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  1. I'm not building another boat though!!! I do also think part of the problem is that I'm not a live-aboard, I usually manage 2 or 3 nights onboard each week, so boat gets very cold - 6 degrees when I got here this morning - then I put the fire on and everything heats up, including the moisture in the atmosphere. Ah well!!
  2. Fire off then!! I have got an electric de-humidifier running, so I'm obviously doing all I can. Thanks for the reply Alan.
  3. On my new build, I went for double glazed windows from Caldwell's. I read about a thermal break, but wasn't convinced it would be needed - it's looking like I was wrong. I get quite a lot of condensation on the window frames, so much so that they drip overnight. Has anyone else got the same problem? Any ideas for how this could be reduced or completely alleviated? When I fitted the windows I used neoprene foam between the superstructure and the window frame. Thanks in advance Kevin
  4. Well done again Ian, are you in a position where you could say how many unfortunate boaters took you up on your very kind offer last week?
  5. Here in Hull and the East Riding after the flooding in 2007 there are many flood alleviation schemes still being constructed. The ones nearest to me haven't changed since October last year, talking to people, I've found that the work has stopped because there is too much water!! It is due to re-start in April. It just shows that, after 13 years, the flood schemes are still being constructed and also, the flooding in 2007 affected some 26 000 homes.
  6. My boat has just been built, unfortunately I don't have many pics at home which show the system. The boat builder welded 30mm tube to the hole in the gutter and another 30mm piece of tube to the side, I bought flexible water pipe and joined the 2 pieces of pipe together. I used clear pipe so I'm able to see if anything gets stuck inside. Hope you can see that in the pics. If you haven't got any exit holes, drill some and fix a skin fitting to take the other end of the pipe.
  7. This youtube video gives a good insight into the work that can go into repairing a damaged towpath. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j6e_lEMT-jk
  8. Just done a search on youtube for 'Kubota d850 rebuild' and there are a few videos that might be worth you looking at.
  9. Hi Neil Hope it all goes well with your new adventure. I don't know the area, but from what you've said, I would expect the people at Whilton Marina to be able to advise you of any solar installers in the area. I've got 1 flexible 100W panel fitted which cost me just over £100 off Ebay. It was fitted by myself, with a lot of help from Pete, who owned the boat moored next to me. I would advise you to look around the marina and start talking to people who have solar on their roofs, they will tell you what's good and bad about their set up, and you may even find someone who will guide you through the fitting for a pint or two. I would advise going for the bronze membership of RCR, for that you will get 4 call outs and replacement parts cover, it's unlikely you would need anything more than that. Enjoy the next few days. Kevin
  10. Don't know if you noticed, it's been viewed over 102 million times, that in itself shows you how good it is.
  11. First time I heard this I really wanted to not be impressed, how can a bloke who looks like that cover a Simon and Garfunkle song!! But by the end of it, I was hooked.
  12. A couple of GRP in Bluewater Marina that you might fancy looking at. http://www.bluewatermarina.co.uk/BoatDetails.aspx?boatid=344 although this one is probably a bit small http://www.bluewatermarina.co.uk/BoatDetails.aspx?boatid=345
  13. I've been fitting out KenDorR for the past 18 months whilst in the marina. I make sure to not be using machinery before 9-00 in the morning or after 6-00 in the evening. The marina does lift boats out for blacking and basic repairs and there's never been any problem with the work I've been doing. As has been said though, it depends on where you are.
  14. Yes, get it reported as soon as possible.
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