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  1. jocave

    Boat transportation.

  2. jocave

    Boat transportation.

    Try Gary Lancaster from Preston Marine, he moved mine from Preston to Llangollen for £250 at short notice, he has trailers to fit most boats, plus he's based there anyway...
  3. Thanks rgreg kindly offered to help out but as he stated we have moved the boat down to Shropshire at the end of last year so its closer to home,,cheers anyway
  4. jocave

    Cruiser style boat

    http://www.bridgehousemarina.co.uk/boatmoreinfo.asp?BoatIDParam=12 Another one there for you...
  5. jocave

    Cruiser style boat

    http://www.moonsbridgemarina.co.uk/boat_sales/44/vangelina Another one there for you..
  6. jocave

    Cruiser style boat

    https://bwml.co.uk/brokerage/sm-9527-time-out/ Viking with an inboard diesel, just buy a decent pair of ear plugs or buy the first one linked and cruise around in near silence...
  7. jocave

    Viewing this week

    Not for us as we want a cruiser stern, fixed furniture is no good as its not the right height, a bath is no use to us so would need changing but thanks for pointing it out That's exactly what I want ,we will only ever spend a night or two on it It would have been perfect for us but an offer has been accepted on it sadly
  8. jocave

    Outboard Fuel Consumption

    My 9.9 with a 13 ltr tank just about manages 10 hours of running before a refill, depends on if we are going with or against the flow but on average I would think a good 9hrs for 13ltr before we need to think about a refill
  9. jocave

    Viewing this week

    Wife and I are viewing this boat this week , the cruiser is proving too difficult for the wife to get on and off,the cruiser stern is a must for us and we like the layout but just looking for a second or third opinion on condition and price.. http://www.abcboatsales.com/boat-sales/abels-ark/
  10. jocave

    Magnetic Fishing

    And off topic again , like every other thread ..
  11. jocave

    Magnetic Fishing

    Pretty sure the sea searcher has a 65kg pull force, even a cheapo £20 eBay one has at least twice that, mine range from 200kgs to 400kgs and there is not much we have left behind.
  12. jocave

    Magnetic Fishing

    Back on track ,the canal around Chester is a lot safer for boaters, numerous bikes,mopeds, trolleys have been pulled out over the last year and now I'm slowly working my up and down the Llangollen, almost everything has been removed from the towpath apart from one or two things belonging to CRT ,they were informed and removed within a day or two , would you rather see a rusty canal closed sign on the towpath or tangled up in your prop.. More magnet fishing the better imho
  13. jocave

    New galley

    Not planning on cooking anything, the only things that will need washing are coffee cups and wine glasses
  14. jocave

    New galley

    Wasn't aware that was an issue, it is supported further along out of shot ,but I can add a further clip if that's what you recommend, no mention of it when it was checked but happy to make any changes, regarding the surface to the right it is a lot further away than it looks and is more than the recommended distance and doesn't get more than slightly warm, its had the same layout since 1986 just been modernised slightly
  15. jocave

    New galley

    Wayne has not touched the gas system, the boat has just passed a bss test after a full gas refit so I'm not sure what you are concerned about????

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