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  1. Only speculation, but it sounds as though Monte-D is aboard and out for a holiday.
  2. https://www.facebook.com/Boatworx-Transport-101246255997532 Stuart lives on a boat at Nationwide Narrowboats in Thorne, worth giving him a call.
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  5. I didn't, by the time I'd figured it all out, I just turned over and listened to the 'drum and bass'!
  6. I'm moored just to the West of Alrewas, nice peaceful spot. Sometime during the night I woke and could hear booming 'music' in the distance. I must have dozed back off, but them woke with a start as the boat banged against the side and heard chatting as a boat went passed heading west, this was 3-00 am. About 5 minutes later, the booming 'music' started again and it was about 35 minutes before it subsided into the distance!
  7. Thanks CC, after sitting with the Nicholson for the last half hour, that's what I decided. So, it's back to Autherley Junction and then to Great Haywood.
  8. Decision to be made, I've just turned onto the Middlewich branch of the Shroppie and heading towards this closure. If it is open Monday, then I can cope with 1 days waiting. Or, do I turn around and head back to Autherley Junction and up the Staffs and Worcs to Great Haywood thus cutting this stretch out? Any thoughts?
  9. Done the Adderly and Audlem locks today, now moored below lock 15 and intend sitting it out 'till Wednesday.
  10. Update Left about 7-10 this morning, was through the Delph flight around 9-20, all the locks were against me!! A nice slow chug to Leys Junction and in lock 1 just after 10-00, again set against me, same at lock 2. Lock 3, the gate was open and a smiling young chap standing there, I greeted him with 'you must be John, your reputation goes before you'. We worked all the locks together and had moored up below lock 16 just after 1-00. After coffee, Iced lollies and choc ices, he's now gone back up the flight to see if there's anybody else in need of his help. I'm going to carry on into Stourbridge and moor there for the night. Thank you all Kevin
  11. Thanks everyone, I've sent a message to the Dudley Canal Trust. Whatever happens, it's going to be a hot and sticky couple of days!
  12. I'll keep my eyes peeled and hope he sees me, thanks.
  13. Can you give any indication where please? I've never done this stretch before. I'm not on a schedule, but have been advised that there is nowhere suitable to stop or break the journey up.
  14. Are we talking about the same locks? I'm looking at the 16 Stourbridge locks on the Stourbridge Canal.
  15. Anyone know if there is any help for solo boater going down the Stourbridge locks? I'm going to be doing them tomorrow after also doing the Delph Locks and the temperature could be a bit of a concern. Thanks in advance Kevin
  16. I've just checked back, this is my email, lucky for me, the first time I've ever called them out was 2nd July. Dear Mr Kevin Rymer, Member Code: Unfortunately with fuel prices soaring our costs to supply services to our members is increasing exponentially. We have tried to ride though this but are now in a position that we need to address this situation. We so not think it would be fair to raise memberships prices across the board and therefore we feel that a fuel charge on callouts would be appropriate as a temporary measure to ensure that costs are managed where they are incurred. To this end we are notifying all customers that we will be applying a 'Fuel Levy' on a all callouts from the 7th July 22. We do appreciate that any cost increase is unwelcome but hope that you can understand our logic and appreciate that we have tried to protect membership costs from increases and applied this where these fuel costs are incurred. Yours sincerely, The RCR Team River Canal Rescue Ltd
  17. The trip I'm currently on, left Keadby a few weeks ago at 6-10 am, was through Cromwell by 2-30 and moored in Newark, above Town lock by 4-30. I had booked well in advance with both Keadby and Cromwell lockies and also rang Cromwell a couple of times during the cruise. As people have said, don't cut the corners and get a pace your engine is happy with, for me it's 1600 revs.
  18. Thanks all, I'll give it a go on Thursday 🙂 Kevin
  19. On Thursday morning around 6-00 am, I'll be leaving Keadby and heading for Cromwell. This journey usually takes me around 8 hr 30 minutes, so I'm hoping to be through Cromwell by about 3-00. I'll have a friend aboard and he'll be getting the train home from Newark, so we'll carry on through Nether Lock and moor up in the town. It would be useful if I could go through Town Lock and moor on the right hand side where there appears to be plenty of space. Can anybody advise me if this area is okay to moor and, if anyone is near, is it particularly busy at the moment? Thanks in advance Kevin
  20. It's an excellent stop for boaters. I never used the showers, but I've also never heard anyone complain about them. Does get busy, but there's plenty of mooring space, you just may have to walk a little bit. Also a very safe place to moor - left my boat there last year for 12 days whilst waiting for Ferrybridge flood lock to open.
  21. Hope she didn't catch them in your back garden!! Excellent painting, she's very talented.
  22. I put on 2 coats of Danish oil, then sprayed with matt black spray paint, they've lasted 4 years so far.
  23. It's an interesting trip, I helped move a boat from Goole to Beverley a few years back, it's good to see the City from an different angle.
  24. I suppose where I live was a big clue 🙂
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