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  1. If you haven't taken Alan up on his offer, have a look here https://www.marinedieselbasics.com/bmc-diesel-engine-manuals/
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  3. Got mine off ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/154415903757
  4. Same happened to my 100W flexible panel, I bought a 160W rigid panel which covered almost exactly the same space, this one https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/124454982088?var=425329918427 I also used the same mounts as David, and simply plugged into the wiring that I already had fitted.
  5. When out and about, I've often had to lengthen or shorten the ropes connected to fenders and tyres to get a bump free evening. I remember someone saying to me that a small hook could be placed in the fender hook to allow you to easily wrap the rope and shorten it, thus raising the height of the fender. I've just been playing with a scrap of buffalo board and come up with this. Rope hangs from the bottom hole, if you want the fender higher simply loop the rope around the top sticky out bit. I'll be going to boat on Wednesday and will try it out and post another pic. I realise the last post about Fender hooks was an ebay scam, I'm not making or selling these, just put it out there as an idea. Kevin
  6. Have a look at the boat batteries here https://advancedbatterysupplies.co.uk/product-category/leisure-batteries/boat-marine-batteries-chargers/narrowboat-batteries/
  7. More 4 now, looks like this one could be interesting.
  8. Martin helped me from Marsden to Slaithwaite on Tuesday, fantastic guy and very helpful. I hope you'll contact CRT and send a compliment message as I did.
  9. Keep everything crossed, according to CRT notice, this should be finished and the stretch re-opened at 8-00 on Monday.
  10. Thanks, I've updated my stoppage list, forgot to do it a few days ago! With that and Ferrybridge, looks like I might be stopping sooner than planned!!
  11. I'm booked to go through Standedge on Monday, West to East. Will be starting the trip up the W locks tomorrow, intending to get to W8.
  12. Don't say that, it's 3 more weeks before I get home!!
  13. I think it's something to do with the weather.
  14. Thorne is a good place to be. I live in Hull also and keep my boat in Bluewater, although it is currently in Leicester. I'll be back onboard next weekend and on a 4 week leisurely trip back home. Hope you enjoy the life and relaxation from the very important and appreciated job you do.
  15. Single handing, the only concern I had was a couple of years ago on one of the Thames locks. I was first in the lock and moved to the left as directed, a cruiser came in behind me and stayed to the right. The lockie shut the gates and proceeded to help the crew on the cruiser. I had a bit of trouble coming to rest near to the ladders , but finally managed and climbed out with my centre rope. By the time I'd secured the boat, the paddles were being opened, so I stood and steadied boat just using the centre rope. When the lock was almost full, lockie came around to me and told me that I should be using 2 ropes and my engine should have been switched off. I pointed out that I only had time to climb out before he opened the paddles. He did apologise and said that he should have realised I was single handed. I will just add that when a lockie is on, I always treat the lock as though I'm doing it myself and help where I can. If the lockie advises that I should stay on my boat, then that is what I do.
  16. With the boat being unknown to you, why not head for Sprotbrough first? You can get there in a day, but it's also a nice leisurely 2 day trip. Then turn and head back along New Junction canal and turn left onto the Aire and Calder - if you aren't aware Sykehouse to Pollington is only open for an hour each day and needs to be booked. After Pollington you've got plenty of River and Canal sections. The river sections are generally easy, just keep an eye open for the locks and remember, you will be going against the flow heading out, engine will need to work harder. A good place to head for is Stanley Ferry. Have fun.
  17. I single handed from West to East 4 years ago and did the journey down from the tunnel in 2 days, overnight in Slaithwaite, then Huddersfield.
  18. I stuck mine down with Gorilla double sided tape, it worked well holding the panel on. The panel delaminated after just under 3 years and I was able to remove the panel and the tape with very little damage to the roof, for which I was very happy.
  19. I may have emptied it last week trying to go down through Spinney Lock, the bottom gates would not stay closed and, after walking around it 5 or 6 times, I decided the only way to keep the bottom gates shut was to open the paddles on the top gates!! This only worked when the top paddles were fully open. I have reported it to C&RT and apologised for the amount of water I will have wasted!
  20. I think you're taking the doom and gloom from some brokers to heart. It is very likely that most boats will have a survey from a few years ago, not that you should take that as gospel, but it's a good start. and, in my opinion, a survey you would pay for is never a waste. Also, if I remember right, the last survey I had on my last boat cost £650, this included lifting out of the water, the survey and report, and re-floating. My advice, get out there and have a look at some boats, not reading about them, but actually seeing and walking on them. Forgot also, welcome to the forum.
  21. Give this one a look, just slightly over your budget https://www.nationwidenarrowboatsales.com/viewlisting2.php?id=471 Also a couple to look at here https://bluewatermarina.co.uk/boats-for-sale
  22. I'll not be aiming to improve an that anytime soon, if ever!
  23. Just to take this on a slight tangent, do any boaters actually know what speed they are doing? If so, how do you gauge it? Personally, being a cyclist and a boater, I found that my Garmin tracker which I use when cycling also works well at low speed, so I bought another and use it on boat. Today I came from 5 miles before Hilmorton, through the locks and to Braunston, through the locks there and am now on the Leicester arm hoping to get through Watford locks in the morning. The distance I covered was just shy of 17 miles, the average pace was 2.8 mph and the maximum speed was 3.9 mph. I will also admit that 2 years ago on the Trent with a lot of fresh pushing me along, I did watch the speed increasing and decided just to see if I could - and at 2100 revs the speed maxed out at 10.1 mph.
  24. Go to the North - Bluewater on the Stainforth and Keadby canal, 2 minutes from Thorne South station
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