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  1. What about Moonsbridge Marina Wayne?? £18 per week doesnt seem too bad
  2. In my experience of inland marinas with a high number of grp 95% are not lifted annually 75% are never lifted , one of my neighbours had owned his Freeman for 25+ years and it had never been out of the water, it was used every weekend rain or shine you don't need to worry about it at the cheaper end of the market , just get out and enjoy it.
  3. https://www.midwayboats.co.uk/boatsforsale-313.html
  4. Good shout , thanks for pointing that out
  5. Look for a Viking 23 that's 6'10 then , that was just an example of what you can get for that sort of money
  6. Plenty out there that would suit you , don't worry about where the boat is , these size boats can easily and cheaply be moved on a trailer with a 4x4 , mine went from Garstang to Llangollen canal for £160 , Llangollen to Norfolk for £290 , Norfolk to Garstang for £260 back to Llangollen for £170 then Llangollen to Magull on the L+L for £150
  7. http://www.bridgehousemarina.co.uk/boatmoreinfo.asp?BoatIDParam=10
  8. That was the bottom of my old boat , not been out for years , one hour with a jet wash and it went straight back in , engine service kit was £80 including impeller and that was done more than once with the boat still in the water , just backed it up a slipway and put some wellies on, anode on the outboard looked as good as new, nothing else below the waterline to worry about, did more or less a full refit inside but that was just a personal preference thing , it used hardly any petrol, the Eberspacher used hardly any diesel , the gas cooking and the instant hot water heater for the sink and shower went through quite a bit but overall running costs were peanuts...
  9. He wouldn't need a d8 on a tiny boat like the Viking, a d2 is more than enough , on mine it was only ever ran on low ..
  10. Eberspacher or the cheaper Chinese equivalent is the perfect solution to your needs , the Eberspacher on my Viking warmed it up in minutes and kept it warm all night and used hardly any diesel and was pretty battery friendly when I was out and about, I will fit one in my next boat if it doesn't already have one..
  11. Chirk one complete with train..
  12. The car park and every avaliable space on the road is rammed so it's attracting a lot of people
  13. I agree it would be a pleasant trip and it was one option I looked at so many thanks for the suggestion but really wanted to avoid the canal if I could , somewhere downstairs would be ideal..
  14. Wrong waterway for me unfortunatly
  15. Thanks I'll have a search Thanks Yarwoods was one I was looking for today on the way back from Warrington but ran out of time unfortunatly, but one I will look into ..
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