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  1. Midshipmans hitch. Google it.
  2. Animated knots by Grog is the place to look. https://www.animatedknots.com/
  3. Just tie a loop onto the hook with a Midshipmans knot and the length can easily be adjusted
  4. £16.80 per day in the floating harbour based on a 15 day mooring license. £35 for a single day stay though.
  5. Just had a quote for 14 days visitor mooring for a 57' nb on River Avon (Bristol way) of £657. That's about £47/day. Unbelievable. Needless to say we will stop somewhere else.
  6. Had our new Beta 43 painted Kubota blue by Betamarine, ie the colour the original Kubota engines are supplied. Makes a change from green.
  7. Came past Beale Park this morning and all the no mooring signs have gone, every one of them. There were lots of them mounted on posts when we passed over a week ago going down stream and no moored boats. No sign of them been broken off, just gone. A few boats moored there this morning which were mostly day boats. Whitchurch lock has still got a blackboard sign saying no mooring at Beale. They haven't been replaced with the original 24 hr mooring allowed signs though.
  8. Those green starboard hand buoys have been gradually getting closer to the bank over the past few years. There are EA 24 hr moorings just below the lock and adjacent these buoys making it increasingly difficult to pass them on the correct side. Not too bad in a NB but widebeams and large cruisers must struggle when boats are moored on the 24 hr moorings. Add some flow in the river and life could get quite exiting. It is though very advisable to pass these on the correct side. I pulled a large hire boat cruiser off the mud last week just below Benson lock who had tried a shortcut.
  9. I have a redundant one of these in my garage. As you say about 500mm tall. Had a look at the back of it and it definately has a compressor. There is an electrical circuit label inside which identifies a compressor in the system.
  10. Have a look at www.stickonsigns.co.uk. Several members of this forum have in the past used their custom designed vinyl lettering. They can and do supply stencils as an alternative to vinyl. Regarding letter heights; most fonts have larger O, C, G & C capital letters to give the lettering a balanced look. It's nothing to do with the vinyl cutting.
  11. Currently at the Pig Place heading south. Levels here are fine but the pound between Grants and Kings Sutton was a challenge.
  12. Just noticed this post regarding facilities at Lechlade. Good slip in marina. Regularly used for boats such as Freemans, Normans etc. Marina should have new owners by next Spring and hopefully will be well run and organised. New name will be Lechlade Marina Ltd. It is currently called Riverside Marina. Not likely to be fuel in marina though. The other Lechlade slip is only suitable for dinghies and canoes. It is a public (no fee) slip.
  13. Good to hear that the graphics are still OK Dylan. We are still in business producing vinyl graphics or paint stencils to individual customer requirements. We like to think that we provide a custom job to individual requirements - no online order forms. We like to discuss the job with the customer to be able to supply exact requirements. If we have a photo of the boat then we can produce a draft image of the final graphics. Paint stencils are a good alternative to vinyl and can include shading on a single stencil. Mike Stick on Signs
  14. Thanks all, that is exactly the information am looking for. I am a little annoyed that I have gone and spent £20 on a so called Ouse windlass only to find out it is the same as the numerous canal windlass' I already have. I have joined GOBA.
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