. Kevin
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