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  1. Yes I do have a BSS certificate, well noted
  2. Gas fridge at the mo.......I intend to do a full upgrade next summer but plan living on it in the meantime so I can get to know what works for me and what doesnt for full time living if that makes sense?
  3. It has 1 starter battery for the engine only. All electrics on hook up only though it does have gas boiler and fridge. I do intend to go solar but seems pointless for the winter from what I have seen on here?
  4. Hi all, So I have jumped in feet first and bought a 40ft narrowboat with the intention of making it into a liveaboard. I am a total novice and have really got no clue about anything boat related other than hull thicknesses and springers are dodgy (sometimes) So my plan is to go constantly cruising while I learn about the boat and boat living. first problem Is the electrical system......it is currently 240v only with no leisure batteries. What do I need to do to fit a 12v system? How many batteries, what size, how to charge them,what inverter etc etc. Any other advice on what is needed for CC also much appreciated. Thanks in advance for all comments. Ps I have c&rt licence
  5. Thank you, I certainly do have a lot to learn!! So I need a mooring with 240v for a week on the bridgewater or head up to Leeds Liverpool which is where I intend to cruise for this winter
  6. Hi all, I am taking the plunge and buying my first narrow boat as a live aboard. It is currently on the R Weaver and I will be putting her onto the canal system before the end of the month. My plan is to go constantly cruising while I learn about the boat/canal System and living aboard (I have an awful lot to learn!) My first problem is that the boat has no leisure batteries so I need to get it somewhere Within striking distance of anderton lift with a 240v supply and moor up while I sort batteries, inverter etc ready to cruise. My preference is on the bridgewater in the Runcorn to Lymm area.......I called Preston brook but they are full and don’t do short term anyway. Any help/suggestions for a short term stay (probably a month) with 240 supply and within a day or two of anderton lift much appreciated. Cheers..........
  7. Thanks folks, interesting info and very much appreciated.
  8. Not sure if it’s just me but I find the sight of a rotting boat makes me feel kinda sad if you know what I mean?
  9. The marina it is in is too far from my place of work And too difficult to access to be ideal over the full winter.........Besides which it is quite, erm ......industrial........My reason for buying Is as a live aboard and I don’t want to wake up in the morning to look out on rusting cranes and very sad, dying boats!
  10. Hi all, I am about to buy a boat that is moored in a marina On the River Weaver. It has no waterways license. The owner tells me that hunts lock and Anderton boat lift Will be shutting on November 1st for a few months so if I want it on the canal network for winter (Which I do for geographical/work reasons) then I need to move it pronto. I’m also told that I won’t get on the boat lift without a waterways license so I need to sort that first. Have got insurance quotes,ready to do that and it has a current bsc but my question is do I need to have the boat registered in my name before I can get the Waterways license? I know this probably seems a silly question but ideally I would like to do the money transfer, get the keys, bill of sale and get it off the weaver this coming weekend.
  11. Hi all, looking at a boat to buy, nameplate says built by R Tinker 1991 but I can’t find any info online, anyone know anything about him/them?
  12. It’s under 20k and can be driven away with 2 years bsc........canal boats at this price are very thin on the ground (and steel) and seem to be way overpriced but market demands dictate price I suppose?
  13. Your right, it’s not what I really wanted to hear but I am so glad I have. Thanks for the advice, I will give this one a miss and keep looking. It’s me only living on it and I am a maintenance engineer so happy to do whatever is needed including welding but I don’t want to buy a money bucket and end up regretting ever trying canal life.
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