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  1. Thanks for this. I've contacted the Basingstoke canal society, although on their web site, the canal does appear to be all okay at the moment. I'm thinking of getting to Brentford around 14th July, so would look to spend the next week on the Basingstoke. Kevin
  2. In the next few weeks I'll be turning onto the Thames at Brentford and heading to Oxford. I'm seriously considering spending a week or so on the Basingstoke canal and also want to take my time on the Thames section from Reading. I've been looking for the license cost, but have drawn a blank there. Advice please, is it worth buying a 1 month license for the trip, or go for a 1 day license for the day trip from Brentford to the canal junction, then buy weekly license (s) for the trip from Byfleet to Oxford? Also, how much does the license cost and can they be purchased on the day? Thanks folks.
  3. About 3 miles after Doncaster is Sprotbrough, which is a very pleasant place to moor, you will have a long day from there into Sheffield though.
  4. Unfortunately I'm down south and want to return home by a different route than going back on the Trent!! Come on CRT, get the Huddersfield Narrow canal sorted.
  5. Well, I never got chance to do anything before setting off, but I think I've found the answer. Today I left Keadby Lock about 7-30, by 4-00 I was passing through Cromwell Lock and decided to head for the pub at North Muskham, the last 2 miles on the non tidal Trent were nice and quiet from the propeller at 12 to 1300 revs- so the answer is obviously 45 miles and 8 hours at 1600 revs on a flood tide and the singing will stop ?
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ytV76_ZWprQ
  7. Thanks Howard, I'll do that before I start on it. Kevin
  8. Around 1200 revs, my propeller 'sings', it stops at 1300 revs. I thought it was a whine from the alternator belt, but changing the tension does not alter the 'singing' and the temperature of the engine also doesn't. I was told that I could have the prop taken off and re-balanced (I think that was the term used), but also that an easier 'fix' could be to file a small notch into one of the blades. As this could be done in the water, it is a more obvious way to start. However, I really don't want to start messing with my nice and shiny new propeller without getting more advice. Anybody tried this? Did it work? How big is a small notch? Thanks folks Kevin
  9. Just bought and fitted mine, 41 foot narrowboat. This is the advice I was given for the main river I will use, that being the Trent. 14Kg Darnforth, 25 foot of 3/8 chain, 50 foot of 14mm rope and a swivel shackle between the chain and the rope.
  10. Something like this will 'possibly' do what you require https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/300W-Car-Vehicle-Converter-Power-Inverter-DC-12V-to-AC-230V-USB-Charger-Port-UK/333071479447?hash=item4d8c9b7297:g:LrsAAOSwmxVcePNA However, this item will be your only 240V, your 12V system will work and this single plug will give you a small amount of 240V - certainly enough to power a radio or a lamp.
  11. Kendorr


    Just thought I'd add a bit about me. I cycle because I don't drive. When I'm out and about on the bike, I'm wearing what I'm wearing. When I specifically go out for a bike ride I'm a 'lycra clad' person. Just looking at my rides since I've had a 'Garmin' device, I've done 626 rides, covered a distance of 23,853 miles and cycled for 1764 hours. I've never had an accident, although I have slipped off the bike several times on ice. I've had some very close calls with aggressive people driving cars, but I've also been shown far more kindness and consideration form the majority of motorists out there. I've also seen many stupid people on bikes doing daft things, but I've also seen many more considerate cyclists riding in a courteous way. Strange thing, whilst boating (last 5 years) I've seen several idiots on their boats who don't want to obey the waterway rules, but have seen many more who are kind and courteous. In life there are those antisocial people who think nothing applies to them, and there are those of us who just want to get on and be happy. We always hear about the 1% of antisocial people, but rarely about the other 99%. Please, I'm a cyclist along with many others, don't label us with those idiots who ride a bike - thank you.
  12. I've just fitted the Zanussi I bought from a very nice member called Winn. It fits perfectly behind the quadrant shower with its own dedicated skin fitting.
  13. In 2015 going from West to East. First stop Micklehurst 2nd stop Wool Road lock where I left boat for 4 days as I needed to be home 3rd stop Marsden after going through the tunnel. East of the tunnel First stop Slaithwaite and finally Huddersfield. From memory, there are several suitable places on the west as the locks are further apart, but on the East, it's 22 locks to Slaithwaite, which is about 2 1/2 miles and a further 20 to Huddersfield, which is about 4 1/2 miles, this means the pounds are very close together and often very low. Have fun, it's well worth doing. I also did the route single handed. Kevin
  14. If you're wanting to keep 240 volt running, it needs to be on. If you have nothing running at 240 volts, it's off. The engine is charging the batteries, charging is only used when you're connected to shore power.
  15. Some families will come along soon, but to start with, have you had a couple of weeks holiday on a boat? Certainly something you should do to get some answers for yourself. and, welcome to the forum. Kevin
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