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  1. Kendorr

    Painting of new build

    Haven't had the time to do much of a build blog, the paintwork is coming on well though.
  2. Kendorr

    Bingley 5 rise

    https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/notice/13340/leeds-and-liverpool-canal According to this, the entire canal is still closed.
  3. Kendorr

    too p or not too p

    In days of old, when knights were bold and toilets weren't invented They dug a hole in the middle of the road and sat there, quite contented.
  4. Kendorr

    Death By Dangerous Cycling - New Laws

    Actually, I didn't. But you try to get the registration number of a car that passes you too close at 30+ mph (yes cars do go that fast) and remember the numbers by the time you've got home after completing your 48 mile ride! I'm not trying to defend cyclists, because there are some total idiots out there. However, some of the comments about cyclists iare unjustified and people should read the highway code to see, not only what cyclists should be doing, but also what they as motorists should be doing. I extend an invitation to Graham Davis to come and join me on a bike ride and see for himself, no flying pigs, a majority of very good motorists, but a few who are too impatient to wait for a second or two for a clear road in order to safely overtake.
  5. Kendorr

    Death By Dangerous Cycling - New Laws

    Unfortunately, it won't tame the extremely dangerous motorists who appear to take pride in driving their precious metal box at speed with little or no regard for the damage they can do to cyclists. (there were 3 such idiots on this mornings ride).
  6. Kendorr

    Research into boating alone

    I've only ever been single handed, started almost 5 years ago. To those of us who boat alone, it's very easy, because it's all we know. To people who are used to having crew, they would probably be very nervous about being single handed. Go for it and enjoy. Kevin
  7. Kendorr

    custom made mattresses

    I used The Edwardian Bed company https://www.edwardianbedding.co.uk/ Last one they made in 2 pieces with zips on both sides so there was plenty of scope to turn the mattress Kevin
  8. Kendorr

    What is the best torch to have on a boat

    Yep, and I notice Dyertribe has posted it also.
  9. Kendorr

    What is the best torch to have on a boat

    Ask Rhod Gilbert for some advice https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vt8aAy_8Ub4
  10. Kendorr

    How do I change my user name?

    Thanks RichM
  11. Kendorr

    How do I change my user name?

    Thanks Rusty, done it.
  12. Halcyon changed hands on Tuesday, so I'm wanting to change my user name. I changed the boat name and picture in my settings, but can't find where or how to alter my name. Anyone help?
  13. Kendorr


  14. Thanks folks, food for thought, I have the space, and would prefer to fit it without changing the position of the hole.
  15. On my new build, I bought the cast iron collar and got boat builder to cut the hole for it. When the shell is finished and spray foamed, I'm thinking that I've had the hole cut a bit close to the bulkhead. Also, where the hole finishes there is a strengthening beam going across the roof. As such, I'm going to find it very difficult to get the holes in for the bolts. Hope that all makes sense? So, my question is, is there a suitable sealant that could be used the stick the cast iron collar in place without using the bolt holes? or is this suggestion a big negative and I must find a way to get the bolts in position? Thanks, Kevin

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