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  1. jocave

    Stove chimney hole filling

    It won't be used for 24/7 so it's perfect for what we need, the one on our last boat worked perfectly for the two years we had it.. Thanks that's what I thought , sikaflex something as a temporary fix ..
  2. jocave

    Stove chimney hole filling

    That would have been the ideal solution unfortunatly no collar left just a hole..
  3. Our Eberspacher is now fitted and I have removed the Stove, we are having some various welding jobs done in the spring and one of those jobs is to have the hole welded up but I was just wondering the best method to seal the hole up temporarily?? It just needs to be watertight for a few months..
  4. jocave

    Bridgewater boat crime

    What a numpty comment, mind you didn't expect else from you..
  5. jocave

    Central heating issue (but not on boat)

    At last an expert to help out with the op's issue, pay no attention to the other advice it's obviously people who think they are experts but have little experience with oil combi's..
  6. jocave

    "Perfect" Handle Screwdrivers

    The question was where to buy them in the uk..not what you would use.
  7. jocave

    Anyone on the Llangollen

    Im off , I've never met so many miserable, moaning people ever, its my local canal but im relocating back to the Lancaster, the hire boaters are ace , the liveaboards are something else, not a day went by without somebody moaning about how fast I was travelling (im in no rush I went everywhere at tickover) mooring too close, music too loud (I only play music on my phone) lights too bright, travelling at night , night light keeping you awake (wtf it's a 5 w blue light) , have people got nothing better to do than moan about everything , I'm bored with it , glad I'm away from there...
  8. If you want a broads cruiser then the broads boat yards are where you should look first http://www.wayfordmarineservices.co.uk/product/bounty-solar-37-coming-soon/
  9. jocave

    Cruiser style boat

    That looks remarkably clean ,guess it was out of the water for a clean and antifouling not so long ago, mine has been in two years now and has a nice covering of green grot, bet you can't wait to have it delivered now , should hopefully still have a few month's of nice cruising weather to enjoy it...
  10. jocave

    Engine swap.

    Is that one a definite or have you others to look at??
  11. jocave

    Help Renovating 50ft Narrowboat

    Pm W+T he may be interested in the job...
  12. jocave

    Engine swap.

    What sort of budget do you have or is it flexible for the right boat? Do you mind doing a bit of work or paying for work to be done?? I'm sure W+T can do any work that may need doing if you found something that needed a bit of updating..
  13. jocave

    Engine swap.

  14. jocave

    Engine swap.

    http://www.bridgehousemarina.co.uk/boatmoreinfo.asp?BoatIDParam=8 That one is cheap but needs a tidy up inside.
  15. jocave

    Engine swap.

    There are a few Nauticus 27s for sale at the moment with petrol engines, or keep an eye out for a 22 with outboard, are you dead set on a Nauticus as there is a lot of other outboard powered cruisers for sale that may be suitable for you ,an engine swap is neither a simple or cheap job so far better to buy one that already has a petrol inboard or outboard, don't be put off by it being miles away from you either as its not a huge expense to have it transported by road..

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